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Breaking: Status of Relaxation Stations at Disney World

Breaking: Status of Relaxation Stations at Disney World

Now that Disney has decreased physical distancing and allows Guests to forgo the masks outside, what’s the status with relaxation stations? Are they still necessary? Disney is saying they are not, and they are taking the appropriate steps.

Health and Safety

Disney has reduced or completely eliminated health and safety protocols throughout the resort.

Temperature screenings: gone. Physical distancing: reduced. Mask wearing: only indoors and in attractions. Capacity: increased. It’s only a matter of time before this pandemic is over and things return to normal.

Relaxation Stations

When the parks first reopened, Disney designated certain areas of the parks as relaxation stations. Relaxation stations are a safe place for Guests to take their masks off while still being distanced from others. Some are indoors like the Star Wars Launch Bay at Hollywood Studios and Akershus in Epcot. Others are outdoors like Tomorrowland Terrace in Magic Kingdom and the Rivers of Light seating area in Animal Kingdom.

Each station had limited capacity and markers were placed throughout the area to guide Guests on where they could relax. Check out our full guide to relaxation stations HERE.

Now that people can forgo the masks while outside and physical distancing is only happening in limited circumstances, the purpose of a relaxation stations is no longer needed.

Removing the Relaxation Stations

Disney World is currently in the process of removing the relaxation stations in the theme parks. The ones that are closed are either used as general seating or completely closed to Guests.

Relaxation stations are disappearing from the four theme parks at Disney World.

We will likely see them all removed in the next couple days. Disney will then be able to use those areas for their original purposes again. Here’s hoping Askershus and Pizzafari will open again!

What do you think of all these changes? Are you sad to see the relaxation stations go? Let us know on Facebook or in the comments below.

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