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New Dividers in Animal Kingdom Drastically Cut Wait Times

New Dividers in Animal Kingdom Drastically Cut Wait Times
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In an effort to reduce wait times while maintaining social distancing, Walt Disney World has installed plexiglass dividers on many attractions. Check out which Walt Disney World attraction has drastically cut wait times today with the use of these dividers.

Health and Safety

Disney Guests have experienced reimagined magic with the reopening of Walt Disney World. In many ways we love this new magical experience at Walt Disney World. We still feel that in many ways Walt Disney World is still “the most magical place on earth.”

As additional Guests return to the magic, Walt Disney World has reimagined health and safety protocols to allow for more Guests to enjoy attractions. Many attractions in all 4 Disney World Theme Parks have seen the addition of plexiglass dividers to select attractions.

These plexiglass dividers allow more Guests to be loaded in each ride vehicle while also providing protection. This makes sense in theory, but in magic it falls short. Check out how these plexiglass dividers affect the Walt Disney World experience HERE.

Plexiglass Dividers Tested

On March 2nd, we shared that the Na’vi River Journey was seen testing plexiglass dividers on ride vehicles. At that time this was simply a test on select ride vehicles. The wait times continued to be quite high.

Who would have ever imagined that the wait for the Na’vi River Journey would be longer than Flight of Passage?

Wait Times Decreased

Today, March 22nd, our very own Kenny the Pirate journeyed on the Na’vi River Passage. He was welcomed with drastically shorter wait times. At the time of this article, the wait for Na’vi River Journey was posted at 15 minutes.

What was the source of this shorter wait time? Now, ALL boats have the plexiglass dividers installed. This allows more Guests to load in each boat whereas previously a row was left empty between Guests.

Plexiglass dividers have now been installed on ALL Na’vi River Journey ride vehicles drastically shortening wait times.

Last week we saw the testing of the plexiglass dividers on the “it’s a small world” attraction. At that time Guests were still socially distanced even with the use of the plexiglass dividers.

Do you think that “it’s small world” may be the next attraction to receive plexiglass dividers on all of their ride vehicles? What do you think of the plexiglass dividers on the Na’vi River Journey? Share your thoughts with us on our Facebook Page.


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  1. I am on the West Coast so Disneyland is my park. Whatever they do I want them to keep crowds down. It was getting so bad before the pandemic you could hardly move around the park. It took some of the enjoyment out of it.

  2. Although long wait times are NOT fun or ideal, these plastic dividers (ESPECIALLY on the boat rides) are awful. They RUIN your view unless you’re lucky enough to be in the front row. (Frozen was the WORST) I’m just ready for normalcy to return

  3. Dividers do not reduce wait times. It is nothing more than a shell game of miss information by Disney Management. Park guests love long wait time lines. At least this is what park management is saying. Guests are having a Magical Experience by waiting in lines.

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