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Why you may want to consider selling your Disney stock

Why you may want to consider selling your Disney stock
Credit: The Walt Disney Company

Financial analysts say you may want to consider selling your Disney stock. Here is why.

Highs and Lows

Credit: The Walt Disney Company

It is no secret that Disney stock has been a bit of a rollercoaster. And while this may seem fitting for a brand known in part for its world-class theme parks, it is certainly not a fun ride for investors.

In November, Disney took such a big hit that analysts called for former Disney CEO Bob Chapek’s firing. The recent Disney (DIS) quarterly earnings report came in with a giant thud as the corporation reported huge losses in key areas. Disney stock dropped more than 12% in a single day.

Credit: The Walt Disney Company

By now, anyone who has been keeping up with Disney news knows that Bob Chapek was fired and replaced with former CEO Bob Iger. Unsurprisingly, this big change set off a huge reaction in the Disney community. You can read about the behind-the-scenes details that have emerged here.

The CEO swap also had effects on the stock market. Disney stock prices climbed after the replacement. This is unsurprising as Wall Street has a historic love for Bob Iger. Alas, the climb was only temporary.

Hit After Hit

Credit: Susan

After some measure of rebound, Disney stock took another huge hit. On December 19, 2022, DIS stock hit its lowest point since 2020. It dropped more than 4% and closed at $85.78.

Stock prices continue to drop as we inch towards the new year. It dropped to $84.16 when it closed yesterday. December 28. This is the lowest it has been since October 2014.

Disney stock is the lowest it has been in over 8 years.

Credit: Disney Parks Blog

If it continues to drop, selling your stock at a significant loss will mean a higher tax deduction. Because of this, some analysts suggest selling your stock.

Disclaimer: we here at Kenny the Pirate do not give financial, medical, or legal advice.

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  1. The idea is to buy low and sell high. Not the other way around. If DIS is the “lowest it has been since October 2014” the time to sell was long before now. Looking at the technicals MACD, RSI, and Stochastic indicators show DIS as oversold. It has way more upside potential than downside risk at this point.
    Sure, take the loss if you need the tax benefit but that’s the only reason now to really sell…the fundamental and technical time to sell was last Nov when the huge drop occurred.

  2. I think Kenny should give some of the reasons why Disney’s stock is tanking.

    Most Disney visitors may question how capacity-full theme parks, ticket price increases far exceeding inflation, new monetization schemes to replace previously free experiences, and the outright elimination of other perks could cause a decline in Disney’s expected earnings. The truth? The theme parks are undoubtedly propping up the company.

    Disney’s Jumbo in the room: the Disney+ streaming service. Until that’s solved, and until people stop visiting the theme parks in such large numbers, expect no respite from more future price increases.

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