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Should You Stay At Disney’s Polynesian Resort Right Now?

Should You Stay At Disney's Polynesian Resort Right Now?
Credit: Disney

Do you have an upcoming stay at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort?  Are you worried about how construction for the DVC expansion may affect your stay?  We have new construction updates along with changes that may affect guest experience at the resort.

Polynesian Refurbishments

Credit: KtP Writer Joe

The last few years have featured a great deal of change at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort.  We have seen a Moana room makeover, DVC room refreshes, club level enhancements, a new entrance and monorail platform, and the announcement of a DVC expansion at the resort.

After the announcement of the DVC expansion, it was officially announced that the dinner show “Spirit of Aloha” would not return to Luau Cove.  Then, work began on demolishing the theatre and clearing land in the space between the Polynesian and Grand Floridian. 

This has been met with mixed feelings from many guests.  Yes, there was certainly a need for additional DVC room types at the resort (currently only studios are available), but it is disappointing to lose the Spirit of Aloha and the lush green walkways between two of the flagship Walt Disney World resorts.

Construction Effects

Credit: KtP Writer Susan

Many guests that have upcoming stays during the DVC construction are wondering how their experience may be affected and where they can stay to avoid any impacts.

The old path that led from the Polynesian to the Grand Floridian is closed off.  Construction walls are up in the general area that I outlined in red on the MDE screenshot below.  The Spirit of Aloha Dinner Theatre is no longer on the map. 

Credit: My Disney Experience

In addition, you will notice a new temporary path on the MDE map for walking to and from the Grand Floridian.  Just an FYI, this will add a few minutes to your walk as you bypass the construction, and it actually takes you along Floridian Way.  

There are some things to keep in mind if you are requesting rooms and/or buildings.  In the screenshot below I zoomed in and drew where the walls are.  If you are thinking about lagoon or theme park views that are non-club level, those room types will be near the construction.  

Credit: My Disney Experience

Fiji Marina rooms will not see the construction, but the west side of Fiji will.  The south side of Tuvalu and the north side of Aotearoa will also see the construction.  Some of the lower level rooms in these buildings look right into the construction wall that has a tropical scrim on it.  If you are searching for room availability, this will reduce the number of lagoon or theme park view rooms.

So far, the noise has been hit or miss.  The noise from breaking up the concrete paths can be very loud during the day.  The noise has currently subsided, but expect more heavy machinery to return as the DVC expansion progresses.  Upcoming tasks included digging out the space for the new pool.

First sign of new DVC construction at Disney's Polynesian Resort
Concept art for DVC expansion at Disney’s Polynesian Resort Credit: Disney

Another thing to keep in mind is that there will be increased movement of guests on the south side of the Aotearoa longhouse because of the temporary path to the Grand Floridian.  This was generally a pretty quiet spot with monorail views at the front of the resort.

Less Noisy Options

Credit: KtP Writer Joe

The current DVC buildings (Moorea, Pago Pago, and Tokelau) are furthest away from the noise.  Most of the central part of the resort should be fine. Construction is not expected to affect experiences at the Great Ceremonial House or the two swimming pools.  

Personally, if I (Joe) am not able to stay in a theme park or lagoon view room, my building pick is Niue.  The location is close to both pools, the Great Ceremonial House, and the beach/marina.  In addition, it is smaller than the other longhouses meaning less hallway traffic.

Should You Stay At The Polynesian?

Credit: KtP Writer Joe

If you have an upcoming stay at the resort, I would not be discouraged.  It is still a great experience.  While it is a little disappointing to lose some of the lush green pathways, plenty of the resort’s beauty still shines through.  There are plenty of great room options, and many guests are reporting that the noise is not really affecting their stay at all.

Do you have a stay coming up at the Polynesian? Are you worried about the noise and other impacts? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook!

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  1. Can anybody report more recent news, especially regarding the noise? We have a pool/marina room starting in about 2 weeks. We’re hoping for an east facing room in Fiji, but starting to question that preference. Hoping to sleep in at least one day, and will def need at least one afternoon nap.

  2. Was just there using points from 10th thru 16th. Construction was no issue at all for us. Heard nothing saw nothing. The walk to grand Florida is almost double the time though

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