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Another possible new sign that Fastpass could return soon

Another possible new sign that Fastpass could return soon

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More and more signs of Walt Disney World returning to “normal” are being spotted around the Parks, and we are ready for it! Now, another sign has emerged that points us in the direction of the highly anticipated return of Fastpass!

A sign of the return of Fastpass?

We recently noticed a sign that Fastpass might be returning on the My Disney Experience app. “Standby” wait times are now listed in the app, causing many to speculate Disney is gearing up for the return of Fastpass!

Now, Twitter user @Disneyglimpses has shared an interesting screenshot that could be the next sign of the return of Fastpass.


With so many types of Fastpasses listed, we can’t help but wonder this might signal different types of Fastpasses offered, perhaps maybe even some with additional cost?

There has been a rumor that Fastpasses could return with a very high price tag, so this may turn out to be the case after all.

It is important to note that Disney has not yet confirmed if and when Fastpasses will be returning, so definitely be sure to stay connected to Kenny the Pirate, where we will be sure to bring you that news as soon as it breaks!

Please, bring back Fastpass!

Now that Disney has increased capacity to an unknown level, we are more than ready for the return of Fastpasses.

Wait times for popular attractions have regularly been topping out at over an hour, and we expect things to just get worse as the summer crowds start rolling in to the most magical place on Earth.

We are ready for FastPasses to come back! No one wants to spend the day waiting in endless lines and not being able to experience as many attractions as they hoped for.

Do you think is a sign that Fastpasses will be returning soon? What are your thoughts on a possible paid system? Let us know on Kenny the Pirate’s Facebook page, or join our crew and continue the discussion!

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Deborah Hearon

Thursday 8th of July 2021

Yep agree 100%. Already people cannot afford it. My family is going elsewhere now.


Monday 14th of June 2021

Why should we have to pay a heft price for fast passes? You charge enough to get into the parks, food, lodging, parking if you bring your own vehicle. More and more perks have gone away, and now yiu want to charge for more and more things. Youre becoming a money hungry,, greedy company. Us regular folks are going to be able to afford to vacation at Disney here pretty soon. Sad.. really sad.


Monday 14th of June 2021

We pay enough for Disney. With rising prices of food (which is understandable)And with taking more and more perks away, and having to pay "a hefty price", is just ridiculous. Why not make it affordable so families can enjoy themselves without seriously having to go broke, or take out a loan. The happiest place on earth, is becoming to most money hungry, greedy place on earth. So sad! We may have to start going elseware.


Sunday 13th of June 2021

When booking FPP in the original system it would want to book them as a bundle and booked suggested rides all together using the 3 at once. If you didn’t want to book that way you had to choose single to book one at a time. Not sure about unlimited, but maybe that’s for the Plaid service or special VIP. Have a feeling these descriptions have been around for a while and really don’t signify anything new.

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