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Complete Festive Guide to Celebrating the Holidays at Hollywood Studios

Complete Festive Guide to Celebrating the Holidays at Hollywood Studios

Ho ho ho! Santa has arrived at Hollywood Studios, and he brought Christmas with him! I’m laying out all the details on the holiday season at Disney’s Hollywood Studios right here.

Holiday Season at Disney World

November 6 marked the start of the holiday season at Disney World. This year surely looks different compared to years past, but there is still so much to look forward to.

I’ve already outlined all the cavalcades, treats, and decor you can find at Magic Kingdom HERE. For this post, I’m focusing exclusively on Hollywood Studios!

Santa’s Cavalcade

There is only holiday-themed cavalcade at Hollywood Studios, and it features Ole St. Nick himself!

The cavalcade starts with Santa’s helpers leading the procession. Some are twirling ribbon and others are handling presents. And just as quickly as it starts, it ends with the debut of Santa Claus riding in his red car. The car is lined with garland while presents surround the jolly man himself.

He waves to all the Guests lined up while festive music plays overhead. No other helpers are behind his car. It is a very short set so it would be very easy to miss seeing Santa.

Santa will not be meeting inside the Once Upon a Time store on Sunset Boulevard like he usually does so this is your one chance to see him at Hollywood Studios.

I do wish they would have dressed up some of the Pixar or Toy Story characters for another holiday themed cavalcade. One small cavalcade just did not seem like enough.

Festive Eats and Treats

Kenny, myself, and my friend Heidi had the opportunity to eat Hollywood & Vine for Minnie’s Seasonal Dine. This restaurant is the only restaurant in Hollywood Studios to meet characters and enjoy a holiday meal.

You can read a full review of our experience HERE.

As far as snacks, we tasted the Chocolate Chestnut Pinecone and the Red Velvet Whoopie Pie. We found both at Trolley Car Cafe, and we loved them both.

The Red Velvet Whoopie Pie had a perfect cream cheese filling, and it was so big I ate the other half the next morning for breakfast. It tasted just as good the next morning!

The Chocolate Chestnut Pinecone was so pretty! The bottom was like a no-bake cookie, and the top was a really tasty chocolate mousse. We loved this treat!

We did not try the Frozen Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate, Mickey’s Holiday Cookie, or Olaf’s Snow Flurry. The frozen salted caramel hot chocolate is topped with marshmallows, green sugar, and a chocolate drizzle served with a souvenir Mickey Glow. It’s available at PizzeRizzo, Backlot Express, ABC Commissary, and Rosie’s All–American Café Nov. 6 – Jan. 4.

The holiday cookie is a vanilla butter cookie enrobed with white chocolate and sugar snowflakes. It’s available at ABC Commissary and Rosie’s All–American Café Nov. 6 – Jan. 4

Finally, Olaf’s Snow Flurry is a yellow cupcake with vanilla buttercream frosting. You can read more about the holiday treats at Disney World HERE.

Photo taken at Animal Kingdom, but the bucket is the same.

As I mentioned in my Magic Kingdom holiday guide, popcorn buckets and sippers are also available at Hollywood Studios. In addition to the Christmas tree buckets, Alien popcorn buckets in red buffalo plaid can be purchased as well.

Prices vary for the sippers (in the $9-$14 range), and the popcorn buckets are $25.

Projections on Tower of Terror

Toy Story hotel projection – notice the lettering :)

The main highlight of the evening is the holiday projections on Tower of Terror. Imagine our happiness as we walked in to experience the attraction in daylight and walked out at night to see the projections had just started!

There are a few different scenes that change every five minutes. Festive music plays on Sunset Boulevard, and the decorations all give you this nostalgic Christmas feeling. The projections are as follows:

  • Muppets-themed gingerbread house
  • Frozen/Arendelle theme
  • Mickey’s Christmas Carol theme that has some serious Dickens vibes
  • Toy Story hotel

Be sure to grab a PhotoPass photo with the projections in the background! The photographers have been doing a phenomenal job lately!

Frozen Sing-Along: Holiday Version

The Frozen Sing-Along also received a Christmas finale! There are Christmas trees on stage, and there is a special holiday ending with Olaf!

The storyline runs as normal, but at the end Olaf leads several different musical numbers with various holiday scenes playing on the screen. Olaf is normally only talked about in the show but not actually seen, so this is really special!

Elsa also uses her ice powers to “shower” the audience in fluffy snow.

Do note that physical distancing markers are located in the waiting area and inside the theater. Seats are clearly marked to separate parties. If there are more than four people in your party, you will need to split up.

I am just very grateful that this show was able to come back and not affected by the massive Cast Member layoff (many of which are performers).

Other Decor Throughout the Park

Throughout the entire park, you will find vintage decor that is reminiscent of Christmas from decades ago. Combined with the glitz and glamour of Hollywood during this time, the holiday decor is just beautiful.

The Christmas tree is located in the Echo Lake area. Giant bulb ornaments lay in the water, while garland, candy canes, and ornaments adorn the tree. Of course, there is a giant star on top! It just looks stunning at night.

Elsewhere in Hollywood Studios, you can find vintage Christmas figures, ornament rocketttes (as I affectionately call them), and tinsel-covered lampposts.

Old jazzy holiday music plays throughout the park, making it a really special reminder to reminisce on your memories and share the holiday with your loved ones. If Magic Kingdom wasn’t so magical, Hollywood Studios would be my favorite park to visit during the holidays.

Check out some other decor in our post HERE.

What is your favorite part(s) about visiting Hollywood Studios during the holiday season? Share them with us on Facebook!

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