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Disney is Canceling Vacations Through Mid-May

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Disney is sending out cancelation notifications to guests with vacations planned through mid-May.

Last week, I received an email from Disney saying my dining reservations, which I planned for my late April/early May trip, were canceled.

I knew this was coming. I had been planning to cancel my trip when Disney announced the parks’ reopening would be indefinitely delayed. It still stung.

I didn’t wait for the email about my room reservation being canceled. Instead, I canceled and rebooked for an extra-long September trip. I truly hope the parks are open and safe by then.

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Mid-May Cancelations

Disney has now begun sending emails to guests with reservations through mid-May. In the emails, they are giving guests the option to modify or cancel the reservation. They can do so until the original check-in date.

If no action is taken by the original check-in date, Disney will automatically process a full refund.

It took about a week for my refund to come back to my credit card. I know some are saying it comes back almost immediately and some are waiting even longer, but it’s understandable considering how many refunds are being processed right now.

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Free Dining Offer

If you are one of the guests who need to rebook your vacation, do not forget about the free dining offer. You can find full details HERE, but if you book a package with a room, tickets, and dining plan, you can get the dining plane for free. You must travel by September 30, 2020.

Good news for Annual Passholders: we are also included in this offer! Check full details HERE.

Be sure to decide if the dining plan is right for you and if the math works in your favor. Remember, if you take advantage of free dining you can’t use any other discount.

Reopening Timeline

Right now, Disney is still aiming to reopen on June 1 since that is the first date new reservations can be made.

However, the application process opened for World Showcase employees and will begin in August at the earliest. This doesn’t mean Disney won’t be reopening until August, but it does tell us they are being very cautious.

Do you have a Disney vacation planned in May? Have you received a cancelation notification yet? Let us know on facebook.


  1. Nothing has been cancelled for me and I have received no notifications via email about my May 10-16th trip. I am waiting to hear from them before canceling my plane tickets as they have a 1 year credit expiration. I booked DVC so I am not sure if this is what is causing the hold up.

    • If you book DVC rental you will need to contact the rental agency. If you own you will have to speak to someone with DVC.

  2. Seriously people! We are in the middle of a Pandemic and you are really thinking about going to theme parks? I love Disney but there is no way I would go for at least a year. People are dying everyday and now they are saying asymptomatic people are transmitting the disease. Yall are crazy if u ask me! We dont need to spread this around! Stay at home this year!!

  3. Disney does not refund tickets. I booked for end of april.
    I had to cancel flight, parking, hotel, car etc etc
    Insurance does not Pay, due to pandemonium

    If i rebook my flight price will be triple, etc etc
    So maybe no tour….

    Have to tell this to grand children…….

  4. We are set to check in May 26. We can change it to July, but don’t want to miss our May 26 checking if they will be open then. Decisions!!!

  5. I have a late May trip booked to Disneyland. I’m still waiting at the moment. I have no option of rebooking for later this year and I would really like a refund on my tickets if I cancel.

  6. I am confused, you said Disney is cancelling reservations through mid may yet later you stated Disney is still aiming to reopen on June 1. So where does that leave mid to end of May reservations? Yes logic says these will be cancelled as well but i haven’t seen anything from Disney confirming they are closed through at least June 1st.

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