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A Very Different Disney World: Cast Members Will No Longer Take Photos on Guest Phones; Some Attractions Will Not Be Available

A Very Different Disney World: Cast Members Will No Longer Take Photos on Guest Phones; Some Attractions Will Not Be Available

When Walt Disney World finally “opens up the gates,” things will look very different than what guests have come to expect. Among them, Cast Members will no longer be able to use guest phones to capture your memories, and certain rides and attractions might see partial closures, or not reopen at all.

Lots of changes are ahead as Walt Disney World prepares to reopen first on July 11th, and Epcot and Hollywood Studios on July 15th.

Among them, guests can expect increased sanitation measures, social distancing, and decreased capacity limits.

All guests age two and over will be required to wear a facial covering except when eating and swimming.

Face Masks for Guests Part of Agreement with Cast Member Union

Parades, fireworks, character meals, and character meet and greets will be temporarily suspended. In addition, all Disney Dining Plans and advanced dining reservations have been cancelled.

According to Orlando Sentinel, Eric Clinton, who leads Local 362, shared about some additional changes to the Theme Parks operations.

Your Guide to Character Dining with Mickey Mouse

“Don’t ask a Cast Member to take a photograph with your phone either. Employees will politely decline. That’s how serious Disney is taking this. That’s a very different Disney World you all worked at back in March,” Clinton stated.

Before the pandemic, guest could request that Disney Photopass Photographers take photos with a guests phone, instead of paying Disney for those iconic shots. Under the new safety guidelines upon the Park’s reopening, this will no longer be an option.

Is Memory Maker Worth The Cost?

In addition, Clinton shared many rides and attractions will not be available when Walt Disney World reopens.  Clinton specifically mentioned Beauty and the Beast – Live on Stage, a stage show held in an outdoor theater at Hollywood Studios, as an example of something that might not be available.

Other attractions may need to be closed for parts of the day for cleaning and sanitation.  


“Disney has not shared those details with us,” Clinton said. “What we do know is there’s going to be a massive need for attractions workers across property… There’s going to be a lot of work that needs to be done.”

Walt Disney World Now Only Accepting Resort Reservations after July 1

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  1. So, how are they handling the entire AP situation? For the people who have the Deluxe or Signature passes?

  2. BINGO !!! DISNEY is not a need … it is a WANT. If the restrictions are more than you’re willing to put up with, look down the road at another time for a trip there. Sure it’s fun … but it’s not worth worrying the whole time or grumping about new rules. Just plan for a future visit when things are more to your liking. Simple !

  3. My mom has COPD and wears a N95 mask for 8-10 hours per day. If you don’t want to wear a mask or feel you can’t wear a mask, wait to go to Disney…it’s that simple. Disney is not a need…it’s a want :)

  4. Clorox wipes dont have chlorine bleach in them. They have Benzalchonium Chloride. That said, chlorine bleach destroys the virus very well. Pool water kills the virus.

  5. They will not be in violation. Per ADA’s own policy, “The ADA permits a retailer to deny goods or services to an individual with a disability if their presence would result in a “direct threat” to the health and safety of others.”

    Not wearing a mask presents a direct threat at this moment.

  6. I wonder if this is the beginning of changes they have wanted to make for a while. No guest phones = more money for memory maker. I bet it is just the beginning of increases in all kinds of pricing! It is odd that Universal is dealing with the same issues and seems to have begun much better.

  7. Same! This is not my Disney ether. I know their doing this for our health & safety and to those don’t mind these changes, more power to you! But with all these safety guidelines and loss of certain attractions, FP, Character meals, Parades, Fireworks and Character Meet and Greets, I will not go to WDW or DL until this pandemic ends!

  8. I never been to walt Disney world but i been to Disneyland 50 million times probably lol. Every bday of mine has been at Disneyland. All but this year smh anyways i have not heard anything about Disneyland USA opening back up. Maybe it is going to open up next year idk smh. Anyways i am a solo Disneyland person so when i am in the park all i do is depend on others to take the pic for me. Especially cast members i fig that was going to happened that were going to stop doing that. And i am especially sadder bc i love tiana and its going to be really sad not being able to have pics with her or other characters. Not sure when Disneyland is going to reopen or about extending the passes my pass expired may 6th. Smh. I hope for the best with Disneyland and i hope the magic is not all the way gone. It will be so sad if certain rides and shows are not available. Then i heard that no matter if you a AP holder it a great possibility you won’t be able to get into park. I have not been to Disneyland since early oct of 2019 and my bday last yr in march. I was so looking forward to my bday spending time there. I know that they are other important things in the world besides Disneyland. But Disneyland is just my favorite thing to do to escape from the drama and stressed in my life. I just hope when and if Disneyland reopen i am able to get in. I had rebook my hotel room reservation for late July the months or going by so fast it is already june and still no word regarding Disneyland reopening. When and if Disneyland reopen the temp check and social distancing is going to be something smh. I just hope i get in whenever they open back Disneyland for sure will be a whole new world.

  9. Stacy by going there and no practicing social distantcing could result it your serious illness or worse or you may be the person responsible for someone’s demice.
    That would be very sad act responsibly.

  10. I agree with you. Being a Floridian and going to Disney my entire life…we go multiple times during the year, this is for our safety and that of their employees. Knowing we have to wear masks in 100 degree heat and some attractions closed, we all need to make decisions whether it’s something we want to do knowing the restrictions. For us, I know how HOT it gets without masks so we will not go to Disney as of now but I’m happy that Disney cares enough about us and their employees to keep everyone safe. My suggestion for any one who doesn’t want to follow guidelines is stay home..no is forcing you to go. None of us want to be sick because you want the old Disney..we all do but we have to be patient and smart.

  11. Coronavirus spreads anywhere people are in close proximity. The people actively engaged in rioting are putting themselves and everyone else at risk of spreading the virus. The virus is not gone. Disney is doing what it feels is best for their employees and guests. I am glad they are not giving in to a bunch of adults acting like children – “I’m not going if I have to be considerate of others, it’s all about me.” Yes, masks are uncomfortable. I’m a nurse and wear one 12+ hours a day, and also in my off time when I need to be out at a store. I live in south Alabama. Yes, they are hot. Especially, like the Orlando area, in our frequent 100% humidity. Masks are necessary to protect everyone. Be considerate. Be kind. If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything. And, if you can’t follow the rules, rebook your trip in 2021 when things may have gotten a little bit closer to normal.

  12. Not my Disney. I have no problem with those who are comfortable in a theme park with all the safety guidelines and loss of attractions, FP, DP, Magic Hours , parades, fire works and other necessities, it’s just not my Disney. We will cancel this year’s vacation and give those who don’t mind the changes more room. Once the COVID pandemic passes we will likely go again. With over 20 Christmas vacations at Disney this will be a big change but this will give us a chance to try something different.

  13. I think it boils down to what is most important to you and your family. You go to see characters, well the change is a bummer for you; you go for the rides, hopefully there won’t be too many interruptions; you go for the shows, then the changes are upsetting, etc. So far, my family hasn’t heard a change that makes us want to cancel our trip with we’ve been saving for 2 years to go on. And in the 6 or so times I’ve been to Disney, I’ve never swam in a pool. Sure, we’re a little bummed we won’t be having breakfast with Mary Poppins or at the new hotel artsy thing with Mickey and the gang but we’re excited to go and hopefully take advantage of the reduced crowds. I stocked up on the Disney masks bc I saw this coming when they released them. They’ll make for some interesting pictures and fun memories one day. Also, the memory maker isn’t very expensive so why would you want a stranger handling your $1000 phone or camera anyway?

  14. This just gets more sad with each passing day I’m going to choose to try & stay optimistic that these initial restrictions that are stealing the magic will only last for a short time (maybe a couple of weeks). Unfortunately, if these restrictions bare still in place come late September, we will have to cancel. There will just be too much that has been taken away for me to justify the high cost.

  15. I am fine with it. People who think Disney is going over board are living in a hole. Disney has to protect itself or their insurance company will not cover them. If you don’t like it stay home until its they way you want it to be. They never said You can swim. You said That Chlorine kills the germs, will maybe. That is not a fact. Are you going to stay under water at the pool. They are taking the right precautions for all of us. They don’t need a law suit because you get sick.

  16. Disney is going way overboard with their restrictions. Advise the at risk to stay home, have everyone else sign a waiver, and move on. Theme parks are not conducive to social distancing. And with all the mass protesting that’s often been followed by rioting and looting, none of which has included social distancing, this all seems so 2 weeks ago. Or does Coronavirus only spread in theme parks?

    • Omg I think the same way I can’t believe how awful these restrictions are I love Disney and I may not be able to go again

  17. If chlorine doesn’t protect, what on Earth are we doing with all those Clorox wipes with “chlorine bleach” as the active ingredient?

  18. In six months this will all resolve itself…..this is all temporary……if you re going to go to the parks you will have to live with it…..otherwise wait and don’t go for the time being. Wash your hands and wear your mask

  19. Wondering how can guests be allowed to swim/hit a water park …….. seems the water is a natural highway for potential virus to go from one body to another. Spit out a mouthful of water & voila.

    Masks are required so nobody “sprays” each other but being immersed in water where that same “spray” can flow anywhere, isn’t questioned ? And if they’re thinking chlorine protects …. do they really know ???

    • I didn’t see your chlorine comment and thinking you changed that in your comment…yes it does kill germs…if it didn’t, you would have bigger issues than this virus…

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