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How much would you be willing to pay for a better FastPass experience?

How much would you be willing to pay for a better FastPass experience?
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With the suspension of FastPasses, many have been speculating what Disney World may be coming up with in its place. A recent rumor could suggest Disney may be asking a hefty price for a new kind of FastPass experience. Read our thoughts on this and what we think could happen in the future.

FastPass Suspension

Disney World suspended the FastPass system when the parks reopened last July. CEO Bob Chapek mentioned that with the low capacity limits, visiting the parks would be a much more pleasant experience – even without FastPasses.

But, as we have covered extensively, capacity has increased since the parks reopened last summer. Wait times for popular attractions can reach an hour or more on most days. Even with physical distancing markers removed, the queue lines can look a bit daunting.

It’s time for Disney to bring back some kind of pass that allows Guests to skip the standby line. But, what kind of pass?


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Before Disneyland closed last March, Guests used MaxPass to skip the lines. Essentially it is FastPass service with a paid add-on option. There are also a few key differences between MaxPass and what we know about Disney World’s FastPass system. It was $20 per person per day and passes could only be made after you entered the park for that day.

You could then scroll through the app and pick an attraction with a return time. After you used that pass, then you could make another one and so on. Many have speculated that MaxPass would debut at Disney World as a way for the company to bring in more revenue.

$20/person/day is very reasonable, and I know many would drop that in a heart beat to be able to skip the lines. But, what if Disney pushed the envelope a little further and charged even more?

Rumored FastPass Experience

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If we take a look at the last year, it’s obvious that despite the changes Disney has made, there is still a lot of demand for Disney World. With so many hotels, restaurants, and experiences closed plus the lack of spontaneity in changing your plans (thanks to the park pass system), Disney is already seeing 2019 crowd and demand levels.

Disney knows that people will come despite the obstacles they must face to get there. Bob Chapek is a numbers guy and they need to make up for lost revenue. I don’t doubt for one second that they are actively trying to figure out how to bring in more money per Guest.

First, I must preface this by saying this is a giant rumor at this point. So why even talk about it? I do bring this up because I think the general idea of a paid FastPass is imminent, but the specifics of it are unknown at this point.

It’s rumored that Disney is talking about offering a pass that allows you to skip the line an unlimited number of times. Guests would pay a set dollar amount per person per day and be able to walk on to every ride.

Unlimited line skips come at a cost

Sounds like a dream, right? But, as I mentioned above, Disney is looking for ways to increase revenue while still needing to keep capacity limits in place (remember the park pass system is here to stay). Rumors suggest the price of this pass would cost between $100 – $300 per person per day.

That’s a whole lot of money. And that would price out a lot of people very quickly. I (Monica) consider my family financially stable, and we do like to splurge at Disney. But for our family of 6, even the smaller price of $100/person/day would add up to $2,400 for 4 days! I don’t even want to do the math if it cost $300/person/day.

It’s worth mentioning Universal Studios has a version of this. Express Unlimited at Universal starts at $90/person/day, but it is free if you are staying at Premier hotels. I do like the idea of this new pass being free if you are staying at a deluxe resort at Disney World.

Virtual Queues

Credit: Disney

Disney has also recently published a patent application that explores virtual queues management.

We all know Disney doesn’t want Guests waiting in lines because they could be spending that time purchasing food and merchandise instead of waiting. Rise of the Resistance implemented a queue before the pandemic even began, but it can be one of the most stressful parts of park touring.

This new patent application suggests multiple virtual queues could be used in the parks. The system would use data to decide when the Guest can experience the attraction. It’s essentially a timed return time for multiple queues. Once you’ve visited the attraction for your first queue, Disney would then give you a return time for the next attraction you are queued for, etc.

However, I do see a big problem with this. If Disney effectively eliminates all major queues, that will create more congestion in common areas, shows, and less popular attractions.

Could this be a paid experience too? How would multiple virtual queues work with a paid unlimited pass? We simply don’t know the answers to any of these questions, but it has definitely got us thinking about what the Disney World experience could be like in the future.

How do you think Disney will handle FastPasses in the future? Do you think they will return to normal or will some kind of paid experience be coming? How much would you be willing to pay for a better FastPass experience? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook.

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  1. Money grubbers! Eventually they will drive us away! You pay big bucks to stay at a WDW hotel (even at a Value or Moderate Resort) and now they add Parking charges which unfairly target Floridians and those from nearby states who drive in. FastPass is one of my favorites and making you pay for a Park Ticket and then pay for FastPass is just disgusting. Walt Disney would be horrified. This will price out average families and favor the rich who can afford to blow big bucks. Makes me really angry!

  2. The idea that Disney is considering these revenue raisers to make up for lost revenue is to also assume that once those previously lost revenues are recaptured the prices will go back down is straight out fantasyland. Give in now and expect the prices to increase on a yearly basis. I love Disney but the lines are getting out of hand. With so many attractions closed it herds us to those open thus creating these brutal lines..and at the risk of over complaining as I get older I looked forward to the great , expensive, dining experiences, good luck getting one now if you are lucky enough to line up your tickets and park reservations. Frustrating to say the least.

  3. What about single rider lines? Will they disappear too?
    It’s a great option when it comes to saving time in lines.
    Or will they offer a lower add on price to ride as a single? Or even charge more!!!!
    You wont be seeing free dining coming back anytime soon.either if Big Bob C has his ways. He likes the fries at Picos Bill’s btw.
    No matter how much prices increase there will always be takers. There are a lot of well off (filthy rich) people out there willing to pay for the privilege. No problem. No Bucks $ ..No Buck Rogers A singe “money’s no object “visit from the very rich totally makes up for the lack of spending from the bottom feeders. I guess the rest of us catfish can eat cake and crumbs. Sadly. Or watch the new Behind the Attraction series on D+ and long for the good old days. Pre and post Eisner of coarse.
    But let’s put a spin on this … instead of the glass beig half full or half empty lets call it refillable and shoot for the best. Pixie me please !

  4. We are effectively priced out now. For our family of 3 five years ago, we spent $5000.00. For a short week trip. I get there are people who can pay that for a yearly trip and more. Unfortunately, many of us just cannot. I would love to take my nephews. Their father died last year. We would love to give them the experience, but at today’s prices along with no guarantees we can get the meals we want or even get into the parks we want… No thanks. Well do something more local.

  5. Disney park prices have already gotten way out of hand and too many things are discontinued. Disney needs to bring things back and remember that Walt wanted to make it affordable for people to take their families. I love Disney beyond measure, but won’t pay for fast passes.Park passes need to have prices reconsidered. We are a family of 8 adults and prices are extreme. When I had my first 2 girls in 87 and 92 it was manageable. Since my youngest( born 1995) last 15 years prices jumped sky high. Reality is people who want to go can’t afford to and wealthy aren’t running there. They are going lose more in the long run.

  6. While MaxxPass at Disneyland was an upcharge fast pass, you also got photo pass included, which gave you digital photos of All ride photos and photo pass photographers picture spots, ie: castle photos, character photos etc. With MaxxPass you could make a reservation for a ride in CA adventure while in Disneyland if you had hopper tickets. However for people who did not want to purchase MaxxPass you could still use the free fast pass system of inserting your ticket at a ride and getting a return time.
    I being a single mother did not mind paying the extra for MaxxPass because I got the photos included, and I had the option of free fast passes if I couldn’t pay the extra on a trip. If Disney were to have paid fastpasses with no addional perks or at high prices, I would have to just plan on standing in the regular stand by line, like I do at every other theme/amusement park because I can’t afford the extra.

  7. Simple Solution: Write to Disney Management and, if they don’t change, vote with your wallets. Disney feels that people will go no matter. Don’t go! We have a beautiful big country. Go out and visit it. Do you know how much of the USA you can see for what you spend at Disney? Have you seen Rushmore? Yellowstone? The Grand Canyon? Teach your kids about America, not a greedy rodent.

  8. Walt is already turning over in his grave, as corporate Disney is catering to the rich. His original idea was that this was a place for middle class families
    No way would I pay for fast passes
    Also there is no way to recover lost revenue
    Disney just suck it up and be the happy place Walt wanted it to be.
    Please remember Walt’s original dream

  9. As a single mom, disney is out favorite memory vacation every 2 years, I just about could afford doing it. But I always made it happen. Sorry to say DISNEY you will lose more than you will gain if you charge for everything. Everything is overpriced as it is. LEAVE EVERYTHING the way it was so every one can come back and make magical memories, ESPECIALLY THE DINING PLAN….if you charge these high prices for everything families like mine will never financially afford to go.. THINK DISNEY THINK !!!

  10. Even an extra $20 a day for our entire family would be a hardship. I don’t think Walt would be happy with the Disney Corporation pricing out the average family, it already is so expensive. Keep it the magical place that Walt imagined for everyone, not just the rich.

  11. One of my favorite things about Disney that made it so magical was that I could reserve and book everything so far ahead of time that once I got there I didn’t have to do anything but enjoy it. The fast pass system was definitely my favorite perk of all time. I love staying on property so getting that 60 day window but a couple of years ago when I became a single mom of three teens and the only vacation I could afford to take them on was to Disney because we happen to still have our season pass that was about to run out we went and stayed off property for the first time. I thought the 30 day window and not being in that full time Disney bubble wouldn’t be as fun but it was all I had to work with that year and my little family needed that trip more than ever after a hard year. Surprisingly the fast pass system was what made that trip what it was, which was nothing short of fabulous. The 30 day window wasn’t as bad as I thought and since we stayed in the cheapest hotel we could find we were able to stay until we ran that season pass completely out. The fast pass system is what we all still talk about from that trip. It became a game for us to score as many rides in a day as humanly possible. We are back on our feet now and have been dreaming about going back to Disney this year. And my kids still talk about the fast pass game as we plan. And while we are back on our feet we aren’t rich. To charge that kind of money for fast passes when we already pay so much to enter the parks is absurd and completely greedy. I understand that Disney needs to replace the revenue lost but at what price? If they make it where middle class people can’t afford to go then they are going to accomplish opposite what they are trying to do. Middle class families have budgets and some of us save a long time for our beloved Disney trips. What has always set Disney apart for me is how well they take care of their guests. How they offer perks that make you feel like they aren’t trying to take advantage of you and somehow magically you forget how much you just spent of your hard earned money on that trip. That’s the magic of Disney I used to say. And it was always worth to me after the fact because of the memories we made. We always leave Disney planning for the next trip. I hate to think that there will be no more Disney vacations in my future but afraid that me along Auth countless individuals will have to come to terms with that if they continually try to price gauge us. It just so happens that if I have to pay to have fast pass AFTER already paying the hefty park fee to get in then I have to decide that we can’t stay on property. Or we can’t eat at so nice of restaurants. Or less souvenirs. Or all of the above. I’m sure I’m not the only one. So is Disney really making that lost money back? Nope! I believe in the long run they would lose more than they have due to their greed.
    I just want the same magical Disney experience I’ve always had. That’s what I thought I had to look forward to this year. My kids as well. But if I have to pay for fast pass we will definitely plan to go somewhere else.

  12. Thats why u buy a room at their hotel. One night equals 2 days of fastpasses at Universal. Its a nobrainer. In December we bought our tickets and got buy 2 days get 3 free! We also got 60 percent off at Seaworld and Busch Gardens. Disney needs to step up with discounts!

  13. Guests need to experience a certain number of experiences per day to perceive value and want to return. Disney be pricing out a whole lotta repeat customers if regular pion folk have to wait in 90+ minute waits all day because they can’t afford this ridiculously greedy idea.

  14. Keep it the same as it was .. and get rid of the reservation to get in… Or at least for annual pass holder .. we get blocked out all the time now… C’mon Disney ..

  15. I love Disney and try to go every year. I am 70 years old and I always take two or more people my age with me. The three things that made this our trip of choice seem to be taken away from us right now. To board that Magic express wais wonderful. We didn’t have to worry about our luggage and we felt that our Disney vacation has begun right then. Because we are older but still like to ride everything, the fast pass was fantastic. Standing straight in a line for a long time it’s just not feasible for some of the people our age. The dining plan was absolutely essential and took a lot of the pressure off of us to decide where to eat.
    We are planning to come back in February 2022 but to pay a taxi $69 one-way is an extra $120 we would have to spend. And then we have to worry about getting back to the airport on time which we never did when the magical express was there. If the fast pass goes and we have to pay for it, there’s another problem. We do spend a lot of money at Disney but I don’t want to spend that money on getting to the placeAnd spending the last day worrying about how we’re going to get back to the airport. Without fast pass would it even be worth it to go or are we going to be trying to stand in lines for the four days that we normally stay. They’ve created quite a dilemma for people who love Disney and want to be there,

  16. Oh, people would pay the $100-$300 per day amount, no question because people would be that desperate to pay it. But eventually as more and more people buy into it, similar to the FastPass system, it will become all but useless.

    You’ll end up paying the $300 per person only to log on to the App and find that you can only MAX PASS!!! Seven Dwarf Mine Train ONCE during a 4 day visit…and that’s if you are super, SUPER lucky.

    Because all of the Max Pass time slots for all the other popular rides will already be taken by the other 60,000 plus people gobbling up those Max Pass time slots during your visit. So you end up paying the extra cash to MAX PASS LINE SKIP Finding Nemo or other such less popular rides….which all turn out to be have 15 minute wait times if you didn’t have Max Pass.

  17. Fast passes need to return to normal. 3 per day and an extra three with a conceire stay. I go to Disney twice a year and have even through the pandemic. Before the pandemic, a lot of times, the line on multiple rides were longer than the standby lines. I agree that disney has already slashed many of the extra perks making it memorable to making it just a cash grab stay. They need to bring back the dining plan as well because without it, feeding six kids really puts a damper on the budget to be able to spend money elsewhere , and the quick service seems to much like fast food to enjoy it. Walking back to my room while it gets cold.is.not my idea of a pleasant experience that I have come to know at the grand floridian.

  18. We pay enough for our tickets to the parks it out of the questions to charge for fast passes if you can’t take waiting in lines for the rides I guess amusement park aren’t for you.

  19. We just spent 3200 for 2 days at Universal (no hotel). This was a 2 park 2 day with their Universal Express add-on. It was ridiculously expensive but it was horribly busy so it felt like the only choice since we’d traveled cross country to Orlando.

  20. It wouldn’t surprise me if they started charging something for fast pass. I know this is a rumor but it’s a ridiculous idea. I’m a single parent and I have to work hard to take a Disney vacation with my daughter. We stay an average fine of 5-7 days when we go. First, free fast passes for staying at a deluxe resort is out of the question for me because I can’t afford deluxe. We usually stay in a value but I have splurged and stayed at a moderate for a special occasion. A small charge would be fine, but $100-$300 per person per day is outrageous!
    I’m also handicapped. Fast passes help me a lot because it’s hard for me to stand in a long time. I’m not wheelchair bound, but do have to rent a scooter. Not every ride queue can accommodate the scooter. I can stand for a little while but not an hour or more. I can’t get a DAS pass for mobility issues. So not only is Disney out-pricing us, they are not making wait times convenient for a handicapped person. If this happens, we will just have to say goodbye forever to WDW! I am so over them taking experiences away yet charging more!!

  21. The people with Disney annual passes are already paying a lot for the privilege of going whenever we want. IF we can get a park pass. The park pass limits us on days when the park is full. To have to pay any amount for a fast pass is outrageous. You pay per day go on line and find out everything is filled for that day. It was hard enough to get what you wanted when it was free. That would be nice for those staying at the hotels because I would hope they would have a better chance to get their choices because they could book earlier. The annual pass holders who pay yearly for the ability to visit whenever they want would lose out. When discussing what to do remember your large group of annual pass holders who are near enough to come often, pay to eat and do the extras. Good way to lose them.

  22. I meant to say an all inclusive resort ELSEWHERE! The example is a resort in Cancun. Thank goodness we all have passports! Why eat at la Hacienda de San Angel when I can have the real deal for less!? bye bye Disney, it’s been a good ride

  23. I’ve now seen the $100-300 add on for the new version of FP in multiple locations. So, that sucks. We all knew the evil Chapek would charge for the new version, I was HOPING it would be in line with MaxPass at the $20 PP rate, and like you, I would have paid that. I can find another $80 a day. I can’t find an extra $400-$1,200. I cannot afford an additional $700 per person for a week of vacation. That’s $2,800! Maybe if we stayed off property…I’ve done the math and our family can stay in an all inclusive resort with activities, food, booze, etc, for in a two bedroom suite $1,000 a day. They are pricing themselves out of reach for a middle class family. This is exactly why I’ve only been to Universal twice (too expensive ) but I’ve gone to Disney world twice a year for the 12 of past 13 years. I think this is an example of the super rich like Chapek being out of touch with the common man, Kenny, you might want to consider a new career. Disney is going to be WAAAAAY out of reach for the average family going forward.

  24. I hope they bring back the Fastpass system like before the pandemic so regular families can still benefit from it. However, it would be cool to make Unlimited express passes automatic for Deluxe resort guests (like Universal). If Disney makes the express pass or max pass too expensive, then people will splurge on that but stay fewer days to fit their budget. This will hurt Disney in the long run Because staying three days instead of seven days means less money overall for Disney. I’m sure they are thinking about it.

  25. I think they will charge for FP. They want you to book a Park Pass so you have to buy a ticket in advance even if on site. The price food for the quality is a joke. A scandal You know what ? WDW is a base for me now. As a DVC Member. I will spend my money elsewhere. Perhaps a cruise (not DCL) or go to the Keys. Fed up with being screwed over. The dream has become a cash grab nightmare.

  26. This is double dipping. So I’d have to pay, to essentially ride the rides, that I ALREADY paid for with the admission price. I realize you’d be getting on said rides faster, however, it’s still greedy. Disney is taking all of the perks of staying onsite away too. If they charge for fastpass, that’s a very bad idea.

  27. Disney is notorious for making add ons have to apply to your whole package. I’m wondering if this would be the same? I MIGHT consider it for a 1 day splurge during our trip (if they cost $100, NOT $300). But, if I had to apply them to my entire 10 days of tickets? NO WAY!!! It would end up costing almost as much as my room (at $100). It would cost us $12,000 for the 10 days if they go with $300. Absolutely NO WAY I’d pay that. Seeing the range here makes me think they’d try to charge $100 for Deluxe resorts and $300 for Value. Outrageous!

  28. Umm no! For Six Flags its fine because its one day but people go to Disney for a week. You get 2 days of unlimited fastpass for 1 nights stay at a Universal hotel. I guess Disney wants to cater to rich folk and cut out the middle class. They will soon find out that the middle class keeps them in business!

  29. One to three hundred dollars!? Per Person!? Per day?! In a word: “No!” I can afford it but Disney prices are already approaching outrageous. They do this I’m done, DVC and all! I will not validate this gouging!

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