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Will Disney Genie make your day in the park easier? Maximum limits say maybe not.

Will Disney Genie make your day in the park easier? Maximum limits say maybe not.
Credit: Disney

Disney Genie has officially been released from the lamp today, October 19th! However, is this going to be your best source for making the most out of your park day?

Disney Genie

Credit: Disney

After months of waiting for this new upgrade within My Disney Experience, Disney Genie has finally gone live. Disney Genie is a free service within My Disney Experience. It promises to make your visits to the parks easier providing customization, recommendations and more.

We at Kenny the Pirate along with Kenny himself are all taking a look at this new upgrade to see if this really will help make the most out of your day.

However, as with all new services, various issues can be seen. Have you seen any yourself?

Technical issues

Credit: Disney

Disney and technology. There is no getting around it. We live in a technical age where we want everything at our fingertips. We need information provided to us right away and sometimes it leads to technical issues. In Disney’s case, a lot of technical issues.

Issues are to be expected, especially with brand new technology and upgrades. We should not expect everything to work to perfection right away. Know and expect for some issues to pop up. We should also expect to see various upgrades along the way to fix any known issues that might occur.

Planning your day

Credit: My Disney Experience/Disney Genie screenshot

To see how you can plan and customize your park day with Disney Genie, take a look at this post HERE. You can also look at your Tip Board to see how to plan out your day as well.

Credit: My Disney Experience/Disney Genie screenshot

Disney allows you to choose up to 8 attractions in the park. If you attempt to choose more than 8, guests will receive this message above stating that you have reached the Maximum of 8 attractions.

Thanks for your enthusiasm and wanting to have all of the FUN, but NO. You only get 8.

Credit: My Disney Experience/Disney Genie screenshot

Once you select your 8 attractions, your day will show up with what Genie has recommended. I (Maggie) went through this a few times this morning just to see and each time the number varied from 9 to 11 recommended attractions.

Provisos and quid pro quos

Credit: KtP

As Genie once told us, before giving us all of his magical powers and wishes, “There are a few, uh provisos, a, a couple of quid pro quos.” He cannot do everything after all.

Disney Genie limits you to only 8 attractions and then spreads those 8 (or more) attractions out throughout your entire day from park open to close.

Having been to the parks recently, specifically Hollywood Studios, I know that it is quite possible to hit many popular attractions and be finished with everything by noon or 1 p.m. at the very latest! Do you really want to have to wait to ride Tower of Terror at 7 p.m.?

Character Locator

How to Use Character Locator in your Every Day Life
Credit: KtP

We have heard many people wonder if Character Locator is still updated and still worth having. Our answer, YES! With the new rollout of Disney Genie, I think it will be more useful than ever.

Touring plans, crowd calendars, park hours and maps will and are continuing to be updated as we navigate through this new normal for Disney vacations.

If you are confused or find all of this to be very overwhelming, keep following Character Locator and the blog as new updates and news continues to be released.

What do you think of Disney Genie so far? Have you experienced any issues with planning your day at the parks? Tell us about it or send us your questions in the comments below or on our Facebook page.

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  1. Has anyone noticed the “my plans” button has left the app. I have a trip next year. I planned the park reservations, too. They’re gone. The technical support person told me I have to hit change date and scroll thru the calendars and hit the particular day I want to see. Absolutely ludicrous. You used to be able to scroll thru and see all your plans. It’s a total pain. Now you can only look at your plans a day at a time.

  2. Genie is a FREE service added to My Experience. You do not have to use their suggestions if you feel your plans allow you to do more attractions. Our last trip we did far more than 8 attractions per day. I believe this is more of a benefit for people who dont plan ahead.

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