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Breaking: Disney Stops New Sales of Certain Annual Passes

Breaking: Disney Stops New Sales of Certain Annual Passes
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Disney has put a pause on the sale of certain types of annual passes! Will this affect you?

Walt Disney World Annual Passes

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During the pandemic, Walt Disney World stopped the sale of new Annual Passes. In fact, it was not until August 30th, 2021 that Disney announced the sale of Annual Passes would return.

On September 8, 2021, Walt Disney World fans were able to purchase passes once again. However, this came with a bit of a change to tiers of passes.

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It also came with a warning that the sale of Annual Passes could become unavailable for purchase at any time.

That time is now. Only one type of Annual Pass remains available.

Annual Passes are Unavailable

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According to Walt Disney World’s Web Site, new sales of select Annual Passes are currently paused. This is bad news if you planned on purchasing an Annual Pass.

Disney Incredi-Pass is one of the pass types that is unavailable. This means that out of state residents cannot currently purchase an Annual Pass.

Out of state residents cannot currently purchase a new Annual Pass.

Also unavailable are the Disney Pirate Pass and the Disney Sorcerer pass. These are both typically available to Florida residents.

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New sales of select Annual Passes are currently paused!

New sales of the Disney Pixie Dust Pass remain available for Florida Residents. However, Pixie Dust Pass is the most restrictive, blocking all holiday periods as well as weekends.

Current Passholders

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According to Walt Disney World, current passholders may still renew passes at this time. This is true for all four pass types.

Additionally, current passholders will be able to renew at their renewal rate. And of course, they may continue visiting the parks.

The Future of WDW Annual Passes

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Currently, the future of Walt Disney World Annual Passes is unknown. The Walt Disney World website simply states, “We will continue to evaluate the return of new sales for these passes.

The KTP Writing Team will keep you up to date if any further AP news breaks.

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  1. I pray that Disney is listening and reading all of this feed back. I just got back from a two sleek vacation that included Disney, Universal and a trip to Tampa, Disney was NOT my favorite part like years in the past. The “MAGIC “ is gone, the food was terrible and the workers were there for a paycheck and something to look good on college and future resumes.

  2. Couldn’t agree more. It’s over now. Upon reflection it’s not actually that good anymore. Universal here I come. I will use DVC as a base. But the parks ? Pointless. To be fair the Disney parks are actually crap. It’s just the emotional content which attracts and that has now gone.

  3. You have to wonder how bad the Disney company will let things get before the Board of Directors finally puts Chapek out. They’re already losing customers right and left; The qulaity of their offerings are suffering; They’re upholding outdated and pointless COVID procedures that every other park in the area has thrown out; Universal is running circles around WDW in terms of performance and attendance, and Disney keeps doubling down on stupid moves. Sad to see the entertainment giant of my childhood falling apart. I once couldn’t picture a world without Disney, now it seems that will become a reality.

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