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Disney Now Canceling Reservations that Start in Early June

Disney Now Canceling Reservations that Start in Early June
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Disney has been canceling resort reservations on a rolling basis since mid-March. It was previously suspected that June 1st might be the projected opening date because that was the earliest date they were taking new resort reservations and ADRs. However, that is not the case.

Disney recently shifted this suspected target date to July 1st when they only started accepting new reservations from July 1st onward. The only advanced dining reservations (ADRs) currently able to be booked in June are at Disney Springs, which is scheduled to begin a phased reopening on May 20th.

Suspicions that this could mean Disney was not planning to open parks and resorts on June 1st were growing. They were confirmed today when several guests reported having their early June reservations canceled.

Several guests have reported receiving an e-mail this morning canceling their resort reservations. All these stays began on June 1-7th, which is consistent with Disney canceling one week at a time.

Disney has removed the ability to modify June reservation so unfortunately trips cannot be moved forward to start after June 8th. At this point the only option for rescheduling is after July 1st.

Disney has extended the waiving of Disney-imposed change or cancellation fees to June 30th. Unexpired multi-day theme parks tickets with valid use from March 12th through the closure will be extended through December 15, 2020.

Alternatively, you can apply the value of an unused ticket towards the purchase of a ticket at a future date.

It had been previously reported that cancellations in April and May received an offer for free dining. It was noted that this round of cancellations in early June reported no offers accompanying their cancellation e-mail.

It makes sense that Disney is going to be cautious about the opening of their parks and resorts to make sure they can do so safely. At this point they are likely waiting to see how the opening of Disney Springs goes.

They have not made official announcements about safety measure that might be in place in the parks but we have some clues based on measures in place for Disney Springs and the opening of Shanghai Disneyland. Bob Chapek also shared possible safety measure they might take when opening the US parks including face masks and social distancing.

We will continue to monitor the situation and keep you informed of anymore evidence of extended closure.

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Remember even though Disney is taking July 1st reservations it does not guarantee they will be open on that date. Disney executives have made that point several times. It is a fluid situation, and I’m sure Disney is continuing to asses daily when and how they can open safely to the public.

Disney sent out surveys to guests last week trying to gauge when and how guests will feel comfortable returning to the parks. I’m sure they will take these responses into consideration.

Was your trip impacted by this recently extended closure? Share your plans for rescheduling on our Facebook page.

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  1. Yep like I figured. They arent opening anytime soon and it will be a long time before everything opens back up. Its crazy to me that people are still trying to go in June and July when coronavirus is still very much around. Im glad Disney is being smart and taking this seriously. They know a lot of people dont care and wont take it seriously and that would prolong this virus and they would just end up shutting down again which would be a whole lot of trouble for them

  2. The free dining I received for moving my reservations to June were also rescinded. My unique code offer is also invalid now.

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