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Disney World Crowd Calendar February 2021

Disney World Crowd Calendar February 2021

February 2021 Disney World Crowd CalendarMy Disney World Crowd Calendar for February 2020 will be a mostly moderate crowd month, except President’s Week and the Princess Half Marathon Weekend, when the crowds can become quite substantial.  The only event scheduled is the Epcot Festival of the Arts, so we might find a few attractions down for refurbishment.   Those refurbishments are typically listed a few months before hand.  Water rides may be closed.  Check my Attraction Refurbishment page closer to your date.

While President’s Week is typically insanely busy, you can manage them with good touring plans and Fastpass+ usage.   If you are staying at a Walt Disney World resort, rise early on your Magic Kingdom day and take advantage of the early opening of the Magic Kingdom.   When visiting the parks, I recommend that you avoid the Extra Magic Hour parks as they will draw in more guests.

What will the weather be like during your February trip?

  • Average high temperature:  73°F
  • Average low temperature:  50°F
  • Mean temperature:  62°F
  • Record high temperature:  89°F (1988)
  • Record low temperature:  17°F (2000)
  • Average Precipitation:  2.71 in.

The weather in February is quite cool and typically doesn’t rain as much.  Wear layers because 75 degrees with the sun shining on you in Florida feels hot and at night the damp air can feel pretty bitter with a light wind.  Be sure to bring a jacket and hat.

Should I use Extra Magic Hours privilege?

Avoid the trap of visiting a park on its longest hours day.  More people will be there and the wait times can be 30% to 100% higher than other days.

If you are planning to use Extra Magic Hours, use the morning ones, they are a great benefit, if you leave after lunch or parade time.  Avoid the parks that offer evening Extra Magic Hours because they have large crowds at night and many rides have long lines (Hollywood Studios and Epcot).  The exception would be the Magic Kingdom late at night because most guests won’t stay up from 1am to 3am in the morning.  If you choose a Late Extra Magic Hour park, you should plan to sleep in the next day.

Disney World Extra magic hours attractions

A note on Fastpass+ Booking

Fastpass+ can be booked 60 days in advance for ONSITE guests and 30 days in advance for OFFSITE guests and Annual Passholders.  You can begin booking them at 7am Eastern Time.  The booking dates are included on my Disney Crowd Calendar below.


Special February Events at Walt Disney World

  • Festival of the Arts – All Month

To read the crowd level, follow the DATE at the top!  The best park each day is marked in GREEN.

Lowest Crowds
Low Crowds / Best Park
Moderate Crowds / Median Park
Busy Crowds
Insane Crowds / Worst Park

Weekly view includes all entertainment options, weather and Fastpass/Dining booking dates!

Be sure to print in landscape mode with background image turned on!

If you are viewing on a desktop/laptop, you will see a week at a time with all the full details.  It is printable.  If you are on mobile, it will show in mobile format that will stream down the page.  You must subscribe to Character Locator in order to see full details in mobile view

My Crowd Calendar includes park hours, Extra Magic Hours, special entertainment options, 180 Days Dining Window, 60 and 30 Day Fastpass+ Booking Windows!

February 2020 Disney World Crowd Calendar

Historic Disney World Park Hours


  1. Fingers crossed that your February 2020 calendar is coming out very soon! I’m a week away from 180 planning and always look to your calendar to plan!

  2. Hello!!

    I found the February 2020 crowd calendars, but it seems they don’t have the overall crowd predictions at the very top! We’ve had our trip booked for months, and rented DVC points, so there’s no turning back but I was just curious about the overall crowds the week we will be there! Thanks!

  3. Hi! I am debating on going to Magic Kingdom on either 2/2/20 or 2/4/20. Even though 2/4/20 is Yellow crowds…..is it less busy overall than Green crowds on a Sunday? Thanks for your advice!

    • How did you find the Feb 2020 crowd calendar? I’m only able to find the 2019 version, but I can see the crowd calendar for Jan 2020!

  4. Hello,
    I’m going to plan a trip for the first half of 2020. We have a lot of flexibility so I want to pick the lowest crowds possible. What are the three least crowded weeks you’d recommend before summer?
    Thank you!!

  5. Hi, Kenny. We are going to Disney World February 4-7. I am struggling with when to go to Magic Kingdom and when to go to Hollywood Studios. Monday the 4th list MK as the worst park – I am wondering if this has anything to do with it being the Monday after the Super Bowl? Generally, you advise to skip the park with extra magic hours offered, but your calendar suggest MK on Tuesday and HS on Monday – despite the EMH being offered. Ideally, I would like to visit MK on Monday and it would be really cool to see the Super Bowl MVP in the parade, however I don’t know if it is worth going to a busy park and getting less Disney magic time. Any suggestions would be wonderful. Thank you.

  6. I see that the prediction is for 1/26/19 & 1/27/19 to be heavy crowds, do you know what is prompting that? Just booked a quick trip with 3 day hoppers and thought I was safe for late January but seems like I must have overlooked something. Thank you!

  7. Do your crowd calculators reflect possible crowds from the cheer and dance competition crowds? I’m looking at the weeks of January 27th-February 3rd or February 4th-February 9th and these crowds would really factor in my decision. Any advice?

    Thank you so much for the work you do.

  8. When you click on the last week in February 2019, it comes up for 2018. Are the predictions correct or does this need to be updated?

  9. When do you anticipate hours for Feb 2019 being released? My brother’s family is going Feb 2-9, 2019 and we need to start planning for ADRs.

  10. We are planning our next trip for Feb 9-17, 2018. Do you think Toy Story Land will affect your predictions more in HS than it is now? Or is it already factored in? Right now HS looks pretty decent the whole week, so was thinking I’d plan around the MK crowds and work out from there.

  11. I am looking at going to the Magic Kingdom on Tues 2/27 and am noticing on your calendar that Happily Ever After Fireworks are at 7:55…I assumed they would be later with the park being open until 10…are they still at 7:55? And then is the Once Upon a Time show on the castle after the Happily Ever After now? The last time I went it was at 7:30 before Happily Ever After. Thanks!!!

  12. Does a “heavy crowds/best park” day (such as 2/22) tend to be better or worse than a “moderate crowds/yellow park” day (such as 2/27) – looking specifically at Magic Kingdom. Thanks!!

  13. We’re going to Animal Kingdom on Valentines day. Do you think fast passes will be necessary, or are the crowds so light that there’s really no point in them? Thank you so much! This post has been really helpful for our planning.

  14. For the February Crowd Calendar – Festival of the Arts is listed as only on the weekend – I’m still a bit confused but thought its every day? Do you have a touring plan for it? Thanks.

  15. I’m looking at Tuesday February 6th for MK and you have it listed as a moderate crowd. I can’t figure out why it isn’t being considered light. There’s no EMH that day and I thought Tuesday’s were generally more quiet at magic kingdom? Do you know why it’s expected to be moderate? We’re only spending one day at Magic kingdom and I’m hoping to pick the best date. Thabks!

  16. Saturday, February 10 AK EMH should be a morning EMH, not evening, per Disney operating hours. Are you expecting them to change it to evening?

  17. In mobile, it’s still not showing the correct dates for Feb 25-28th. It jumps from Feb 22 to March 5th. I’m looking for info on Sunday the 25 and Monday the 26th. Thanks!

  18. Hi Kenny!
    I was looking at the first week of February (3-10) and it appears all of the Values and Moderates are sold out?! Is there something up? I thought this was supposed to be a low crowd time.

    • Value resort availability alone would not be an indicator of crowd levels. Many moderate rooms are eliminated due to construction as well.

  19. Hi Kenny! Are EMH days changing in February? I was looking at the first 3 days of February and it appears that on Friday the 2nd, you have EMH at AK when in all of January (and currently) EMH on Fridays is at MK? And then on Saturday the 3rd, it says EMH is at MK, when historically it is at AK on Saturdays. Trying to plan for our trip that week and wanted to ask about this. Thanks so much!

  20. Since the last week of feb is the only week not working….. what is the best park to hit on Sunday right after the marathon? where do the runners usually go? Would like to avoid them, no offense.

  21. Magic Kingdom is red on Monday, February 6. It doesn’t have EMH or anything special going on that I can see. Is that just a park to avoid on Mondays in general? Or is there an event going on that I’m not aware of?

  22. Hi there! I Will be in the parks 2/27-3/5/17 But I’m Unable to see those dates- the February link goes directly to 5/5. Would love to see your thoughts on crowds… especially with Mardi Gras. … ( even though it makes me feel a smidge panicked as we already have reservations on some EMH dates. )

  23. Hi,

    My apologies if this question is in the total wrong area.
    I’m staying at Grand Floridian Villas in February 2016. I’ve heard transport to the parks (other than Z Magic Kingdom) is pretty poor due to sharing with other resorts. Does anybody know what order the bus collects? I.e. – where is GF in the list and am I likely to get a seat?


    • It’s not nearly as poor as some would lead you to believe. You only need bus to AK and DHS too. You take monorail to MK and EP.

  24. I paid the $7.99 to subscribed to the website for full access to the calendars & character information, yesterday I could access everything,but today I cannot… Help please

    • You can only view Fri-Sat on mobile if you subscribe and login. You can view full desktop view without subscribing.

  25. Hi there!I was wondering if there are any cheer competitions or any other events like that happening February 5th through 18th. I couldn’t find any info on that subject. Thanks!

  26. I noticed there is no Fantasmic on the calendar for the newly released February 2017 hours. Does Disney not post those until later? How far out? Was hoping to book a fantasmic dining package and now I’m worried they won’t have it at all!

    • It will get added eventually, but can’t say when. I do email updates when it happens for those on my mail list.

  27. Hi Kenny, thanks for all your hard work! Just curious, going to Epcot for a quick trip Feb. 2-4 (Epcot on Friday) so leaving Saturday before Super Bowl..do people come to see the game even thought it’s not in Orlando or are these just locals? Are the resorts super busy or is it locals at the parks?

    • Super Bowl doesn’t affect attendance. It’s just there for people to know when it occurs. Sometimes the MVP has a special parade shortly after though.

  28. Hi Kenny,
    I am looking for the Festival of Lion King and Finding Nemo show times for February 2016. Do you have those listed anywhere? If not, do you know the times they are preformed?

  29. Hi there!
    I’m going to MK for the first time this year :)
    I was looking at your calendar, and Feb 6 is not showing (which is the day that we will be there).
    Any idea on what the crowd will look like? Thanks!

  30. Feb 26 and 27 seem to be missing from week 4. Thoughts on MK on those days? Also why is MK red on Feb 29? Is there something special for the Leap Year? Thanks!

  31. How do I actually see the crowd calendar for February? I can only see the partially covered one at the top of the screen. What am I missing?

  32. Going Feb 18-24, I didn’t see any Star Wars Fireworks but I thought they were still going to be going on. Yes? No? I was so looking forward to them. Thanks for all the info! Your site is great info.

  33. I have reservations for the “Pirate and Pals” Fireworks voyage paid in full on Thursday, Feb. 4th. So, this must mean there are indeed fireworks that night, correct?

  34. Any idea why there are no Fantasmic shows scheduled during Feb. 6-13, 2016? Also, I have been trying to make a dining reservation for Mama Melrose’s at HS during that week and it appears that they are not taking reservations at that time. Do you know why? Do you think either of these situations will change?

  35. Do they change park hours? We traveled during the same week last year Feb 12-21 (last year it was the 13-22) and MK was opened very late each night, and there seemed to be more evening magic hours. It has very early hours listed for a very busy week. Do they adjust it as the time gets closer? It makes it difficult to figure out dining (like a 7pm dinner is fine if the park closes at midnight, but we wouldn’t want to waste park time if it closes at 9). Thanks

    • Yes, they change them frequently. I post updates when they change. There aren’t going to be more EMH and you can check the ones last year vs this year at the bottom of the page.

  36. Any thoughts on what a 24 hr day at MK on Feb 29th would do to crowd levels at the other parks? I’m planning a trip Feb 27 – Mar 5 and the lead day is making me nervous :)

    • Doesn’t affect the other parks much. MK is only busy from 8pm until 2am on those days. Assuming they do it again next year.

  37. Any thoughts on why there is no Wishes scheduled for February 4th? Will it be added at a later date? We are coming up on our 180 window and wanted to book the Wishes dessert party for that day. Thank you!

  38. Kenny, why are these no electrical parades Feb. 23-26? We’re bummed that our four day park hopper gives us no chance to see this.

    • It does seem odd for 4 consecutive days. Either they will add one or they are doing some refurbishment on them during that time. We should know by mid February.

  39. …sorry, forgot mention the park that I am referring to. What is going on Monday, February 8 that makes MK so insanely busy? Thank you for all of your advice!

  40. I think the weekend/week/weekend of February 14th-22nd should be even crazier than expected because not only is it Presidents’ Day and the Princess half Marathon it also is Valentine’s Day and Mardi gras. Do you think those two added holidays will make it even busier? Or do you think those two holidays will not affect it very much?

  41. Going to MK and Epcot on 2/21. I was wondering how bad crowds are going to be that day at MK and Epcot, since it is a marathon weekend.

    • Click on the third week of February and the crowd level is always at the top where the date is. In your case it’s level Orange or really busy. Are you using the extra magic hours?

  42. On Feb 1 you have emh for mk but the disney website says it’s only for animal kingdom. is that correct? wondering what it will be like at mk on superbowl sunday

  43. Hi. I have been using your crowd calendars on my last few trips. They have been great! Thank you. I do have a question on 2/19. The hours of the Magic Kingdom you have are different from what is posted on the official website when it comes to magic hours. You have 8am-9am. They have 12am-2am. Are yours right or is what they have posted correct? Just trying to plan that day there. Thanks again.

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