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Disney explores a new membership program that would offer discounts and other perks

Disney explores a new membership program that would offer discounts and other perks
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Would you pay extra money to receive cool perks and discounts, or do you think Disney should do this for subscribers and park goers?

New Type of Membership

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Disney is exploring a way to create a membership program that provides customers a deeper discount. Then, in turn, these members would spend more money on Disney’s products and services. When I (Susan) read this, I immediately thought of Disney World’s Annual Passholders and Disneyland’s Magic Key program. Why not make both of these available again instead of introducing something new?!?!

Disney Leaders Support the Plan

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Disney Chief Executive Bob Chapek speaks actively about Annual Passholders being “unfavorable guests” and wanting to cross sell products to more customers.

“Technology is giving us new ways to customize and personalize the consumer experience so that we are delivering entertainment, experiences and products that are most relevant to each of our guests,” said Kristina Schake, senior executive vice president and chief communications officer at Disney, in a statement. “A membership program is just one of the exciting ideas that is being explored.”

A membership program is just one of the exciting ideas that is being explored.

Kristina Schake, senior executive vice president and chief communications officer at Disney

According to the Wall Street Journal, this membership would be similar to an Amazon Prime membership.

D23 Fan Club

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Disney already has a special program for superfans, the D23 Fan Club. This club costs $99.99 to $129.99 a year and comes with exclusive access to events and merchandise, like the D23 Expo next month.

When Disney+ first launched, D23 members a were offered a discounted three-year subscription. I subscribed with this plan. A new membership program would be different in that it would be targeted at more casual Disney fans and customers.

Disney+ Enhancement

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As an early step to better link Disney products and services, Disney is working to enable subscribers to its Disney+ streaming service to buy merchandise associated with some of its shows by scanning a code on the service, people familiar with the plan said. The company expects to introduce that feature as soon as this year.

Disney+ subscribers may be able to buy merchandise directly from the streaming service by scanning a code.

Are you a fan of these changes? Or do you wish Disney World would just begin selling Annual Passes again? Please share your thoughts with us on our Facebook Page.

Source: The Wall Street Journal


  1. It’s funny how everyone commenting on this post is focusing on the parks. I believe the membership discussed in this post would have very little to do with the parks. While profitable, the parks are a very small part of Disney’s business. The parks seem to be doing just fine under the current systems, plus Disney does not seem interested in expanding this part of its business. After all, running themes parks and resorts comes with a huge fixed cost and operational challenges. Disney is much more interested in selling its streaming service and ancillary merchandise where the cost of adding a new customer is minimal at best.

  2. Since I was called “unfavorable” I don’t really care what they do. My money isn’t good enough for them now, I’m certainly not going to spend MORE on this company.

  3. There is already a membership program, It’s called DVC. Remember we are the ones who helped start the Disney craze in 1992-3 by buying into the resorts and buying annual passes. Each year there are less and less perks for us. Why not start with us and annual pass holders and then think about other memberships. The head of Disney aka “Bob Paycheck” needs to stop being so woke. Run a family oriented business, stop nosing into political wokeness and stop the BS. Yes, you need to make money but you don’t have to throw out the baby with the bath water.

  4. We’ve had APs for over 20 years up to the pandemic and have spent 10s of thousands $$s there in the parks. Being called “unfavorable guests” is an insult. I also live in Anaheim and I’m rethinking my support for Disney and it’s minions on the city council. Very, very sad!

  5. My understanding is that a study was done and annual passholders spend the least of all guests at 250 a day and Brazilians the most at 1500 per day.

  6. Frequent visitors to the parks (hello Annual Passholders) are the ones who are more likely to buy more merchandise. We don’t subscribe to Disney+, and never will. It’s too much like watching TV. Since we don’t know who the characters are (and don’t really care to), we would certainly not waste our money on this type of membership.

  7. As a Canadian I was going to buy an AP and then COVID hit and now I can’t even buy one. It would be their most expensive one because that is our only option. Want us to spend more money? bring back the shipping back to the resort. If I don’t have ot carry it, then I will buy more.

  8. We pay good money for those passes and we spend plenty on our visits. Calling us unfavorable is atrocious customer relations. This is supposed to be the hospitality industry. Bob “Paycheck” is the unfavorable one.

  9. Despite what Chapek and his minions think, annual passholders spend a lot of $$$ at WDW. We’re the ones who keep coming back time and time again and I’m tired of being referred to in less than positive terms by Chapek. Our $$$ go to pay his ridiculous salary and bonuses. I so wish he would be fired, but the board is evidently as clueless as he is.

  10. I’m sick and tired of paying ( for years ) for our Annual Passholder cards, and being referred to as an “ unfavorable guest “. Mr Chapek never minded taking our favorable money every year !

  11. Spending the majority of my time at Universal Parks & Resorts is the future of my vacations with a side trip to Disney. I’ve reached my tipping point with Disney greed

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