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Big Price Increase Comes to Disney World Character Buffet Dining

Big Price Increase Comes to Disney World Character Buffet Dining

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You will want to make note of this if you are planning to enjoy character buffet dining! There is a big price increase.

Price Increases

Credit: Disney

Price increases have become the norm over the last year or two. They have always been around, but it seems everything is much more expensive throughout 2021 and 2022.

At Disney World, we saw price increases for almost everything. From annual passes to day tickets, we are paying more for a Disney vacation. There are some savvy ways to save money like renting DVC points and sharing meals, but some things cannot be avoided. We have seen big price increases in dining experiences at the Magic Kingdom and at meals where character dining has returned.

Cape May Cafe

Credit: Jamie

Cape May Cafe is a charming, New England inspired restaurant that is full of beachy fun! Located at Disney’s Beach Club Resort, Cape May Cafe serves up breakfast and dinner buffets.

Options include delicious bread, yogurt parfaits, omelettes, french toast, scrambled eggs, sausage, tater tots, and beef hash. You’ll also be treated to Mickey AND Minnie waffles!

Credit: Jamie

At dinner you can expect breads, salad, and an all you care to enjoy Surf and Turf delight. The seafood feast includes mussels, shrimp, clams, and the catch of the day. There is also “Cape May Macaroni and Cheese.”

Dinner also offers up several desserts, which look absolutely incredible! You can see a recent review of Jamie’s dining experience HERE.

Big Price Increase

Credit: Jamie

Back in February of this year, Disney returned the modified dining experience back to a buffet. To make this experience even better, characters returned to breakfast on October 4. It is so much fun to see Minnie and her pals strutting around throughout the restaurant again!

Unfortunately, due to these recent changes it appears Disney has increased the price of the breakfast buffet. Breakfast was previously $25 per adult and $14 per child. Now, the adult price is $45 and the child price is $29. That’s $20 and $15 more, respectively!

The adult price is $45 and the child price is $29 for the character breakfast at Cape May Cafe.

What do you think of this price increase? Does it seem pretty fair for Disney to charge so much for character meals? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below and on Facebook.

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Sunday 16th of October 2022

They just raised the genie+ from $15 to $20. Just like that. Why? Because they can.

Bruce Qualls

Sunday 16th of October 2022

Disney is pricing the average family out of being able to afford a stay. They need to bring back the dining plans. Walt is probably spinning in his grave with the cost increases Disney has implemented. They are pricing them selves so only the wealthy can afford it. We are going in January 23 but it will probably be out last time for quite some time. They need to get back on track and remember Walt’s vision as they have strayed away from it drastically. They need to bring back the CEO that believed in the family oriented vacation destination.

Ann shultz

Sunday 16th of October 2022

The food prices are getting out of hand. And they haven't brought back the dining plans yet. Makes me want to cancel my upcoming Disney vacation. I don't want to have to second mortgage my house just to be able to buy souvenirs eat and enjoy my time at Disney World


Saturday 15th of October 2022

They will continue to charge more for less as long as people keep paying. It is unfortunate. I love Disney, but can’t justify the price. I will probably go one more time to use my points on my Disney Credit card. After I use them I will switch to a better card for points. I know they are out there. I just kept the Disney card as a way to save up money to go. It’s not helping now because the points I accumulate are not keeping up with Disneyflation.


Friday 14th of October 2022

Disney seems to be trying to price the average family right out of their parks. I don’t get it. They seem to be very greedy and aren’t happy to make a reasonable profit. I’m a DVC member, and even without having to pay for a room all at one time (I pay monthly for my points) this is still an expensive vacation! They don’t seem concerned about that though

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