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Disney has Dropped a New Baby Rhino Update

Disney has Dropped a New Baby Rhino Update
Credit Disney Parks Blog

Cuteness alert! Disney has a new baby rhino update for you!

Baby Rhinos Abound

Do you love following Disney’s baby animals as much as I do? If so, you have probably been loving all of the birth announcements and updates cropping up as of late.

Recently, Disney announced that three of its female rhinoceroses were expecting babies! You can check out the full story surrounding the announcement here.

Not long after, the first of the three babies was born! A male rhino arrived on October 25, 2020.

He is the 11th rhino to be born in Disney World. His mother is Kendi, the first rhino ever born in Walt Disney World, so this arrival is extra special.

The two are both products of Disney’s conservation efforts to stabilize populations of endangered wildlife. They are certainly a testament to the amazing work the program is doing.


Credit: Disney Parks Blog

Eventually, the two will be released to their home on the savanna. Some lucky visitors will have a chance to see them on Kilimanjaro Safari!

But, for now the pair is bonding behind the scenes. The little rhino is having fun learning to be alive.

Recently, Disney Parks Blog brought us an update on the pair. Check out this adorable video montage.

Credit: Disney Parks Blog

Dr. Mark Penning also took to his instagram account to bring his animal loving following updates. He states that the baby is “now starting to spar with mom, who patiently tolerates his playfulness” (2020).

Penning goes on to say, “Sometimes, this little guy gets so excited that his keepers say at 5 AM he gets the ‘zoomies’ running around the barn” (2020). If the idea of a baby rhino getting the “zoomies” isn’t precious, I don’t know what is!

More Rhinos to Come

The fun doesn’t stop here!  More baby rhinos are on the way! Jao is due in fall of 2020, so the wait for a second new baby won’t be very long!

However, a rhino’s gestation period is very long, 18 months to be exact. The other expectant mother Lola will likely have her baby in late fall or early winter of 2021.

This means that it is entirely possible that there will be two baby rhinos on the savanna in the very near future. How exciting it would be to spot them both.

The Newest Baby! Credit: @DisneyParksBlog

Walt Disney World is home to over 5000 animals that are part of the program. You can see them milling about Animal Kingdom, and you can even see a few over at EPCOT as well!

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