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Big change for meeting Anna and Elsa at EPCOT

Big change for meeting Anna and Elsa at EPCOT
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Want to meet your favorite Frozen sisters? Be sure to check out this big change coming to this meet and greet before your next visit.

Characters Returning

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Starting in April, guests were once again able to hug and interact with many of their favorite Disney characters. The Disney Parks shared that character interaction would return in phases. Read more about this HERE.

We have seen the return of many of our favorite characters at  Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and Disney’s Hollywood Studios. This is truly the return of what makes the Disney Parks so magical. A new change is returning to the meeting of Anna and Elsa that we wish Disney would just “Let it Go!”

Anna and Elsa Meet & Greet

Credit: Susan

Over at EPCOT, guests can meet both Anna and Elsa in Norway as they travel along the World Showcase. Previously the Frozen sisters were part of the princess cavalcade. Anna rode in the sleek horse-drawn carriage while Elsa walked the path (still can’t figure out how Elsa got stuck walking.)

The sisters then moved to greet guests in Norway for an outdoors socially distanced “Character Sighting.” Over time, both Anna and Elsa began greeting guests indoors. Guests first meet Anna and then take a few steps to meet Elsa. The great news is that the ropes have been lowered, for some time now, and guests may interact with both Anna and Elsa.

Credit: Donna

Unfortunately, PhotoPass photographers have not returned to this location. What has returned are the somewhat less magical automated cameras. We shared our experience with the automated cameras while meeting Mickey Mouse at Magic Kingdom HERE.

The automated cameras just seem to be less than magical. A Cast Member will direct you to smile at the camera. A burst of photos is captured at once. Afterward, we were directed to scan our Magic Bands at the PhotoPass kiosk.

Credit: Disney PhotoPass

It is somewhat difficult to know exactly where to look for these bursts of photos (as seen in the photo above.) Also on more than one occasion, a previous guest failed to scan their MagicBand and this affected our photos. We were able to correct this problem over the phone, but it was still a bit of a hassle.

Unfortunately, PhotoPass photographers have not returned to this location. What has returned are the somewhat less magical automated cameras.

You may want to plan to take your own photos when meeting Anna and Elsa. Many times Cast Members are happy to snap photos with your phone or camera so all family members can have photos taken as well.

What do you think of the automated photos? Do you think this helps to reduce wait times or do you think they are less than magical? Will you be meeting Anna and Elsa during your next trip to EPCOT? Share your thoughts with us on our Facebook Page.

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  1. I don’t like the automated photos. It makes the character interaction awkward, and the photos aren’t always very nice. I feel like there’s a lot of pressure on the characters to be in charge of the interaction. On our trip two weeks ago, it seemed like Anna and Elsa were over having all of these guests in their house. They didn’t seem to want to interact at all – just take one group photo and be on your way. If there was more structure to the automation, like someone telling everyone where to look and when, it would ensure that there was at least one semi-decent picture on the bunch, instead of everyone looking unflattering, or the photo being of someone walking in front of the camera.

    • I completely agree. The automated photos will never replace the sweet candid photos that PhotoPass photographers are able to capture.

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