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New: Increased Capacity with the Disney Skyliner

New: Increased Capacity with the Disney Skyliner

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As Walt Disney World continues to increase capacity we have seen changes in health and safety protocols Check out the BIG change that is now in effect with the Disney Skyliner.

Increased Capacity

Walt Disney World reported that they would begin to make “temporary adjustments to promote physical distancing. This is a gradual, phased approach so we won’t see changes overnight, but this is a step towards a more full Guest experience

You can check out where social distancing guidelines may be adjusted HEREMany attractions are now loading at full capacity. Check out some of these full capacity attractions HERE.

Disney removed markers from the pre-show area of Rise of the Resistance earlier this week in an effort to fill in more space. Earlier this week, we shared that changes are being made to Relaxation Stations as well, which you can check out HERE

Physical distancing markers were completely removed from the extended queue of 2 popular Disney attractions. Check this out HERE.

Disney Skyliner

The Skyliner has stations at Art of Animation Resort, Pop Century ResortRiviera Resort, and the main hub at Caribbean Beach. You can access Hollywood Studios and Epcot from the Skyliner.

Prior to the Park closure, multiple touring parties were allowed to fill a single gondola car. The max capacity for a gondola car is 10 individuals. However, it never seemed that the gondolas were filled to that capacity.

My family of 5 would be asked to sit on one side of the gondola while other Guests were added to our car. This was sometimes a rather tight fit. Prior to the Park closures, Disney Guests were used to full capacity on Disney transportation.

This all changed with the reopening of the Disney Parks. Last July, health and safety protocols were in place to maintain physical distancing. On the Disney Skyliner, only one touring party was allowed to ride in a gondola.

Guests in each touring party were to remain together while waiting in the Skyliner queue to be loaded in their personal gondola.

This did create rather long lines at the Skyliner stations particularly for Park openings. Today, the Disney Skyliner is now loading multiple touring parties in one gondola again.

Loading multiple parties in one gondola will help to reduce wait times, but some Guests may still be uncomfortable with this reduced physical distancing. I would assume any Guests not comfortable sharing a gondola may request only their touring party to be loaded in the gondola.

Today, the Disney Skyliner is now loading multiple touring parties in one gondola.

What do you think of this change with the the Skyliner capacity limits? Would you feel comfortable sharing a gondola with another touring party? Share your thoughts with us on our Facebook Page.

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Kim Zupfer

Wednesday 26th of May 2021

I have only ridden it under pandemic guidelines and I will say it was nice to have this policy in place. I feel like they are different than busses and the monorail. We liked the quiet family time to debrief about the day....captive audience and freedom to talk openly. If I were alone or with just one person, I would happily share.


Wednesday 26th of May 2021

Ugh, this was one change due to COVID that I happily accepted & appreciated. I've never had to ride with strangers so I am not sure how comfortable I will be. I absolutely can't ride backwards due to vertigo/Menier's & getting stuck with complete strangers does NOT sound fun, at all. I'm starting to think the relaxing Skyliner rides I have come to love are coming to an end

Ian Lamble

Wednesday 26th of May 2021

Just can’t wait to urinate to front of a complete stranger when it breaks down again. The beauty is..I pay for the privilege Do I have to book a pass in advance for this magical experience?

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