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Catch This Holiday Drink Before It’s Gone

Catch This Holiday Drink Before It’s Gone

If you are heading to Disney Springs soon, you may want to stop and get this holiday drink. This special holiday drink, back by popular demand, is only offered for a limited time.

Disney Springs

Credit: Katie

Disney Springs is a fun pace to dine, shop and play! Here you can find almost anything! You will find some of the best restaurants and shops. There is 103 places to shop, 66 places to eat, and 25 places to play (attractions, shows and events).

Disney Springs is free to visit and that includes parking! Disney World Resort Hotels also offers complimentary transportation. I (Heather) love to go to Disney Springs for a little shopping and food. They have the best food.

Looking to do something fun while you dine? Check out my review HERE on Splitsville. Dine and bowl! Have kids with you? Check out our top 5 restaurants to dine at Disney Springs with kids HERE.

Holiday Fun

Credit: Disney

It is a dream of mine to visit Disney World during the Christmas season. I always catch the beginning of the Holiday season when the decorations just start going up.

I NEED to plan a trip to do the Christmas Tree Stroll at Disney Springs! Check out this year’s Christmas Tree Stroll HERE. In this post you will also find information about visiting Santa at Disney Springs. All theses things you can do without a park ticket!

While you are at Disney Springs there are many holiday treats to enjoy. Check out the Rowdy Reindeer HERE, you can find this treat at the Ganachary.

There are so many tasty treats at Disney Springs that it is hard to choose. Well it just got even harder!

Holiday Drink Returns For A Limited Time

Credit: Katie

For a LIMITED TIME the Polite Pig is bringing back the Polite Coquito! The Polite Pig boasts that this is the perfect holiday drink as it has coconut rum, spiced rum and cinnamon.

The Polite Coquito is available at the Polite Pig for a limited time!

The Polite Coquito will only be available until the week after New Years, so be sure to go soon!

Have you tried this holiday drink? Will you be stopping by? Let us know on the Kenny the Pirate Facebook page. Don’t forget to join the KtP crew page too!

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