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More Big Price Increases hit Disney World

More Big Price Increases hit Disney World
Credit: Monica

It’s been a doozy of a morning for price increases. Now, more big price increases hit Disney World. What do you think of your vacation becoming even more expensive?

Price Increases

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Disney World is expensive, there is no sugar coating that. Just this morning we have reported on price increases for the following:

Clicking any of the above links will take you to that news story. But, before you catch up on your news for the day, check out the latest price increase to hit Disney World.

Savi’s Workshop

Credit: Monica

Build your own custom lightsaber at this secret workshop and continue the way of the Force at Savi’s Workshop. Travel to Black Spire Outpost, where a group known as the “Gatherers” ushers you into a covert workshop packed with unusual parts, whimsical pieces and miscellaneous memorabilia collected from the far reaches of the galaxy. 

Under their guidance, you can construct your very own lightsaber and bring it to life through the power of kyber crystals. Builders beware—you must protect the shop’s secrecy to avoid being discovered by the First Order!

Credit: Monica

This is a very special experience that many Star Wars fans dream about doing. You can read more about my experience in this review.

Do note that it is different than the other build-your-own lightsabers that can be found at Tatooine Traders. Read all about that option HERE.

Price Increase

Credit: Monica

Like the droid price increase we mentioned earlier, these customizable light sabers were already pretty expensive. Now, they have increased in price from $220 to $250. That’s an increase of $30 for one light saber!

While the experience is very cool and the price increase will likely not deter you from booking the experience, that is a lot of money for a 20 minute activity. Be sure to make note of this so you will not get sticker shock when you go to pay for your light saber.

Savi light sabers now cost $250 instead of $220.

What do you think of all these price increases? Will they stop you from booking some of these experiences? Let us know in the comments below and on Facebook.

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  1. So sad, Mr. Disney would be turning over in his grave. Disney’s dream was a place for middle class families to enjoy together.
    Not a money grab.

  2. We just got back a few weeks ago..The changes are literally heart breaking..Walt would not approve.
    We go every year..This year was our last trip..So very sad and disappointed

  3. SOOO SAD, used to be big time Disney junkies, and thankfully took the wife kids and grandchildren before Covid. So much has changed and not just price hikes on pretty much everything.

  4. This was NOT Walt Disney’s vision and dream
    Infact what Chapek has created is just the opposite. Shame on him! Not that he will ever care

  5. I’m a long time Disney fan. We have gone every 3 years for over 20 years. This year we spent over 15k for a family of 5. We didn’t do many of the extras because of the cost and now they are going to increase prices even more. Sorry Disney there are many other places to go. Your Disney magic is gone!!!

  6. Disney is fast going the way of professional sporting event costs. Nobody but the wealthy will be able to afford the experience.

  7. Glad I took my family b4 covid Feb 2020 still got fast pass for free and staying on site had some benefits won’t be back did universal in Feb 22 loved it can’t wait for 3rd park to open done going to Disney overpriced

  8. In Disney’s eyes aka Chapek enough is never enough.
    That word isn’t in his vocabulary. But Disney has a hold on people and they’ll find a way to get the extra money and go. Sad for lower middle income families indeed!

  9. To your question of what do I think about the increase…..Disney has RECORD profits this past year from the parks. It is slowly gouging out low to middle income families as a vacation spot. Very sad.

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