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Bob Iger Shares Concerns of New CDC Guidelines

Bob Iger Shares Concerns of New CDC Guidelines
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Yesterday, the CDC made abrupt changes to COVID-19 testing. See Chairman Bob Iger’s concerns regarding these changes.

Health and Safety at Disney

The Walt Disney Company has been vigilant in following Health and Safety guidelines to keep both Cast Members and Guests safe. They have well placed social distancing markers and partitions when needed throughout the Disney Parks and in the Disney Park transportation system.

All Guests must have their temperature checked while entering the Disney Parks and at Disney Springs.

Face masks are also required throughout the Walt Disney Parks and Resorts.

Disney recently began to provide FREE COVID-19 testing for Disney Cast Members and their families.

Read more about this HERE.

Josh D’Amaro, Chairman of Disney Parks, Experiences and Products, shared that when Disney Parks reopened around the world, the Walt Disney Company was encouraged that¬†Guests readily accepted the new health and safety protocols.

You can read more about this interview with Josh D’Amaro from earlier this morning.

New CDC Guidelines

Yesterday, the CDC updated their guidelines regarding COVID-19 testing.

They now state that individuals without COVID-19 symptoms should not be tested.

Bob Iger Weighs In

Bob Iger, former Disney CEO and now current Disney Chairman, does not often make comments via Twitter.

However, last night he used this social media platform to share his concerns regarding this most recent CDC update.

ABC News shared, “After weeks of encouraging people to get tested if they think they have been exposed to COVID-19, the CDC abruptly changed course and said testing might not be as necessary.

In response to this new update provided by the CDC, Bob Iger shares that “This is more than disappointing. It is horrifying.”

“This is More than disappointing. it is horrifying.”

Bob Iger, Disney Chairman

We are not here to debate regarding the CDC testing but simply to share the concerns of Disney Chairman Bob Iger. We are thankful for the Health and Safety guidelines that the Disney Parks continue to implement.

What do you think of Chairman Bob Iger’s comment? How do you feel regarding the Health and Safety guidelines in the Disney Parks? Share your thoughts with us on our Facebook Page.


  1. Wow look at all these people that work in the cdc. You ere all believing them up until now. Cases are dropping, many north east states are in yellow or green. I bet half of you never been to Disney since this virus

  2. First I do not agree with the new CDC guidelines nor the way they were “announced” on the CDC webpage without any explanation. However, I must point out an inaccuracy in this article.You state “They now state that individuals without COVID-19 symptoms should not be tested.” That is not true. It does not say they “should not be tested” but that ” testing may not be necessary” I disagree that testing may not be necessary, I think it is. Only thru testing and tracing will we ever get a handle on this. And there is nothing to prevent Disney from continuing to offer or even encourage testing. I also predict the CDC will walk back this recommendation. Too many medical groups oppose the new guidelines.

  3. The percentage of people testing positive is extremely low compared to the number of tests being performed. That’s a waste of PPE and resources. The guidelines specifically state, “A negative test does not mean you will not develop an infection from the close contact or contract an infection at a later time.” It is a myth to think being tested makes someone safe from the virus. People would literally need to be tested every single day. That is not realistic.

  4. Thanks for speaking out Bob ….. knew Trump would finally infiltrate the CDC like everywhere else his poison reaches. He said if the testing stopped, the numbers would look better for USA & him. I am with Bob Iger !!! Keep up the good work !

  5. Im glad to see he is very concerned. Thats awesome that he cares. I think since the CDC has been sending results to the Whitehouse some number manipulation is going on. I am in Louisiana and since school started I know a lot of people that have it but our numbers look suspiciously low. Everyone just needs to wear a mask and do their part getting tested and reporting it instead of hiding the fact that their kids have it!

  6. I had the very same reaction as Bob Iger…absolutely horrified. I have read the science and listen to my doctors. If Disney relaxes their protocols or increases capacity under government pressure, I will NOT be returning any time soon. I hadn’t seen Iger’s tweet. Thank you for the update!

  7. people should be very concerned about doctors not having the right to treat their patients as they see fit, that would lower the numbers drastically! it is estimated 100,000 people in usa would still be alive if they had been given drugs that are widely not being used because the state governments are banning them from being distributed. covid IS sars2, it has 80% of the same characteristics, why did we not treat people with the same drugs as we did back then for sars 1???? be vigilant, do your research!!!

  8. The CDC guidelines are misguided. This sounds political. Test fewer, numbers look better. Indeed it is the asymtomatic that are the biggest threat to others and their families albeit unwittingly and without malice. I am with Iger.

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