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News: Physical Distancing Measures Now Removed from the Monorail

News: Physical Distancing Measures Now Removed from the Monorail

With the increased capacity at Walt Disney World, Guests are noticing changes aboard Walt Disney World transportation. Find out what a current ride aboard the monorail now looks like for Guests.

Disney Transportation

Recentlythe Disney Skyliner returned to loading multiple touring parties in one gondola again. Loading multiple parties in one gondola will help to reduce wait times.

Guests utilizing the Resort ferry boats also noticed a BIG change. These smaller Resort ferry boats are available for transporting Guests from the Magic Kingdom to the Polynesian Village, the Grand Floridian Resort, Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground, and Disney’s Wilderness Lodge.

Last week, these small ferry boats no longer had seats blocked off to maintain physical distancing.

Today, Guests aboard the Disney buses noticed increased capacity in a BIG way. Check out these new changes HERE.

Changes for the Monorail

Disney removed physical distancing markers from the queue line of the Monorail. This allowed for more Guests to squeeze together while waiting to board. The capacity was increased aboard the monorail in a BIG way on June 7th.  Guests were once again invited to stand in the monorail cars. These locations were noted with stickers labeled “Please wait here.”

Touring parties were still seated together aboard the monorail including the Guests utilizing the “Please wait here” standing marker. This big change reminds us of what monorail rides looked like prior to the Park closures.

Barriers Removed

The monorail received many additions to allow for physical distancing since the reopening of Walt Disney World. These began with dividers in between train cars to allow for one touring party per car.

Then came the introduction of plexiglass to allow for more Guests in one car. This was the most dreaded changed. Touring groups were separated for this odd seating configuration.

Today, no dividers or plexiglass are now present. Now multiple touring parties may sit on the same monorail bench. This will in no doubt boost capacity for Guests using this Disney transportation system.

Guests aboard the monorail were greeted with completely open train cars. Now multiple touring parties may sit on the same monorail bench.

Just as a reminder, face masks are still required aboard all Disney transportation.

What do you think of these changes aboard Disney transportation? When do you think plexiglass on attractions may come down? Share your thoughts with us on our Facebook Page.


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