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Dates You Should Avoid Disney World Value Resorts

Dates You Should Avoid Disney World Value Resorts

We love Walt Disney World Value Resorts as much as the next frugal Disney guest, but there are certain dates that you may want to book your stay elsewhere at the Walt Disney World property.

Value Resorts

All Star Movies
Credit: Donna

Disney World has three resort categories: deluxe, moderate, and value. Value resorts offer the best in terms of pricing and over-the-top Disney theming.

If you are a family who enjoys spending most of your time in the Parks rather than in the resort, then a Value Resort may be a great option.

There are a total of 6 Value Resorts at Walt Disney World including the following:

  • POP Century
  • Art of Animation
  • All-Star Movies
  • All-Star Music
  • All-Star Sports
  • Fort Wilderness campground

Value Resorts to Avoid

All Star Sports
Credit: Donna

You can check out a full review of the different Value Resorts HERE. The information in this post primarily affects the All-Star Resorts including All-Star Sports, All-Star Music, and All-Star Movies.

These resorts are typically the least expensive of the Walt Disney World Resorts and are in close proximity to the ESPN Wide World of Sports.

Being close to ESPN Wide World of Sports may not seem to be a concern, but many large sports championships and tournaments utilize the All-Star Resorts with a few key dates that you will want to avoid.

Why is this a BIG deal?

Credit: Donna

You may be thinking, “What is the big deal if a few sports teams and school groups are at my resort?” A school trip to Walt Disney World would be a dream come true for many young people, but this may not be the ideal setting for your family vacation.

At times, All-Star Resorts have posted “Quiet Time”, but this is hard to enforce. Many school groups do a wonderful job of being respectful and quiet while thinking of fellow guests. However, there is a very different vibe of a resort filled with groups on the same schedule and excited for their day’s events.

Credit: Donna

Recently, I (Donna) stayed at All-Star Sports for the first day of a large cheerleading competition. The first day was quite enjoyable as guests arrived sporadically. The next evening I checked out was quite a different story. Young girls were running throughout the resort to complete a scavenger hunt.

As they ran throughout the buildings and practiced chants in the large open fields, I was actually thankful to leave Walt Disney World.

Transportation and Dining

Disney World Buses are Getting a Big Upgrade
Credit: Disney

Along with noise concerns, there are a few more things to consider if your vacation coincides with school trips and these competition dates. The All-Star Resorts only offer bus transportation to all Walt Disney World Theme Parks.

We were shocked to discover HUGE lines at the resort buses in the early morning. You may have to wait for several buses to finally board. Likewise, you can expect the dining locations to be crowded as well.

Other resort amenities such as pools and fun resort activities such as the “Movie Under the Stars” may also be busier than normal with large groups returning to the resort at the end of the day.

2024 Dates

All Star Sports Building
Credit: Donna

ESPN Wide Word of Sports at Walt Disney World will host several events in 2024. We do not know if all of these groups will stay at All-Star Resorts, but as mentioned above, proximity and price make these a good option for these events.

From July 4-11, 2024 the AAU Boys World Championship will take place. Boys ages 7 through 19 will compete during this holiday week.

Later in July starting on the 23rd through the 28th, 13-19 year old males and females will participate in the US Youth Soccer National Championship.

Disney will host a variety of Soccer Showcases on the following dates: October 12-13, November 29-December 1, and December 27-30.

2025 Dates

All Star Sports Ducks
Credit: Donna

More dates will likely be added for 2025, but these are the current dates (June 2024) to watch out for when planning your 2025 Walt Disney World vacations. The year starts with a Disney Soccer Showcase January 17-20.

The National Dance Team Championship will be held at ESPN Wide World of Sports starting January 31st through February 2nd.

Presidents Day is a popular time for many guests to visit Walt Disney World. Be aware that Disney will host a President’s Day Soccer Tournament on February 15-17.

All Star Football field
Credit: Donna

Heading into the spring, make note that Disney Spring Training will take place for several weeks starting on March 10th through April 20th.

Another holiday weekend will bring in crowds for the Disney Memorial Day Soccer Tournament from May 24 to May 26.

Other Considerations

Refurbishment Confirmed for Disney's All Star Movies Resort
Credit: Maggie

These dates are obvious ones to plan around but keep in mind that large school trips can be planned without knowing before you book your trip.

The benefit of Value Resorts is that they are very affordable and if you do not plan to spend much time at your resort this can help save money for more fun in the parks. If you happen to arrive at the same time a large group does, pack your patience and try to be flexible.

You may choose to adjust your transportation schedule earlier than normal to help beat the crowds or to help accommodate longer lines at the bus stop. You can also plan ahead by purchasing breakfast items the night before and using your resort room refrigerator if needed. This may help if dining is a bit crowded in the morning.

Other Resort Recommendations

Credit: Kate

If you are re-thinking your plans to stay at the All-Star Resorts, there are two great options with Pop Century and Art of Animation.

Both resorts offer great theming and they offer the benefit of the Disney Skyliner to EPCOT and Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Both Art of Animation and Pop Century are typically at the higher price point for a Value Resort, but if your travel dates coincide with the ESPN mentioned above schedule it may be something to consider.

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