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Paid FastPasses come to another Disney Park. Is this the future of skipping the line?

Paid FastPasses come to another Disney Park. Is this the future of skipping the line?
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There has been much talk and anticipation of the return of FastPasses. Another Disney Park has discontinued free FastPasses in favor of paid ones. How much are you willing to pay for FastPass?

Return of FastPass

If you ask most Disney World fans, FastPass is the one thing they miss the most from the parks. Sure, we can handle limited hours and character experiences. But, not being able to skip the line is just crossing the, well, line.

Rumors have been swirling for several months that Disney World would soon reintroduce FastPasses. With changes to the My Disney Experience app and the addition of new code with phrases like “All Access”, “Bundle”, and “Single” it definitely sounds like we are getting closer. Even the FastPass kiosks are re-emerging in the parks.

Another New Sign Disney World's Fastpass+ May Return Soon

It seems likely that our free FastPasses are coming to an end. Like all things Disney has been doing lately, they are looking to capitalize on any and all offerings. For example, by only giving extended nighttime hours to deluxe resort guests, they are enticing people to book those more expensive hotels.

It only seems appropriate for Disney to do the same with FastPasses.

Disneyland Paris

Over in Europe, Disneyland Paris has officially let go of the free FastPass service in favor of a paid option. With “Premier Access” (sound familiar?), Guests will use the app to book an assigned time slot for select attractions. Right now, the only attractions included are:

  • Big Thunder Mountain
  • Hyperspace Mountain
  • Peter Pan’s Flight
  • Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast
  • Star Tours
  • Autopia
  • Twilight Zone Tower of Terror
  • Ratatouille: L’Aventure Totalement Toquée de Rémy

So how much does this cost? Well to skip the line, it will cost anywhere between $9 USD and $17 USD per attraction per person.

Is this the future of skipping the line?

I do believe that paid FastPasses will be coming to Disney World. The signs are just too large to ignore. If Disney were to implement the same strategy as Disneyland Paris, a family of 4 could be paying anywhere from $36 to $68 for one attraction.

If that same family decided to skip the line for 5 attractions, they would spend between $180 and $340. A recent rumor suggested the price tag could be anywhere from $100 to $300 to skip the lines.

While obviously the same details would not be used here in the USA, the general idea that a paid FastPass is coming to Disney World seems imminent. The question is when?

When do you think FastPass will return? How much would you be willing to spend to skip the lines? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook.

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  1. I think it’s a shame if Disney starts charging for fast passes
    The price of the admission is all ready so high and keeps going up. it’s almost impossible for a family of 4 or more to go now.
    I do not think Walt Disney would approve, he wanted families to be together and have fun.
    the magic is leaving Disney!

  2. Well, universal studios orlando makes you pay for deluxe room but the express-pass they use is included per person per day of trip. Yes it’s mean, but until Bob Chapek is fired, i don’t see anything good coming back.

  3. I agree with you they should keep it as it is. No fastpass is making it more fun for EVERYONE. Humans are so selfish and the ones who have nothing else to do with their money make it even harder for those of us who have to plan a trip to Disney for a long time to get the money up to make it happen.

  4. I agree Ian, the more people just say, okay, Disney wil just do more things like this. If people say no, not accepting this and write and take a stand, then maybe they’ll reconsider. It’s worked before

  5. Having to pay extra for fast passes unless you can afford to stay at a luxury hotel at Disney is BS. Disney is pricing itself out of the grasp of regular folk. Shame on them! It’s just Disney proving the adage that ” them that has gets”. What’s so magical about that?

  6. Disney has charged for the rides since the beginning of time. Anyone old enough to remember the A thru E ticket books? If you wanted to ride additional E ticket rides you had to go to a little booth and PAY for it. It was a couple of dollars, but in the 70’s that was a lot. Disney only made Fastpass free originally because they didn’t think people would pay for it. Universal and Disneyland proved that wrong. They are just playing catch up now.

  7. Well then you will need to revamp some of the older hotels. Certainly the Portafino hotel in Universal needs a major upgrade. Its not all that! I paid 1,000 a night for a suite and it wasnt even luxury. Shame on you Disney for gouging more people. Make ot affordable, after all you wouldnt be where you are without us.

  8. Sounds Despicable to me….that reminds me, Universal beckons. Hope all those that bought over inflated Boo Bash tickets are happy. You are creating a monster. Make a stand, refuse to pay and then they will listen. But alas no. You just get screwed over. And screw the rest of us.

  9. If they have to monetize it, I would like to see something similar to what they have at Universal where if you stay Deluxe you get a free express pass. Since Disney has so many deluxe and parks compared to UOR, group them so the Epcot Deluxe are express pass for MK, while the MK deluxe have express for HS, and so on and so on, so you don’t have all deluxe crowding the same parks every day….it gives an incentive to stay on property without completely screwing everyone over. They can then have a limited amount of express passes for purchase in each park daily….otherwise no fastpasses at all, I love how the lines are moving right now! Having 5000 people using paid express lines daily is much better than 35000 people using free passes.

  10. I am a die hard wdw fan. No way will we pay extra (even just $8 pp) to FP a 3-4 minute ride. If this is what they do, I’m afraid our next trip will be our last.

    Disney, please stop the greed and consider the guests you are disenfranchising.

  11. Everyone who is concerned for this should definitely write to Disney. I will be writing an email with these concerns.

  12. No. DWD has four themed parks and each park probably takes 1-2 days to visit it. They can’t use the same FastPass system to work on DWD. For DVC it should be a perk. For guests who staying on Disney property should be included in the room. Outside guests could buy if they want.

  13. This isn’t exclusively new in 2021. They are retiring the free fast pass program, but they already had a paid program.

  14. There’s no perks to staying on property anymore, honestly. Ok so if you’re financially able to stay at a deluxe ( we aren’t) then you get to stay longer at night.fair? I don’t think so. So essentially we pay to get into the parks to ride the rides, now we have to pay again to ride those rides we just paid for. Double dipping much? The system they had in place was fair, 3 fastpasses then try to get more as they came. That’s insane to charge that amount for each. I think Disney might see more people staying off property if they are going to nickel and dime for every single thing. Even if people pay for certain fastpass, they’ll be losing more money in the long run if people don’t stay on property. Really bad move Disney.

  15. Maxpass was completely optional. You could still get free Fastpasses by walking to each kiosk. Maxpass had two advantages. You did not have to send a runner to get your next Fastpass AND your PhotoPass picture were free for that day

  16. You are absolutely right. I am in in the same boat, about probably canceling or trip. As much as I love Disney, and my kids do as well, we aren’t going to be able to afford to go!

  17. Looks like our vacation is going to be cancelled. It’s ridiculous that we either need to pay an arm amd a leg to ride rides, when we already pay so much just to get in to the parks.. pay to get in the parks, pay for food, pay for rides, pay, pay,, pay….but still no meet and greets?? What are we paying for. Oh yeah, for the CEO to get richer and richer, and to brag even more about his ridiculously expensive house he just bought! While us working class can’t even enjoy a vacation. Sad.. absolutely sad!!

  18. Nope. That is completely ridiculous. It’s already exceedingly expensive to go for a day and then to have to pay to ride the rides to ensure that you can get on them is insane. Disney is way over reaching here.

    I can’t tell you how nice it has been without fast pass at Disney World. I understand that the parks are not at full capacity yet, but they’re getting there. And I would rather stand in four 45 minute, constantly moving lines and get to ride ALL the big ticket rides than waste my time standing in a couple 2 hour-plus lines because fast pass people keep cutting ahead the entire time I’m waiting at a stand still. It has been glorious without Fastpast at WDW since their reopening. I’m sorry to see it come back and appalled if they charge for it.

    “Greedy, greedy makes a hungry puppy.” But in this case I bet there are plenty of people willing to pay…so greedy, greedy shuts out some expendable customers in favor of more greed. Great business model.

  19. I think it’s wrong Disney is doing this. First, I can’t afford a ‘deluxe’ resort. I usually do value, but have done moderate before. I don’t think they should extend extra hours ONLY for guests at the deluxe resorts.

    Second, I think charging for fast passes is completely wrong. Disney is ONLY about the bottom line, but they will be pricing many of out of our anticipated vacations. I’ve paid extra for special attractions, but fast passes should be included for everyone. I don’t know what was wrong with the previous option of booking a limited amount of passes in advance. It worked fine and we could book additional ones throughout the day as they became available. I have to save for roughly two years (as a single parent) to be able to afford a trip. Soon it will be standing in lines all day without fast passes or just not going because I won’t be able to afford that extra expense.

    Honestly, I’m getting sick of how Disney is doing things. We don’t even have all of our special experiences back yet – like character meet & greets! Now we will be paying extra for fast passes. I had to cancel our trip the first of this year because of COVID. I was planning to reschedule to go back in January 2022. Now I don’t know when I will book a trip because it’s just getting too expensive and stressful. There are a LOT of places in our great country to go to. Maybe we’ll start checking out other locations and just say to heck with it! (And yes, I realize this isn’t a done deal yet, but I’m sure it won’t be long if another park is already doing this. The bottom line is these are all part of the same company.)

  20. I don’t think disney should charge for fast passes. They charge enough already, people that save and scrimp for this ultimate vacation alone, don’t needs these charges. Disney has got to stop all these upcharges,or the only people who would be able to go are the well to do. I guess its not gonna be a family (middle class) friendly park much longer

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