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Disney Genie Change Now a Big Benefit for Resort Guests

Disney Genie Change Now a Big Benefit for Resort Guests
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Disney World recently debuted the new Disney Genie system. At first there appeared to be no benefit for Disney Resort Guests. Today, a new change has now been made to allow Resort Guests an added benefit when utilizing the Disney Genie.

Disney Genie

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The Disney Genie+ is a one day fee add-on where you can access even more attractions with shorter waits. We have now confirmed that access for Genie+ is now $15.98 (including tax) per day per Guest. See which attractions are included in this Lightning Lane access HERE.

There is no limit to how many Guests may purchase Disney Genie+ in a certain day, but certain attractions can be unavailable throughout the day due to growing crowds. Check out the frustrations with the Disney Genie+ HERE.

This is not to be confused with the Individual Lightning Lane. This is a paid system priced per person per attraction. You can select up to two headliners per day to ride using this option. 

Individual Lightning Lane Availability

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Since the Disney Genie has debuted, Rise of the Resistance has been the first attraction to sell out of Individual Lightning Lane availability each day. Previously the Walt Disney Company shared that this would be a benefit for Guests staying at a Disney Resort in utilizing the Lighting Lane. They stated that on-site guests could reserve a time at 7:00am and off-site guests could not reserve a time until the park actually opened for the day.

Yesterday, we shared that in fact there appeared to be no benefit for Guests staying at Disney Resorts. It appears that Walt Disney World heard our concerns. Today a HUGE change was made for Disney on-site Resort Guests.

Disney Resort Guest Benefit

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For on-site guests, they can begin booking their Individual Lightning Lane attractions at 7am. Disney advertises this as an ON-SITE PERK. Guests who are not staying at a Disney Resort can only make their first Individual Lightning Lane selection at Park opening.

This sounded like a great perk, until Park opening rolled around. At that time, it appeared that earlier return times were made available for non-Disney Resort Guests. The problem with this that you cannot modify your selection for an Individual Lightning Lane.

As of today, guest staying on-site do have an actual benefit in booking their Individual Lighting Lane attractions before park opening. Disney is no longer adding extra availability for off-site guests!

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Today when Park opening Individual Lightning Lane times became available, selections were only available for later in the day.

Earlier return times were no longer available that truly allowed Resort Guests to see the added benefit of staying at a Disney Resort.

Earlier return times were no longer available that truly allowed Resort Guests to see the added benefit of staying at a Disney Resort. We are happy to hear that it appears that modifications continue to made to improve the new Disney Genie system.

This is a non-refundable purchase and no changes or modifications can be made. We all know that Rise of the Resistance doesn’t have the best track record for dependability. So what happens for Resort Guests who purchased an Individual Lightning Lane for Rise of the Resistance with a late afternoon return time? Some guests have reported that Disney provided them with a Disney gift card for the purchase amount when the ride experienced an extended closure.

What do you think of this perk for Disney Resort Guests? Will you be purchasing the Individual Lightning Lane? Share your thoughts with us on our Facebook Page.

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  1. For resort guests, is the 7am lightning lane window open the DAY OF checkin? For example, if I am checking in on a Friday, will I have early access that Friday morning (or not until Saturday morning)?

    • You will have access at 7 am as long as you have park tickets and reservation along with the hotel linked to your MDE.

  2. Went weekend of December 4th and didn’t stay onsite. This rule of thumb didn’t apply. I was able to make both an individual lightning lane and a lightning lane with Genie+ at 7AM. So I’m still not seeing the perk for on property guests.

  3. Decided that despite two decades of visiting WDW every year (sometimes, twice a year), the evident greed by Disney to pay Disney to ‘Cut-In-Line’ was unacceptable.

    Done with Disney by personal choice. BTW: They won’t care.

  4. Yeah I’m done with them. In december I was going to only have two days in Disney. After travelling from the UK. And it’s not worth it. I won’t be bale to get on anything. And at this rate I don’t want to go theyv left me hating everything they have done.

  5. You pay so much to stay in a Disney resort hotel that you should get one free lightning lane per room per day. Disney are scaring guests away with all these extras.

  6. I personally think these LL reservations should open up the day before in the evening and allow guests to select a time thats available like fastpass did.

    Waking at 7am is not what I want to do on vacation. I do that for work bc I am getting paid to.

  7. “Let’s create the most convoluted systems to help elevate our guests’ experiences–and let’s make them pay for it! After all, water used to be free….we can do this!” All these changes are ridiculous and this little bone they throw our way is nothing to wag my tail over.

  8. I do not like paid genie plus. I usually go every year to Disney. Now I can not afford it. Parking fees now this. I guess universal will be getting my money

  9. Great so to make a paid service worth paying for you have to pay even more to stay on site, this is why Universal’s express pass is a lot simpler and a lot better. If you stay on site you get it for free, if your off site you can pay for it but that gives you the same benefit as on site express pass users. Disney has implemented this all wrong on top of the fact it used to be a free service pre covid!

  10. They call having to get up at 7am, hoping to get an ‘LL in a park that you have to make a park reservationto get into, pay $64 for a family of 4 to get the ride once a perk?

  11. Increase the park capacity and let annual pass holders get in…. Tried to book for tomorrow at mk and said not available if I didn’t check another 20 times throughout the day I wouldn’t have been able to get in…. C’mon for Oct 22… No reason an annual should be denied… Maybe Disney needs some advice from the outside ….

  12. The problem isn’t the fact they can book at 7am. The problem is the blocked ffsite guest from using something they paid for til afternoon. Not to mention reort guests get in 30 mins early. You u can’t discriminate on an item that is paid for.

  13. It’s to give people a reason to stay on site since they removed almost all benefits for onsite guest this year and raised the cost of the rooms and tickets.

  14. I think it’s bs. What makes a resort guests 15.98 any better than offsite guests. Bob paychec just playing games to pass more people off.

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