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Disappointing Update for the runDisney Merchandise Refund Policy

Disappointing Update for the runDisney Merchandise Refund Policy

It seems that Disney is constantly changing. Sometimes, it is hard to keep up with all of them (stay in the know with Kenny the Pirate). This one change regarding merchandise refunds has left many disappointed.


runDisney now moves to the honor system with this change
Photo Credit: Disney

Do you runDisney? I (Heather) love to runDisney! They are some of my favorite races. Mixing one of my favorite hobbies with my favorite place is sure to be a win in my book!

runDisney puts on a great race with tons of course support and entertainment. Course entertainment includes DJs, characters, and so much more. You won’t be bored putting in all those magical miles (even when they are highway miles)!

Have any runDisney races coming up? Be sure to check out some of our previous posts:

Preorder Merchandise

This BIG runDisney Event Makes Its Return in 2024
Photo Credit: Disney

If you want any race exclusive merchandise, you will have to visit the Merchandise Shop at the runDisney Health & Fitness Expo. Due to demand, runDisney has implemented a virtual queue on the first day of the Expo. Check out my review of the virtual queue HERE.

Athletes have the option to preorder merchandise prior to the Expo. Once registered, participants can preorder race merchandise to guarantee their items. This means no long lines and they can visit the Expo whenever they want. These items tend to be in bundles or themed for the specific race weekend. “I did it” shirts and other sought after items have not been known to be available during preorder.

When you order this way you do not receive any discounts like Annual Passholder, DVC or Cast Member. These discounts can really add up too! Sometimes, a second visit or a later trip to the Expo when it is less busy can be more enjoyable. Read why HERE…this is my favorite time to go!

Change to Preorder Merchandise

Important Information For Runner Drop-off For The Half and Full Marathon
Photo Credit: runDisney

Last year at Springtime Surprise, runDisney shared in their blog that Annual Passholders, DVC Members, and Cast Members could still receive discounts on their preordered merchandise.

The runDisney blog stated, “While you won’t be able to apply your discount at the point of purchase, it can be retroactively applied when you pick up your merchandise at the Expo. Just ask the Cast Member checking you out for help.” You can read our blog post about that HERE.

runDisney is no longer retroactively apply discounts to preordered merchandise. Unfortunately, there was no notice to this prior to any of this season’s races.

2023 runDisney Springtime Surprise medals revealed
Credit: Disney

I tried to receive my discount at Wine and Dine and was told this is no longer available even though athletes were able to retroactively receive discounts at Springtime Surprise. It has been reported that the other race weekends, including Disneyland, are following the same guidelines.

With this change, it means if you preorder any merchandise do not expect to receive any discounts. However, this will guarantee you get some commemorative merchandise for your runDisney race weekend.

You can find runDisney’s blog post from April 2023 HERE.

What do you think of this change? Would you like to see runDisney allow athletes to receive eligible discounts on preorder merchandise? Were you impacted by this change? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to share this post with a friend.

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