Home Disney News This Disney World cavalcade is coming to an end

This Disney World cavalcade is coming to an end

This Disney World cavalcade is coming to an end

One of the Disney World cavalcades is coming to an end, and guests will no longer be able to see it come through the park. What are your thoughts on cavalcades?


Disney World cavalcades provide an opportunity for Guests to see some of their favorite characters in the parks. Since the meet and greet opportunities we know and love are temporarily on hold, this is Disney’s solution.

While most of the cavalcades have remained the same since they were introduced last July, there have been some changes.

We have seen several new cavalcades for Halloween, and Christmastime brought all kinds of new characters at Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, and EPCOT.

Chip & Dale and Daisy & Donald greet Guests in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. We have also recently seen the addition of Moana and Mulan to the Princess cavalcade in Magic Kingdom.

Mickey and Friends World Tour Cavalcade at EPCOT

The Mickey and Friends World Tour cavalcade includes Goofy, Pluto, Mickey, and Minnie as they travel around the World Showcase in EPCOT. The Princess Promenade is the other cavalcade while most of the park primarily focuses on physically distanced interactions.

Anna and Elsa both take turns meeting in Norway while Joy and Pooh can also be spotted in the Imagination Pavilion. Alice and Mary Poppins also alternate meeting in the UK pavilion. Then, of course there are the characters to met at Garden Grill!

Most recently, Goofy and Pluto have begun meeting at the entrance of EPCOT, and Mickey will soon join them. The Mickey and Friends World Tour cavalcade will come to an end on May 4. Mickey will begin meeting at the entrance with Goofy and Pluto on May 5.

May 4 is the last day to see the Mickey and Friends World Tour Cavalcade.

What do you think about cavalcades? Are you sad to see the World Tour come to an end? Leave us a comment below or on Facebook.

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  1. I really like the cavalcades, such a great way for us adults to see the characters without taking away from the kids time with them. I hope they will continue them.

  2. I enjoyed the Cavalcades better than the parades, because you didn’t have to wait in line for over hour and the kids was excited to hear the music when they was getting close . But would love for the meet and greets to back because it is just so special memories when Mickey and Minnie are in the picture with the children .

  3. Love the cavalcade. Great way to see some characters. I also LOVE the character interactions at Epcot and Hollywood. Where I love the hugs and autographs from characters and the photos from the photographers the shorter wait to say hi and snap a couple pictures is great. Especially for a kiddo who has anxiety and can not wait in long meet and greet lines.

  4. I really hope character meet and greets will be coming back at some point, soon. It’s one of my kids favorite things to do, and that’s why we are holding out on a trip.

  5. I love the Cavalcades and hate to see them go! Find them nicer than having to get in line an hour ahead for the parades. Parades also have everyone right up against you and rude people come and stand in front of you at the last minute when you have been waiting in your place for an hour.

  6. Ugh, this was always my best option to see Classic Mickey & Minnie. I don’t typically spend much time at the front of the park so hopefully, I’ll still be able to catch them! I’m not sure how this is better for crowd control. Maybe the calvacades are starting to draw larger crowds?

What do you think?

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