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New Price Increase on Disney Face Masks at Walt Disney World

New Price Increase on Disney Face Masks at Walt Disney World
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It’s the magical time of the year when Disney increases their prices on certain merchandise and just in time for holiday merchandise. This morning we learned of the new increase in price on Disney face masks.

Disney Face Masks

Where Can You Remove Your Face Mask In Magic Kingdom?

It came with no surprise that after many face mask mandates around the country, Disney debuted their own face masks.

The cloth face masks represented an array of characters, attractions, themes and more.

It was actually at the end of April when Disney first released its pre-orders for Disney masks. You can read about it here.

Seems so long ago, does it not?

In August, Disney released and shared the inspiration behind the new Cast Member masks.

This Major Group of Disney World Cast Members is Getting Called Back to Work!

For the Halloween season, there was a diversity of really cute prints that was perfect to debut around the parks or even to the grocery store!

Holiday Themed Face Masks

With the release of holiday themed merchandise throughout the parks and on ShopDisney.com, new holiday themed face masks also became available.

I especially love the gingerbread theme, which seems to be the common theme for this year’s merchandise.

Pricing on Face Masks

When first released, the masks were available to purchase for $6.00 each, or 4 for $20.00.

As of this morning, the cloth face masks have gone up by nearly $4.

One of our fellow KTP writers is presently at the theme parks and she mentioned that this morning they were selling for $6.00.

However, by the time she checked on them this afternoon, the new price increase was portrayed on the price sign.

Currently, single face masks are now retailing for $9.99 plus tax at Walt Disney World.

The Annual Passholder discount can be applied.

At this moment, we do not know if the price increase has gone into effect at the Downtown Disney District in Disneyland Resort.

Currently, face masks are sold in two and four packs on Shopdisney.com.

However, for special order face masks such as theme park holiday masks and the Wishes Come True Blue, face masks are sold individually.

Are you surprised to hear about the price increase on the masks at Disney? Let us know in the comments on Facebook and in our Facebook group.


  1. Wouldn’t this be considered price gouging on an item mandated to wear at the park? Does it surprise me? Nope Disney is like the new succubus that will bleed you dry.

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