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Universal Orlando Resort Makes Unannounced Change to the Dining Plan

Universal Orlando Resort Makes Unannounced Change to the Dining Plan
Credit: Universal Orlando

Today, astute guests of Universal Orlando Resort noticed that this particular option is no longer available. Read on for details.

Universal Orlando Resort has packages similar to what Disney World offered prior to the pandemic.

A Universal Orlando Resort package may include park tickets, resort stay, express pass and a dining plan.

Recent Change

However, it looks like the dining plan has temporarily been taken off of the menu over at “that other park.”

Long-time Universal Act Now Leaving CityWalk For Good

A representative for Universal Orlando Resort on Twitter confirmed that the dining plan is not currently available for purchase. She didn’t elaborate further.

KTP tip: The phone lines crazy? Try tweeting @universalorl on twitter for a prompt response.

Other sources have reported that previously purchased dining plans will still be honored, but we did not independently confirm that. Please reach out to Universal Orlando for more information. They are very responsive on Twitter!

Offers Vary Between the Rivals

Disney Parks Blog alluded to bringing back their dining plan the other day but didn’t offer any particulars.

Universal, on the other hand, has added parades back into their daily offerings while Disney is still doing Character Cavalcades.

Both parks have plans to bring back Halloween-related offerings this year! Get your Boo Bash tickets while you can because it’s selling out fast!

Tickets now available for almost all sold out Boo Bash nights!

Both parks definitely have their pluses and minuses. For my money, Disney has better theme parks, but Universal Orlando’s water park towers above its competition.

You can read my guide to Volcano Bay and see if you’d choose Typhoon Lagoon or Blizzard Beach (once Typhoon Lagoon is reopened!).

What do you think? Do you use the dining plan when visiting either park? Let us know in the comments on Facebook and in our Facebook group!

-Rebecca W Davis


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  1. I am very disappointed in the removal of the dining plan- I am traveling to Florida in 2 weeks and was depending on that dining plan for my budget for meals now I may need to look at other options

  2. The UO dining plans were great! You could purchase for the days and guests you wanted them, rather than for the entire trip for all your party. QS plans were also available to anyone staffing offsite and could even be purchased at the QS restaurants! While they were difficult to use in conjunction with covid procedures (I’m looking at you mobile ordering) I do hope they replace them with a plan that’s equally as flexible

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