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Is this a glitch or is Disney ready to bring back a popular nighttime event?

Is this a glitch or is Disney ready to bring back a popular nighttime event?
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Could this popular nighttime event return? We sure hope so!

Disney After Hour events

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Throughout the year, Disney offers several After Hour Events. In 2021, both Halloween and Christmas parties were labeled as After Hour events. However, this year we are moving back towards traditional parties for the two holidays.

Over at Typhoon Lagoon, the H2O Glow Night is now also labeled as an After Hour event. These exclusive events cost more money but let in a much smaller number of Guests. Another hallmark of After Hour events is FREE food! It’s a really great way to see a lot in such a short amount of time.

Oftentimes, savvy Guests will forgo a regular daytime park admission and purchase a ticket for After Hours instead. This is especially valuable in the hot summer months when no one wants to be in the park during the middle of the day anyway.

Disney After Hours at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

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For three hours after the park closes, Guests can go on a nighttime adventure to experience popular attractions, explore Andy’s backyard, travel to the edges of Batuu, and more.

Character meet and greets, free popcorn, free ice cream novelties, and free bottled soda are available at carts stationed around the park. In addition, you can purchase more food if that is what your heart desires!

Like some of the other After Hour events, this one has been MIA since the park closure in 2020. You can read about my Magic Kingdom experience HERE and Jamie’s Animal Kingdom night HERE. If you are curious what Villains After Hours was like, see Kate’s post HERE.

Glitch? Or Returning?

Screenshot: Disney World website

On August 21, the Disney World calendar shows regular park hours for Hollywood Studios: 9:00 am to 9:00 pm. Then, there is a separate set of hours for 9:30 pm to 12:30 am. You may remember After Hour events started 30 minutes after the park closed to day Guests.

Hmm..so we cross checked DVC Moonlight Magic, and it’s not that. Extended Evening Hours for deluxe Guests is only two hours so it’s not that (plus it is clearly marked on the calendar as well). This matches up perfectly with an After Hour event.

But, is that what it is? Is this some kind of glitch or mistake? And if it is indeed an After Hours night, why have we not heard anything about it?! That’s only 6 weeks away!

Have you ever attended After Hours at Hollywood Studios? Do you think this is a glitch, or is Disney ready to bring it back? Let us know in the comments below and on Facebook.

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