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You will not believe Disney’s response to Struggles with Disney Technology

You will not believe Disney's response to Struggles with Disney Technology
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Technical glitches continue to affect guests both at the Disney Parks and those planning future trips from home. You will not believe Disney’s response.

Technical Glitches

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Disney boasts that when guests purchase Disney Genie+ that they will be tapping into phenomenal power in planning their day at the Disney Parks. As with most things, this phenomenal power comes at a cost. Recently Disney switched to variable pricing for Disney Genie+ which can now fluctuate between $15 to $22 a day.

Whether Disney Genie+ is worth the added cost is a whole different conversation. Be sure to check out this honest review HERE. The biggest issue that many guests encounter with Disney Genie+ is the big technical glitches. For example, this morning guests hoping to purchase Disney Genie+ were unable to do so until well after 7:00 am.

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Disney Resort guests that had already purchased Disney Genie+ earlier were unable to make Lightning Lane selections until close to 7:30 am. Be sure to read how this affected guests with both the Individual Lightning Lanes and the Virtual Queue for Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind HERE.

Unfortunately, this is a rather common occurrence for Disney tech. Previously, this affected guests making dining reservations at home as well. So how does Disney respond to these technical issues?

Disney’s Response

Credit: Susan

One guest contacted Disney in response to the big technical glitch this morning. Since this is not the first time a glitch has occurred at park opening, we were curious how Disney may handle the situation.

Today Twitter user, @Dr.L, shared that he attempted for 30 minutes to join the Virtual Queue for Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind. When he reached out to Disney for help he received a lackluster response.

Disney’s response was, Due to unexpected enhancements there may be challenges purchasing Genie+ and/or Lightning Lane experiences. Cast Members are currently unable to assist with processing purchases at this time. We apologize for any inconvenience and recommend attempting to purchase later this morning.”

It appears that technical glitches are now referred to as “unexpected enhancements.” This is quite disappointing for guests hoping to enjoy an attraction on their family vacation. Not only is it disappointing that the issue is not being addressed, but no assistance was provided to help this guest with the rest of his day.

It appears that technical glitches are now referred to as “unexpected enhancements.”

We hope that Disney may develop a better response to technical glitches to help better serve guests.

What do you think of Disney’s response? Do you think that more help should be offered to guests who are experiencing these technical glitches? Has a technical glitch affected your Disney vacation? Share your thoughts with us on our Facebook Page.

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  1. Waited in line for Soarin last week for nearly 2 hours—— the line wasn’t that long but the “genie plusers “ kept making it long for everyone else. We noticed that the light fixtures were very dirty and large paint patches were missing on the walls. When I reached out to them that the appearance would never have gotten that far in “olden days” they forwarded me to automated messages… lame!

  2. Obviously complete and utter BS. Who in their right mind would be making enhancements to their systems during normal business hours? There’s a thing in IT called a maintenance window when people aren’t using your systems to make these changes.

  3. Why/how would people be refunded when they weren’t able to purchase things? That’s the basis of this entire post is that people couldn’t buy things exactly at 7 and had to work till around 7:30

  4. Spot on, Mike. I recall when Disney did that several years ago. A neighbour of mine was one of those that got laid off after training her replacement. She has since landed on her feet with a similar job w/ Publix at their headquarters in Lakeland. It’s about an hour commute but she says the corporate culture is so much better there and feels respected and valued as an employee, unlike her experience working for WDC IT, especially the last few years she was there.

  5. Disney continues to raise prices and lower quality as shown with Disney’s callus and joke of a reply. Disney keeps saying people will continue to come but it is a much less of an enjoyable experience. Most especially with young ones who want to go on specific rides, very disappointing. I am a DVC member who did not renew my annual pass as will only go because of grandchildren as no longer the enjoyment it used to be. Of all the changes the the unreliable tech and loss of fast passes (would rather pay for what we used to have) to the horrible Genie + and having to get up at 7am for a system that half the time doesn’t work, some vacation!
    AS stated Disney doesn’t care about your experience as long as they rake in all your money. Now when I think of vacation I want to go where they are happy to see me and care about my experience. So sad! I know many will say the magic is still there bu you sure hve to look harder to see it!

  6. All this is due to Disney dismissing the American employees and forcing them to train their overseas contractor replacements to get their severance package.

  7. Embarrassing for Disney…management is too ignorant to realize it though. Really sad how much the guest experience has declined since reopening.

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