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BIG Price Increase for Minnie Ears Headbands at the Disney Parks

BIG Price Increase for Minnie Ears Headbands at the Disney Parks
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Do you love finding the perfect pair of Mickey or Minnie Mouse ears for your day in the park? These favorite accessories now cost even more at Disney Parks.

Big Price Increases

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This week we have seen BIG price increases all throughout the Disney Parks. We have seen higher price tags for several experiences including:

Yesterday we saw the first wave of Disney Genie+ and Individual Lightning Lane variable price increases at Walt Disney World. Now it appears that our favorite Disney accessories will receive a big price increase as well.

Minnie Mouse Ear Price Increase

Credit: KtP writer Donna

With the newest wave of price increases across the parks we are still trying to catch our breath and our wallets. It now seems that price increases are coming to merchandise as well. All throughout the Disney Parks and Resorts guests have many choices of Mickey & Minnie Mouse headbands.

These can feature favorite characters, seasons, holidays, countries around the World Showcase, favorite attractions, and more. Depending upon the style and brand of ears these can vary in price. Typically most ears start at the price of $29.99. There are, of course, exceptions to this such as with the Mickey Mouse Main Attraction collection ears priced at $34.99.

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Today as we were at the Magic Kingdom, we noticed that the signage has been changed on the ear display. Previously, displayed signage showed that ears were $29.99 unless priced otherwise. Now, this sign has been replaced and a new sign shows that prices are set at $34.99 unless marked otherwise.

Signage has now changed that Ear Headbands are priced at $34.99 (unless marked otherwise) rather than $29.99 as stated previously.

Credit: KtP

All ears on this kiosk are currently priced at $29.99 on shopDisney. It appears that a $5 price increase is coming to our favorite Disney accessory.

What do you think of this price increase? Will you be purchasing your favorite ears on shopDisney before the price is changed there as well? What do you think of the current price increases? Share your thoughts with us on our Facebook Page.

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