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5 souvenirs you should purchase on every Disney World vacation

5 souvenirs you should purchase on every Disney World vacation
Credit: Disney

There are so many fun and exclusive souvenirs to purchase at all of the Disney Theme Parks. Check out the 5 souvenirs that we always purchase at Walt Disney World to enjoy a bit of the magic of Disney at home.

Bringing Home the Magic

Credit: Disney

I will admit that when I visit the Disney Parks, I want ALL the things. Disney Park merchandise seems so magical, and I want to try and bring home things that will help remind me of the magic of my vacation.

Through the years and Disney trips, our family has developed a few items that we love to collect on every trip. We still buy a lot, but this helps us reign in purchases just a bit. We now have 5 items that we purchase each trip to bring a bit of the magic of Disney to our days at home.

1. Magical Mugs

This is the mug that started it all. We purchased our first mug back in 2014. This was my youngest princess’ first trip to the Walt Disney World, and she fell in love with the “it’s a small world” attraction.

Each time we set sail, my youngest princess sang a little louder and jumbled the words a little more each time. Every time I see this mug, all of those sweet memories come flooding back.

Disney-fy Your Down Time: DIY Mug Display

This led to our collection.  Each trip we added another mug to remember memories from that trip. Eventually, we had eight mugs and no way to display them. Check out how we created a way to display all of our Disney mugs HERE.

Our mug collection has expanded, and we now only have one empty hook remaining. This is such a fun collection featuring our favorite attractions and Disney characters.

Each Monday in our home is “Magical Mug Monday.” We each choose a Disney mug to enjoy at breakfast. It is a small way to remember timeless memories in our “Happy Place.” It works well to help combat a case of the “Mondays.”

2. Pressed Pennies

My children love getting pressed pennies, and Walt Disney World has so many great pressed penny locations. These can be found throughout the Parks and Resorts. We have found that M&M mini tubes make great transporters for quarters and pennies.

There has been a small change to many of the pressed coin locations throughout Walt Disney World. Many of them still accept coins, but some also accept credit cards.

Complete Guide to Polynesian Resort

We simply place 2 quarters and 1 penny on the bottom and continue to stack them. There are many locations that now offer pressed quarters as well. You can find all of the pressed coin locations on Character Locator. These are located under the “extra” tab for each Theme Park.


Pressed coins make great souvenirs. These can be used in scrapbooks, kept as momentos, fashioned into jewelry, or even used for Disney decorations.

This is our current pressed penny frame that we are working on. We are hoping to add a few more pressed pennies to help complete Mickey Mouse’s head after this next trip.

3. Holiday Ornaments

On every trip trip our family adds a few Disney ornaments to our collection. We have added dated ornaments for the years we were able to visit the Disney Parks. Beautiful ornaments have been added from past Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Parties.

These ornaments help us remember all of the magic and memories that have been created at our home away from home.

it’s a small world Disney Park Building ornament

We love collecting ornaments inspired by our favorite Disney rides and attractions. This past year, we fell in love with the Disney Park Building ornaments. The front showcases the building, and on the reverse side shows the inside of these buildings.

Our family has now purchased the Main Street Cinema, it’s a small world, and the Disneyland Fire Department. My children love taking a look “behind the scenes” of these ornaments.

the reverse side of the” it’s a small world” ornament

I am hoping to add a few more of these iconic buildings to our collection on our next trip. Especially Cinderella Castle and the Enchanted Tiki Room.

4. Popcorn Buckets

One of the highlights of our trips to the Disney Parks has to be the POPCORN! My youngest loves to get a souvenir popcorn bucket and happily munch on the “most magical popcorn” (her words) throughout the day.

At home we enjoy using our popcorn buckets for family movie nights. I even love using the holiday popcorn buckets with our Christmas decorations. There are so many precious memories tied to each bucket.

You can even find some pretty creative ways to enjoy your Disney popcorn buckets at home HERE.

5. Disney Park Games

My family absolutely loves Family Game Night. During our most recent trip to Walt Disney World, we spotted The Game of Life – Disney Theme Park edition. We already own the original Game of Life. At first, I questioned if we “really” needed another game so similar to one that we currently owned.

Once I started noticing the adorable details of this board game, I was hooked. I think that it was the miniature Partners statue with Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse that sold me.

One of our first evenings after we returned from our trip, our children were begging to play our new Disney Life game. Halfway into our game, I decided that on our future Disney trips we will definitely purchase a new Disney game to enjoy once we return.

This is such a fun way to spend time together while also reminiscing about our Disney trip. Be sure to check out some of the great Disney Games that are available HERE.


Do the “Disney Blues” get you when you return from your magical Disney vacation? Check out the 5 Ways to Overcome the Disney Blues when you Return Home.

What souvenirs does your family like to collect? How do you like to bring a bit of the magic of the Disney Parks home with you after each trip? Share your thoughts with us on our Facebook Page.


  1. I always get magnets & Christmas ornaments from random places, museums and all.. so my tree is pretty crazy @ Christmas time but we have a ton of memories to look back on.. Salvador Dali museum had some cool ornaments, then all the theme parks we’ve been at along the years.. no sense in being normal.. what is that anyway?

  2. I always look for Christmas ornaments, especially the ones with the year. I also collect pins and buy a few each trip – and usually wear a Disney pin every day. I love Photo Pass or whatever it is now; photos on rides or around the parks are a great way to remember the fun and the magic.

    I have some Disney mugs (good idea) but I don’t buy one every trip. They are heavy to pack so I tend to order those online unless I can only get them in the parks.

  3. I love your ideas! The kids can’t outgrow any of your choices! Great souvenirs, I’m going to pass this along to my adult children for the grandbabies. We always got refrigerator magnets, mugs, Christmas ornaments and pins, among other things for the kids.

  4. Ooh, I used to love the snowglobes but I can’t seem to find them anymore. I had one confiscated at the airport once. It was in my carry on and was told I couldnt take it because of the liquid.

  5. We always get the silhouette portraits done for the kids. We have them from each of our trips over the past 10 years and it’s a fun way to see the kids grow up at Disney. The kids love sitting for them and the artists are incredibly talented.

  6. Sounds good. I wish I could stick to just 5. Maybe someday. I love plates, mugs, pins, pressed pennies/quarters, hotel hugs, Christmas ornaments, snow globes, ink pens, frig magnets, t-shirts, sweatshirt jackets, and plush characters. Especially the holiday ones. I always came back broke! But was happy! ❤

  7. We’ve been 7 consecutive times but we still get cheap souvenirs so that our daughter can get clothes or toys. We have video and pics to look back on.

  8. I am also a coffee cup collector. We first went to each park in 2015 and got a park themed cup from each. The one for Animal Kingdom isn’t practical for actually drinking out of, but it’s remarkable to look at. I line mine across the top of kitchen cabinets.

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