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Disney CEO Shares When Restrictions and Guidelines will be Eased

Disney CEO Shares When Restrictions and Guidelines will be Eased

How much longer do we have to wear masks? When will the parks be back to normal capacity? Bob Chapek shares some insight on what we can expect in the coming months at Disney World!

Health & Safety Protocols

We have seen a massive march back towards normalcy in the last few weeks. Revisions to the CDC guidelines were recently announced, and with them, came the elimination of relaxation zones and temperature screenings. Guests no longer have to wear masks outdoors, and capacity has definitely increased.

But, what can we expect in the future? What are the next steps? How much longer do we have to wear the masks? Is FastPass ever returning? Chapek shared some insight at a the J.P. Morgan Global Technology, Media and Communications Conference.

Normal Theme Park Operations

During the Question & Answer portion of the conference, Chapek commented that most of the investment in Walt Disney Imagineering projects have continued. During the pandemic, there were concerns over the loss that the company would sustain and the projects that would need to be shelved (temporarily or permanently).

Then, he said Disney hopes to resume normal theme park operations as soon as it is allowable and responsible. Chapek then said he expects low percentage increases in attendance over the next few months. This means we probably will not see a crazy jump in Guest attendance but it will continue to increase. Travel demand is already as high as it was pre-pandemic so there are certainly no concerns there.


As far as masks? The head of Disney says you will see more easing of capacity restriction and other guidelines, such as mask wearing, in their fourth quarter. This runs July through September.

What is the next logical step for mask wearing when indoors and attractions are the only places where they are required? Will the masks be completely gone by the 50th anniversary? Will all attractions and all dining be back to full capacity?

He did not share any specifics, but it sounds like there will definitely be more announcements in the coming months.

Virtual Queues and Park Passes

Disney will continue to implement virtual queues and park passes even after the parks have returned to normal. Virtual queues began with the opening of Rise of the Resistance in December 2019, and they will also be used for the WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure attraction at Avengers Campus. Will we see other virtual queues in the future?

The reservation system Disney uses to manage park attendance will also continue to be used even after the pandemic is behind us. They are using it determine demand and ticket pricing.

I still think Disney World will be fully reopened by the 50th anniversary in October. What about you? Share your predictions with us over on Facebook!

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Betty Shelmidine

Wednesday 26th of May 2021

I have been to WdW Hollywood Studios many times since the virtual queues were implemented at Star Wars .I have never been able to get on one. They fill up so fast and I don't know if I am just slow or not doing it right. If more rides are going to be this way then I am very sad and upset that I would never be able to ride those rides. Its not fair that I have bought a ticket and have spent as much money and not had an opportunity to get on those rides. What would be the point of going to have to stress about getting a virtual for more rides and not being able to ride them. What was the point of buying a vacation club time share if I can't enjoy the rides I want to ge on. I guess I could go to Flordia and stay at my time share then go to other parks and spend my money there. I will have to really think about it.

Sallie McG

Tuesday 25th of May 2021

I’m sad because it sounds like less access for more money, Disney can alter the experience and raise the price as long as ther continues to be market demand. I get it, but I don’t like it. Thinking that this may be our last trip to WDW. I don’t mind the park reservation system and I actually prefer dining being reduced to a 60 day window, but more people with fewer experiences and no fast passes sounds miserable to me I’d even pay for FP just to have it back - but not at $69-109 PP per day like Universal charges! I think it’s time to explore the world- I can go to Paris or the Greek Isles


Tuesday 25th of May 2021

I remember days before passes and we rode everything. Luckily Disneybis a choice and not a necessity. I am haplybfor reservations, no free dining and no FP. I had the annual pass where I was had to make reservations and never had an issue. This is Disney helping with crowd control.

Ian Lamble

Tuesday 25th of May 2021

This is a step too far. So I now have to book flights way out, hotel reservations way out and now buy tickets way out just to secure a park pass. However that doesn’t even guarantee getting on any rides due to lack of Fastpass. Most of the day in a line. Sounds a great deal. Not for me. Universal here I come. The mouse can rot.

And by the way Lanez, if they do bring back FP, they will charge for it.

Lanez Cragan

Monday 24th of May 2021

Did he mention anything about fast passes?

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.