Home Disney News Delays at Entrance of Disney’s Hollywood Studios Today: Photos

Delays at Entrance of Disney’s Hollywood Studios Today: Photos

Delays at Entrance of Disney's Hollywood Studios Today: Photos

Uh oh! The entrance to Disney’s Hollywood Studios is a bit clogged right now. Read on for details.

If you were at Hollywood Studios today, you may have been waiting longer than usual to enter!

What’s the Deal?

This afternoon, touchpoints at the entrance to Disney’s Hollywood Studios went down.

Cast Members checked guests into the park using ipads, but the line moved slower than usual.

As you can see, guests were still social distancing while they waited to gain access to the park.

Hopefully the touchpoints will come back online soon! Many guests were probably hopping to Hollywood Studios around this time from other parks.

Did you know that guests currently do not have to scan their fingers? That has made park entry much easier for those of us with kids, who never seemed to scan their fingers just right!

More About Hollywood Studios

Once guests gain entrance to Hollywood Studios, they are in for a treat!

They could check out Galaxy’s Edge! Hopefully they used these tips and obtained a boarding group! If not, they could still hop on Smuggler’s Run and pilot the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy, the Millennium Falcon.

They could head to Toy Story land and ride Slinky Dog Dash. Ride along virtually at the link!

While Hollywood isn’t the go-to park for food options, they could try Sci-fi Dine-in Theater, the winner of our Hollywood Studios section in our restaurant wars.

Or, they could dine with Minnie and Friends at her seasonal dine! Monica reviewed the Christmas version while Marisol shared her experience at Halloween, and Maggie shared Minnie’s silver screen dining experience!

Hollywood and Vine also recently announced that they will bring back breakfast with Disney Jr Pals!

I’m excited to go back to Hollywood soon! When was your last visit to this park? Let us know in the comments on Facebook!

-Rebecca W Davis


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