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A Magic Kingdom attraction has BOTH plexiglass and physical distancing

A Magic Kingdom attraction has BOTH plexiglass and physical distancing
Credit: Disney

Disney is taking a double layer approach to one attraction at Magic Kingdom. See the photos below.


Attraction dividers were first introduced at Disney World’s reopening in July. Kilimanjaro Safari at Disney’s Animal Kingdom employed the use of plastic dividers in between each row on the ride vehicle. Additionally, the monorail also has blue canvas-type dividers between each car. Shortly after, Living with the Land at EPCOT did the same.

Then Rise of the Resistance and Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway implemented some type of divider on ride vehicles. Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run, it’s a small world, and Frozen Ever After received plexiglass treatment on the ride vehicles.

Most recently, the Na’vi River Journey at Disney’s Animal Kingdom also received plexiglass in order to accommodate more Guests per boat.

Plexiglass and Physical Distancing

The logic behind these dividers means Disney can load more Guests onto the ride, thus lowering wait times. It also means they are able to maintain some level of precautions as physical distancing is still implemented in the parks.

However, at one Magic Kingdom attraction, Disney is implementing both plexiglass AND physical distancing.

“it’s a small world” began using the dividers over the busy Christmas holiday season. With 6 rows accommodating 3-4 people, that is potentially 24 people per boat. That could do wonders for wait times!

However, that is not the case. Even during the busy spring break season, Disney is still spreading Guests out while also using plexiglass. Check out these photos from Kenny:

Now, it’s possible they will fill more rows as needed. However, as of 10:50 am the wait time is already 50 minutes. That’s pretty high and the wait time will only increase throughout the day during this busy period.

What do you think of “it’s a small world” using plexiglass and physical distancing? Do you think they should choose one or the other? Or, do you think the extra precautions are necessary? Let us know on Facebook.


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  1. Since your grandkids you have never been to Disney then they wouldn’t know any different. For those of us who are used to the old Disney experience, the park nowhere compares. Not even close. And you are paying the same amount if not more and getting less. ‍♀️

  2. That’s ok, if you won’t go. My daughter and 2 grandchildren moved in with me from up north and have never been to Disney, I took them a couple of months ago for the first time, 2 y/o &1 y/o grandchildren loved it and didn’t want to leave. You stay home, it’s fine, Disney will go on without you.

  3. No we do we just care about our kids safety since they are the population that can’t be vaccinated. Yes it sucks for them that they don’t get those things. That being said any kid that’s getting to go to Disney after a year into a global pandemic is pretty lucky in my opinion. But I’m just a mom of 4 little ones.

  4. It is sad that people seem to have not done enough independent research and as a result have succumbed to the fear being instigated by the top-down government controllers of the world. I’m quite comfortable with the good old Disney of 2019.

  5. All of you who are excited about additional barriers and plexiglass I assume do not have small children who have been to Disney before. Everything my young children love are gone. They can’t hug their favorite characters, fireworks gone, live shows gone and have to spend more time in lines. THIS is the reason I will not return at this time. Those are the things that make Disney magical for us.The Disney we knew and have been to multiple times just will not be the same.

  6. I’m excited for those of you who do not appreciate, the effort Disney is making to keep cast and guests safe to go anywhere else!! Our Disney Magic willl be sweeter, thanks for not coming

  7. Wow, I’m shocked at how this is a make or break it for all if you! I am glad that Disney is prioritizing safety. There are some people who make me uncomfortable by refusing to stay six feet away and they aren’t wearing their mask properly. I like the regulations at Disney and am glad they are doing what they can to keep me safe, since I can’t depend on others to do their part! I’ve gone to Disney during the pandemic and it was wonderful. The magic was still there. We went off property for an hour and it was very scary. Go ahead and go to universal and sea world – it helps thin the crowd for me!

  8. Good to hear they are taking the virus seriously. I’ll feel much better on my trip their next month. Disney never disappoints.

  9. This is ridiculous. If they’re going to ruin the entire attraction with the stupid plastic dividers then at least fill the boats to full capacity. I thought the entire reasoning for ruining the attractions with dividers was to maintain higher capacities within the ride vehicles?

  10. So ridiculous. Was supposed to be in Disney last week and changed our trip to sea world and universal. They had no dividers on their rides and could still do character meet and greets just socially distanced. Ride lines were socially distanced and I felt very comfortable. Disney has removed all the magic from their parks and I will not be going back anytime soon until they make some changes.

  11. Thats a little ridiculous! They are wearing masks and have dividers! We are going to Universal this year. We were thinking about doing 1 day at Disney but if they arent going to bring back fastpasses then its a pass for us. Im not waiting in long lines!

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