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Breaking: Bob Chapek is no longer CEO of The Walt Disney Company

Breaking: Bob Chapek is no longer CEO of The Walt Disney Company
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Breaking news for Disney fans everywhere: Bob Chapek is no longer the CEO of The Walt Disney Company. Find out what happened and who will be stepping up to replace him. What do you think about this news?

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It’s no secret that many Disney fans are not big fans of the CEO of The Walt Disney Company, Bob Chapek. Huge news today: Bob Chapek is no longer in charge.

Disney announced this evening that Bob Chapek will be stepping down from his role of CEO of The Walt Disney Company, and Bob Iger, former CEO, will be replacing him.

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Read the announcement here:

The Walt Disney Company (NYSE: DIS) announced today that Robert A. Iger is returning to lead Disney as Chief Executive Officer, effective immediately. Mr. Iger, who spent more than four decades at the Company, including 15 years as its CEO, has agreed to serve as Disney’s CEO for two years, with a mandate from the Board to set the strategic direction for renewed growth and to work closely with the Board in developing a successor to lead the Company at the completion of his term. Mr. Iger succeeds Bob Chapek, who has stepped down from his position.  

Susan Arnold, Chairman of the Board, stated, “We thank Bob Chapek for his service to Disney over his long career, including navigating the company through the unprecedented challenges of the pandemic. The Board has concluded that as Disney embarks on an increasingly complex period of industry transformation, Bob Iger is uniquely situated to lead the Company through this pivotal period.”

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“Mr. Iger has the deep respect of Disney’s senior leadership team, most of whom he worked closely with until his departure as executive chairman 11 months ago, and he is greatly admired by Disney employees worldwide–all of which will allow for a seamless transition of leadership,” she said.

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  1. As a former cast member for nine years, my last day in December of last year, I was blessed to serve a company where I felt appreciated . Bob Igers leadership was felt from the top down in a positive way. Moral was high and it showed through our Cast members and our wonderful guests. I’ve seen a major decline on both sides since Mr. Chapek took over. I still work on Disney property and talk to cms and guest daily. Many negative comments from both. Welcome home Bob Iger. I will consider returning to YOUR company. Aloha

  2. Thank God! Maybe now the Walt Disney company can get back to the way it was and not being so woke. So many horrific things happened since he took over and I was heartbroken in the direction Walt Disney world was leaning towards. Coming from an ex-cast member of 23 years, I pray the future is better for all the cast members there now. Bob iger was the best and he will get the company back in the shape it used to be. Welcome back Bob!

  3. Yes he had no idea what-so-ever about Walt’s vision that made Disney so magical for so many years. As an avid Disney fan (and stockholder) I couldn’t be happier. Bring back the magic!!!!

  4. Chapek might have loved Disney as a kid but apparently had no real idea of Walt’s vision. I wish him no ill but I’m glad he’s gone! Depending on Iger’s moves we MAY even keep our DVC membership! Let’s see what develops!

  5. I thought we would be never go back to Disney World, but maybe there is hope after all. Chapek’s ways of charging more for less killed the magic for me.

  6. Good riddance! That penny-pinching, blood-from-a-stone, bean counting disaster sucked out all the Pixie Dust from Disney! Worst were ELLs, constantly raising prices, nickle & diming, layoffs. Give us back Fast Passes, Character interactions (UV rays kill viral particles!) and human dignity. PS – I am a Disney boy: Raised in SoCal, 35 miles east of Disneyland, former Davey Crockett Canoe Host, 20+ years DVC owner, long time stockholder, etc. Ding, dong, the wicked miser is gone!

  7. To be honest I don’t harbor any hard feeling for Chapek. He actually talked about his first visit to Disney World as a kid and how it inspired him to work there. So I think he had a good heart and cared for the vision. It’s just that his ways didn’t seem to fit for moat people. In fact his methods for the prices and such were due to the pandemic and were effecting other places as well. So I can say with confidence that he was at least trying and he even said so himself, even trying to be imaginative with some patents that were downright interesting and the communities thing, actually reviving what Walt originally wanted with Epcot and what was tried with Celebration Florida. So I got to give him that. Still I am interested to see how Iger interacts with the new management. I was also surprised to see him back as it was something I did not see coming. Considering how he retook charge twice now despite his initial retirement plans I have to wonder if nothing can stop this guy. I don’t hate Iger in fact I like him too, I just am surprised by all of this. I can also compare this to when David Tentament returned as the Doctor recently as it very much remiended me of that. Still I am excited and curious to see where Iger goes in this new era of the world so LET’S GO!!!!

  8. Actually Chapek during the anniversary talked about how he expiranced Disney as a kid. He probably had a good heart. His methods just didn’t fit in so to speak as others were concerned. I honestly didn’t think he was bad and that he was just doing his best. Even he said so.

  9. Chapek lost me when he started charging $25 a night to park your car at a DVC villa. It didn’t express “Welcome home” very well.

  10. Let’s all hope Iger can fix the mess Chapek created.
    Stock dropped 41%, CM morale at an all time low, Disney+ losing $, and on it goes. Going to interesting to see if Iger can bring back the Magic!

  11. Hallelujah. Maybe he can right the ship and help the company make money by developing incredible creative rather than the ridiculous Chapek ways. Good riddance.

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