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A Disney World ride is testing new plexiglass dividers because of high wait times

A Disney World ride is testing new plexiglass dividers because of high wait times
Credit: Disney

As wait times increase, Disney World is meeting those demands while still maintaining health and safety standards. Check out which ride has been added to the list of attractions with plexiglass dividers and how this will affect your experience.


Attraction dividers were first introduced at Disney World’s reopening in July. Kilimanjaro Safari at Disney’s Animal Kingdom employed the use of plastic dividers in between each row on the ride vehicle. Additionally, the monorail also has blue canvas-type dividers between each car. Shortly after, Living with the Land at EPCOT did the same.

Then Rise of the Resistance and Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway implemented some type of divider on ride vehicles. Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run, it’s a small world, and Frozen Ever After received plexiglass treatment on the ride vehicles.

The logic behind these dividers means Disney can load more Guests onto the ride, thus lowering wait times. It also means they are able to maintain some level of precautions as physical distancing is still implemented in the parks.

Several attractions throughout the four theme parks also implement plexiglass dividers in the queue lines. This helps keep another barrier in between Guests as they walk the maze leading up to their favorite rides.

Animal Kingdom

While Flight of Passage and Expedition Everest do not use any type of dividers between the ride vehicles, one ride at Animal Kingdom is testing plexiglass today, March 2.

The Na’vi River Journey attraction is a boat ride taking you through the bioluminescent water of Pandora. The highlight of the ride is the chance to see Shaman of Songs, the Na’vi legend who sends positive energy out into the forest through the power of her music.

A friend of the blog shares the following photo of the dividers in place on the boat.

How will this affect your ride experience?

Thankfully, since the dividers here are the hard plexiglass and not the soft fabric, your view looking out won’t be too distorted. It won’t be a perfect sight, but it’s definitely better than what you see looking out at Living with the Land or the Kilimanjaro Safari.

I would recommend trying to get a seat at the front of the boat or on the sides so you aren’t solely relying on looking straight ahead.

There are no ride photos for this attraction so no need to worry about less-than-ideal PhotoPass photos (I’m looking at you, Frozen Ever After).

The dividers will also help with the wait times. In the past few weeks, we have noticed Na’vi River Journey often has a higher wait time than Flight of Passage. The queue often extends to the entrance of the land while the queue for Flight of Passage moves quickly.

Check out all the other ways the Guest experience is affected by the pandemic HERE.

What are your thoughts on the dividers? Do you think they are helpful or not? Let us know on Facebook.


  1. I am sad to hear this. My kiddo has always asked for the front row and we are more than happy to wait to be accommodated. IMO, is ridiculous to remove that.

  2. Research shows that surface transfers are almost non existent. Also, when you exit you separate from people as you walk…so exits not a problem.

  3. My wife and I spent some time at Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios. I did not get bothered by them. They were no in the way and made my wife feel much safer.

  4. It’s an indoor ride, where are the UV rays? ‍♂️ When everyone gets the vaccine things will get better, but that means we need to push people to do it, until then expect Disney and other responsible companies to do what they think is safe, whether you like it or not.

  5. Agree 100% with Steve S.
    Dont be afraid to be more objective ktp.
    Also your writers are misleading ,never factual only speculate.

    • Hi Wanda, thanks for reading. I try to be as objective and factual as I can when writing. I don’t want to impose my opinion on the reader unless necessary. I am simply here to present the news as it comes. We do sometimes write opinion articles but clearly mention that when writing those. In the case of this article, a friend of the blog sent the photo of the plexiglass in place on the ride vehicles proving that there are barriers in place on Na’vi.

  6. I would also like to add. For the cost it is to get in these parks AP or other. There should be CMs wiping down benches and tables after a rain. Also Disney if you want us Stationary then provide us with nice seating instead of mask nazi’s scolding us to stop.
    Wait till the 90 degree weather kicks in. Plexigass and masks = People getting heat stroke.

  7. I think dividers are bad. They are dirty’ germs can sit on them. They should group and divide by family. If you have your mask on what’s the difference???? If your not in the front row it sucks and its very uncomfortable because its not clear. If your that paranoid and want dividers don’t go!!!
    Also social distancing doesnt even apply when exiting any ride so why bother?

  8. I’m fine with dividers. Also as pass holder past few years, even line looks long, we ride more w/o fast pass… like limited capacity to park but feel Disney’ pain. It’s also not fair, Disney does everything they can do and have guests who try to tshe off masks if they don’t see employees around… it’s not Disney fault we have so many cheaters.

  9. KtP, please at least attempt to maintain a facade of criticality when your site publishes these articles.

    Honestly, the majority of articles on this site and most others come off as little more than cheerleading and apologist towards Disney upper management and their progressive ruining of the park aesthetic and experience.

    No doubt Disney will continue to charge more and more while delivering less and less, but that does not mean we should all be encouraged to keep drinking the Kool-Aid.

  10. Pirates was always a long wait prior to the shutdown. But it will be divider free because of how it gets from the unload zone to the load zone.

  11. 100% agree. I won’t ever go again if this keeps up. Been there every 2 years. Last was 2018. The experience is gone, the rules are ridiculous, charging for every little thing now so you have to spend more money. Soon, no transportation from the airport next year & when the train station to Disney Springs gets in a couple years later, you have to figure out how to get your bags & self to your resort because the buses won’t take you & bags. Or just drive & get stuck with $25 a day to park your car. About stupid.

  12. Readopt the fast pass program and let the uninformed stand in lines. I have been to WDW over 100 times and have never been in line more than 15 minutes. This took a lot of planning prior to going to WDW but the planning time was well spent and resulted in considerably less line wait times.

  13. Enough of this ridiculous do nothing plastic abstruction devices! Why is Disney still enforcing these stupid rules? Vaccines are out and UV Rays in full force that kills the Rona on contact! Things should be getting better, not worse! There should be no muzzle rules outside at the very least and no more dividers!! This is ruining the guest experience! No parades, no meet and greets, no fast passes, fake park hopping, dumb reservation system, no fire works, what’s left?? Stop this madness! Let people chose what they want to do! Don’t go to a theme park if you’re scared! Stay home losers! Disney should be ashamed for enforcing such unconstitutional rules! Disgusting!

  14. I am NOT a fan of the dividers on rides. Especially the boat rides because the water/humidity makes the divider nearly impossible to see anything (looking through it). Unfortunately, Disney is not allowing any seat/row requests so if you’re not lucky enough to get a front row, you won’t.

  15. The Pirates of C ride line ALWAYS looks sooo long. Not sure how they would add dividers on this one…. But it’d be nice!

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