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Disney Genie+ continues to be praised by Disney CEO

Disney Genie+ continues to be praised by Disney CEO
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Do you think using Disney Genie is useful while visiting Walt Disney World? Find out just how many guests are using the new service and what Disney’s CEO has to say about it.

Disney Genie and Disney Genie+

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Disney Genie is the new system that was introduced to Walt Disney World in October 2021. When first introduced, Disney shared that the Disney Genie’s Tip Board is full of information on how to have your best day ever. Here you can find showtimes, dining times, and estimated wait times for every aspect of your Disney day.

Guests have the choice to upgrade to Disney Genie+ and bypass lines for attractions by using Lightning Lanes. The new service has remained one of the more controversial topics for Disney since it is an added service that costs guests even more money while on vacation.

A New Survey

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Earlier today, we shared that some guests were able to give their own feedback about the service in a survey available on My Disney Experience. You can read more about the survey and kinds of questions that were included in this post HERE.

It’s possible Disney is trying to make some improvements to the system by surveying guests. There is no doubt that the system has its own glitches and many people have complaints.

How many guests continue to use it?

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Despite the glitches and cost to use Disney Genie+, it continues to be a success for Disney. In an earnings call earlier today, Disney’s CEO, Bob Chapek praised the system again and shared that “about 50% of the people who come through the gate buy up to the Genie product”.

“About 50% of the people who come through the gate buy up to the Genie product”.

Disney’s CEO, Bob Chapek

The amount of guests using the product continues to remain at a steady rate compared to one of the last earnings calls that took place back in February.

Do you use Genie+ when you visit Walt Disney World? Is it helpful to you or do you think it’s not worth the cost? Tell us about it in the comments below or on our Facebook page.

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  1. I use it but I hate it. I am very familiar with the parks and G+ does help cut down on some wait times. But it’s hard to learn, time consuming, phone battery draining, and creates anxiety due to having to set alarms to get on at specific times. It was much better to do all this before your trip. Or let’s just go the way of universal. Charge a completely insane amount and let those that get it just go whenever they like.

  2. We have not and will never use Genie+ or the ILLs at DW. I heard the system works well at DL, but that is because they have double or triple the amount of attractions in each park as DW has. When my family visited DW from out-of-state, they purchased Genie+ for a couple of days and hated it. They said never again. In fact, they skipped DW the last time and went to Universal.

  3. Of course Chapek thinks it’s great as Disney is making tons of money on it. You have to pay fir something that dirt of works and you have to live on your phone. Yes they take away fast passes that worked great and now you pay. Did you see they made a billion dollars over projections in 3 rd quarter! Chapek likes everything you now have to pay fior that was free!

  4. My family went in 2017, 2018 and 2022. We used both Genie+ and ILLs on our last trip. The cost added over the prior two trips was astonishing and the experience was worse. Getting up at 7 to lock in your selections on their glitchy UI was beyond an annoying. Couple that with the theme park reservation system and we won’t be returning anytime soon. Chapek and the current leadership team can get bent.

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