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New Plexiglass is Added to Magic Kingdom Attractions

New Plexiglass is Added to Magic Kingdom Attractions

New plexiglass is added to more Magic Kingdom attractions. See which rides got the update and weigh in on what you think about this.


Attraction dividers were first introduced at Disney World’s reopening in July. Kilimanjaro Safari at Disney’s Animal Kingdom employed the use of plastic dividers in between each row on the ride vehicle. Additionally, the monorail also has blue canvas-type dividers between each car. Shortly after, Living with the Land at EPCOT did the same.

Most recently, we have seen Rise of the Resistance and Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway implement some type of divider on ride vehicles. The logic behind these dividers means Disney can load more Guests onto the ride, thus lowering wait times. It also means they are able to maintain some level of precautions as physical distancing is still implemented in the parks.

Most recently, Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run, it’s a small world, and Frozen Ever After received plexiglass treatment on the ride vehicles.

Several attractions throughout the four theme parks also implement plexiglass dividers in the queue lines. This helps keep another barrier in between Guests as they walk the maze leading up to their favorite rides. Now, two more attractions separate Guests with the plexiglass.

Pirates of the Caribbean

Our favorite pirate was at Magic Kingdom and took photos of the new plexiglass dividers in the queue line for Pirates of the Caribbean.

The queue line begins outside and weaves around eventually ending inside the castle. Since the queue portion of the ride is more spread out in the portico, there are no dividers outside.

Interestingly, the dividers stop at the loading portion of the ride, and there is nothing on the ride vehicles.

Since there are no dividers on the boats, Cast Members must continue to separate Guests, and that explains why there are no barriers on the loading portion of the queue.

I really do think they are trying to limit dividers on attractions that have ride photos. There are dividers on Frozen Ever After and Dinosaur, for example, but nothing on the many other attractions with ride photos.

Haunted Mansion

The other attraction with the new plexiglass addition is Haunted Mansion. This queue line also begins outside and ends up inside where Guests load into the doom buggies.

The dividers allow Guests to stand side by side in the queue and still not come face to face. With the amount of barriers Disney is installing in the parks, I imagine these are here to stay for the long term.

Previously, the center aisle was not in use and the line would stretch out to the riverboat dock on busy days. By adding the dividers, it lets them put more Guests in the queue.

Since the doom buggies only seat two-three people and are already spread out, there are no dividers in those vehicles.

How will this affect the Guest experience?

I personally welcome the barriers in the queue lines. It adds another layer of protection, although I am careful not to touch them and still continue to wear my mask and use hand sanitizer often. I do think they become an issue once on the ride as that may change how you experience the attraction.

In comparison to the mask requirement and lack of fireworks and other entertainment, these barriers really do not affect my experience in the parks at all. You can read all about how the pandemic is affecting the Guest experience HERE.

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  1. Wonder how great these will be during the summer. Limiting airflow in the queue lines that are already hot in a summer day. Adding more fans seems counterproductive mixing more air with other guests.

    • The dividers were up in July for Big Thunder Mountain. That queue line is already unbearable, and the plexiglass added a level of claustrophobia.

  2. Just another thing that is making me reconsider the expensie of the tickets. I have no desire to go with all that added crap. It ruins the experience of being in the Happiest Place On Earth. They are ruining all the Magic. The masks ok I understand but all that? That’s ridiculous.

  3. I’m glad they’re only been added to ques & not more actual, attractions. I would agree that the on ride barriers definitely affect the experience, in a negative way. Having them in the ques really doesn’t affect my experience at all. I suppose it might help enhance my experience as they will help to maintain some sort of physical distancing.

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