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Are you included in Chapek’s “More Favorable” Theme Park Guests?

Are you included in Chapek's
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In Disney’s earnings call, Chapek referred to certain guests as “more favorable.” Take a look at who he is referring to here.

Earnings Call

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The Walt Disney Company reported earnings today for the first quarter and fiscal year ending January 1, 2022. Despite the fact that we are currently in a pandemic, Disney is reporting record revenue and operating income. Check out more information on earnings HERE.

Not only did Disney share earnings but also that a large number of guests are using Genie+. Also, the premiere date for the popular Obi-Wan series on Disney+ was revealed.


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Bob Chapek took over the reins of Disney CEO from Bob Iger in early 2020. In the past, he served as the business and creative leader for all of the Disney Parks. During his time as CEO, Bob Chapek has seen his fan following diminish. He’s earned a penny pinching reputation with only the bottom line in mind. Not only that, but on the D23 Day in November he was missing from the lineup which surprised fans.

The KtP Writing team arrived at Magic Kingdom at 6:30am on October 1st to see Disney officials brag on fans and celebrate the 50th in grand style. However, that didn’t happen. Disney officials chose to speak in a recorded ceremony the day before. Fans were literally left with gaping mouths as Disney simply performed the Welcome Show that would continue during the entire Disney World 50th celebration.

Latest Comment

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Do you have a Disney World Annual Pass? New sales have been few and far between lately. Why did Disney World stop sales of Annual Passes?

Disney doesn’t make enough money on these guests versus guests buying theme park tickets for every visit, according to the earnings call today. Okay, I get Disney makes more money off day tickets. But Chapek took it one step further. He referred to theme park ticket holders as “more preferred guests.”

Chapek theme park ticket holders as “more preferred guests.”

I don’t know about you, but this rubbed me the wrong way. As a Disney shareholder, I get that Disney is responsible for earning a profit. However, it could have been worded better.

What are your thoughts on Chapek and his comments? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below or on our Facebook page.

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  1. We’ve been to Disney World several time and just visited this week. Walt Disney must be turning over in his grave because of what has become of his Dream. It’s all about money now. Not affordable for families. Too much taken away. No magic anymore!! Count on extremely long lines unless you’re willing to shell out even more money to pay for new fast pass system. Food quality and quantity has gone down and prices jacked up. Costs less to go out of the country or on a cruise.

  2. I’ve been going to WDW since 1971. I am a Florida resident. We have decided to drop our APs. And we have found we are actually enjoying not having Disney in our lives. There is a lot more out there.

  3. I was a DVC member. I sold for a small profit before they took away the Magical Express. I have been to Disney World at least a dozen times. This is what I do now and I love it so much more: I am seeing the world on a budget!

  4. I don’t feel like a more favorable guest. We would be planning a DisneyWorld trip this fall for our 20th anniversary- we were married at Disneyland. If we fly, we have to pay for transportation to and from the airport now. If we drive, thats paying a daily parking fee. We stay in moderate or value resorts for our stays so we miss out on extra value magic hours at the parks. Given the rise in prices, we miss out in or cut back on purchasing our trip souvenirs we enjoy so much. Food portions we hear are being reduces. We eat like royalty when we visit. Those extra calories go to fueling our extra activity. I think this year’s 20th anniversary will be spent elsewhere which breaks my heart. Too much value has been lost for us and we are supposed to be a more favorable guests! I can’t even go to the Disney Store anymore between trips to soak in a little bit of magic. They are gone. Online shopping just isn’t the same experience. So goodbye Disney trip. New adventures await elsewhere for our family. Our vacation dollars are no longer yours.

  5. Not only was a stupid thing to say, I don’t think he’s right. As passholders, we don’t feel obliged to spend every second in the parks. Instead we relax at the pool, by the bar. Anyone in food service knows the profits come from booze. Also, I’m pretty sure we have spent more money in Disney shops that the average day guest. Chapel is wrong and not too bright to insult his most loyal guests.

  6. As an AP holder living in Michigan I most certainly do not feel “favored”. I can no longer use FastPasses to plan my multiple week long trips, 6 per year before the pandemic, but park hopping and food services have both become far more convoluted. I try to plan for a week, but can only make 5 park reservations. How stupid is that? No, I do not feel “favored”.

  7. So your saying Its unfair because none passholders have not educated themselves as to how to go to a park prior to visiting. This is pretty simple if your spending thousands on a trip you should spend some time on the aspects. It does not matter who you are you should know. It is allot of money no matter who you are. Disney really should have built another park vs remodeling so much lately. But anyway many are dropping AP’s this year due to the park loosing allot of its Magic for everyone. That is sad. Yes as a Passholder living in Florida I could go to the park more often. I live here. Also to note AP holders have been the bread and butter for Disney for many years. To now get called un favorable. We spend more money that typical guests in the park. Just do. So I do feel bad that people don’t get to ride rides as much as we could. When we can get park passes sure. Resort holders get access to Genie+ before anyone else so .. If your staying at a resort for your once in a life time trip.

    My end comment you have to be up on your knowledge. When I plan a vacation if I know or plan on doing something you need to research too. If your not willing to ask you won’t get answers..

  8. Passholders have many more opportunities to ride the popular rides where as vacationers from out of state or country have one opportunity. Also, many Passholders know they can sign in from their homes when the park opens. Passholders should maybe be limited in the number of rides on a popular ride.

  9. How soon he forgets it was is Florida annual pass holders that kept WDW survive during the pandemic… Probably gonna quit after more than 20 years when our legacy pass expires in May… I can understand price increases… It’s a fact off life, but compounding that with disappearing benefits (fast passes… Photopass etc) is just too much… Well go to Sea World and Universal instead…

  10. We have a few months left on our AP’s then we’re done. The price increase was huge and now we have 0 FP. Sorry AP discount just isn’t much of a perk. Already purchased Busch Gardens for this year which is closer and considering Universal, and both of those would still be less than the Disney AP! I don’t know why they are keeping up the pretense of park reservations because they are just as crowded as before covid. And as noted by others the rudeness level and T&A hanging out everywhere has gone up. DCL is a much better Disney experience.

  11. Why do you think annual pass holders get a privilege to ride over ticket holders. We still wait like anyone else.

    Yes Bob Paycheck is sucking the magic out of disney. People still aee what it is now as amazing but it is getting more and more watered down.

  12. Walt built Disneyland as a place to take your family away from things to a magical place where everyone inside played a character and stayed in it with a smile. Now it is a place of political differences and frowning faces. I choose not to go back until it returns to its magical place. A concerned pass holder for many years.

  13. Bob Chapek is the ultimate villain! Why is he creating a feeling of discrimination between annual passholders and regular ticket purchases? It’s all about the money! It costs an arm and a leg to purchase annual passes and regular tickets. He’s going to out price a lot of families from coming to Disney. How sad .

  14. As a pass holder I am incentivized to have a loyalty to Disney and don’t go to the other parks around Orlando and Tampa. I could be considered an adult local but let me say I spend a lot of money going more often. My family of four drops big money on hotels and food! If Disney doesn’t “prefer” that I go I’m sure Universal and SeaWorld and Busch Gardens would. Here’s the deal I love Disney and go at least once a month if not twice so I think Chapek is just wrong. I think I would “prefer” a new CEO.

  15. I remember when Disney bent over backwards to fix things that weren’t “magical”, and it wasn’t that long ago. For instance, my family and I booked a week stay at Animal Kingdom Lodge with dining and park hopper tickets for the entirety. The second night the fire alarm went off at 2:00am. Scared us so much we got the kids and we’re out in no time. It wasn’t until we were out that we realized we were the only ones. We had to find a lobby attendant who then called the fire department. While the fire department was clearing the room, the apologies began, it was a faulty smoke detector. Eventually the hotel manager came in, out of breath, and oh so sorry. He escorted us back to our room with security (my husband thought it was in case we pitched a fit). Granted we didn’t get back to bed until after 6:00am and lost our morning, but we never complained or asked for anything. However, they gave us 5 tickets to use on the rides of our choosing. Just hand to an attendant and our whole family was escorted to the front! Upon return to the hotel that night, the chef sent up two trays of desserts including a huge chocolate Mickey. Now THAT is how you make repeat, happy customers!

  16. I would love to see Bob Chapek fired!! That man is sucking all the joy and magic out of Disney!! But until people stop going to Disney, stop paying for genie+, and hit Disney where it hurts… The bottom line!! No change for the good is coming. Stop complaining about Disney higher prices and all the freebies going away while still going there…just stop going! Disney board will get the message loud and clear, when they see their earnings drop!!

  17. Hmm. Really? Adult Locals? What does that mean? Dressed inappropriate? What does that mean?

    Disneyland will deny access to anyone not dressed appropriately. Are your standards higher?

  18. It bothers me that annual pass holders were able to ride rise of resistance often but people coming with a family for a once in a lifetime trip could not get a boarding pass during their visit.

  19. We just visited Disneyland as non annual pass holders and our experience was ruined by all the adult locals, there were very few children and families at the park, and many adults many who were dressed inappropriate. So I personally would like to see annual passes restricted more and the parks return to more of a family atmosphere. Not saying adults should not go or be allowed with children but rather those who do go respect the fact that there are children present.

  20. It makes a lot of sense annual passholders don’t spend a lot of money in the park in fact they usually try their hardest not to spend any money in the park

  21. I’m not a season pass holder. I’m out of state and couldn’t afford it anyway. However, what he said was extremely rude. Of course, he has a reputation now for now caring about his guests. As you stated, it’s all about the bottom line. He only cares about his bonuses!

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