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Breaking: Disney stops selling more new Annual Passes

Breaking- Disney stops selling more new Annual Passes
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Waiting to buy an annual pass? You may have to wait a bit longer! Take a look and see which annual passes Disney is halting sales here.

Annual Passes

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Both Walt Disney World and Disneyland ceased sales of their Annual Passes when their parks closed in 2020. Guests were delighted when the news first broke that these Annual Passes would be available once again. What wasn’t expected was the reimagining of these passes.

In Walt Disney World, now there are various tiers depending on what type of Guest you are. Florida residents have a few options to choose from, while almost every out of state guest will have to choose the most expensive tier.

Magic Key Passes

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When Disneyland announced that the new Magic Key program would replace annual passes, the fine print said that the Keys could potentially sell out.

Like Walt Disney World, Disneyland ceased annual pass sales in the wake of the pandemic. But, unlike their east coast counterpart, Disneyland remained closed for over a year. Disneyland announced the Magic Key program in 2021 as a replacement for the discontinued annual pass program.

The Dream Key doesn’t have blackout dates, but some Dream Key holders have expressed frustration at the lack of park pass availability. Even though there’s not official blackout dates, not being able to book a park reservation kept many Magic Key members from being able to enter the parks.

Passes Halted

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Disneyland has stopped sales on ALL Magic Key passes. However, existing Magic Key holders will be given a renewal opportunity when their passes expire. Be on the lookout for details about this later this summer.

What are your thoughts on Disney stopping new Magic Key sales? Are you eagerly waiting for Disney World to sell Annual Passes again? Please share your thoughts with us on our Facebook Page.


  1. You are very right. They have certainly fallen out of favor with long time loyalists, As a Vacation Club member, stockholder and passholder for many years, I am very, very sad.

  2. AP holders have supported the parks for years, in good times and bad. How sad that you think Disney’s most loyal supporters make the park unbearable.

  3. The APs are Disney’s bread and butter during the down times. With a recession headed our way, Disney will need the APs in the parks again. The pent-up demand from COVID will also not last forever. We will never again go to DW if Disney does not allow us to renew our passes. We can no longer tolerate spending more than 4-5 hours in the parks, so Disney would no longer make sense to us without our AP. And yes, we spend a lot of money annually at DW.

  4. They should cease the AP program all together forever. It was fine back when the crowds were not as horrible as they are these days. The entitlement of the AP holders is off the charts and they make the park unbearable.

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