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New Festival of the Arts Merchandise Coming to Epcot

New Festival of the Arts Merchandise Coming to Epcot

What would an Epcot festival be without cute merchandise to celebrate it? Bring home on of these souvenirs featuring Epcot mascot Figment!

It’s no secret that the KTP writers (including Kenny himself!) love the Epcot Festival of the Arts. I feel it is one of the best-kept secrets of Epcot!

Between the awesome concerts, the fun activities, delicious food booths, and the low crowds, it’s definitely a festival worth commemorating! And Disney never fails to disappoint with their festival offerings!

Let’s first take a look at the ubiquitous and on-trend spirit jersey!

Adorable. It looks like Figment is painting the shirt!
This collection is like they just realized Figment and Pigment rhyme and they ran with it.

There are also plenty of accessories to choose from:

Ok, loving these mickey ears!
I can’t tell if this is yet another purse that is too small for a phone. I’ll report back ASAP, but it looks pretty small.

Then there are other T-shirts as well, for those of us not into the whole spirit jersey look:

Here’s one for the kids!

Not into wearing your souvenirs? No worries! There are other ways to bring home the magic of this festival.

I love the paint detail on the top of this coffee mug
Tumbler featuring Figment
Tree ornament, for those who have yet to take their tree down! Or for next Christmas.

Finally, the festival is also offering a host of Passholder gear. I’m a sucker for Passholder gear as I love showing off my status as a regular Disney-goer whether it’s with my shirt or my beloved passholder magnets.

Consider this already purchased! Looks soft too
I like the bill of this hat more than the white part…
I don’t quite get this… bucket? Maybe just a bucket to put stuff in?

Well, that’s it for the merchandise released today on the Disney Parks Blog. The Festival of the Arts runs from Jan 17- February 24.

Remember Mouse Gear, where Passholders can pick up their magnets, has temporarily relocated to Innoventions East. Check those details out HERE. Above festival merchandise can be purchased there too, along with Port of Entry, World Traveler, and several booths throughout the festival.

What do you think of this Figment adorned merchandise? Anything that catches your eye? Let us know in the comments on Facebook!

-Rebecca W Davis

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.