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Disney’s Sea Animals Give the Most Adorable 50th Tribute

Disney's Sea Animals Give the Most Adorable 50th Tribute
Credit: Disney

Calling all Disney animal fans! Get your “aww”s ready because you will need them when you see this for this adorable 50th tribute.

Disney’s 50th Anniversary

Credit: Disney

As you are probably aware, Walt Disney World has kicked off its 50th Anniversary Celebration. The parks are decked out as Cast Members help fans celebrate the occasion.

However, the beloved characters, the park icons, the park guests, and the Cast Members aren’t the only ones getting decked out for the celebration. Even the animals are gearing up to celebrate!

Disney’s Animals Celebrate

Credit: Disney

That’s right, Disney animal fans! Some of your favorite critters are getting their ears on–literally! Over at The Seas in Epcot, lucky park guests are in for a little treat.

You will never guess who is doing the accessorizing! It’s none other than the Disney sea creatures. Or, as I like to call them, the Dis-sea creatures.

Festive Urchins

Credit: Disney

Disney aquarists created some little 3D printed 50th Anniversary ear hats to drop into the aquarium at The Seas. And the urchins got in on the festivities.

Did you know that in nature sea urchins will pick up objects either for camouflage or just plain ole decoration? When they found the 50th ear hats in their environment, they decided to check them out.

Credit: Disney

And you know what they say: if the ear hat fits, wear it! The urchins picked them right up.

Aren’t they adorable in their 50th gear? I love them so much.

These little guys make a very convincing argument for the proclamation Sebastian makes in Disney’s The Little Mermaid, “That’s why it’s hotter under the water/ Under the sea!” (1989).

Celebrating Sharks

Credit: Disney

The celebration did not end with the urchins. Other animals are getting along swimmingly with the new treasures as well.

Not to be outdone, the epaulette shark Ranger (not to be confused with baby rhino Ranger over in Animal Kingdom) decided to get in on the action, too! He clearly believes that ears are friends, not food.

Want More 50th Fun?

Photo courtesy: Disney PhotoPass service

If you want more 50th fun, you are in luck! You can check out all kinds of celebration news and reviews right here on the blog!

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