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Upcoming Second Test Cruise Cancelled on the Disney Wish

Upcoming Second Test Cruise Cancelled on the Disney Wish
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This is the second test cruise that the Disney Cruise Line cancelled this week. Read on to learn how this or may not affect the christening and the maiden voyage.

Cancelled Test Cruises

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Yesterday we reported of the first Disney Cruise test cruise was cancelled. Now we have learned that the second cruise has been canceled. The second test was to occur on June 24th.

Many paid guests who will be sailing the Disney Wish, including myself (Marisol), are beginning to feel a tad nervous of what these two cancellations may mean in regards to our voyages aboard the Disney Wish. In fact, due to the push back of the dates of the ship not being ready and having a number of those cruises cancelled, the uncertainty and this point has guests on their toes hoping that the same does not occur for the second time!

Personally, I cannot imagine what Disney Cruise Line would do to compensate if they do have to cancel any paid sailings! It certainly would make the fleet look very unprofessional.

What Could Be Causing the Cancellations?

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At the moment Disney Cruise Line has not made an official announcement regarding the two cancelled sailings, but there is speculation that it is due to the ship not being quite ready to set sail.

Keep in mind that the test cruises are not paid voyages but rather cruises where select DCL cast and friends/family are invited to enjoy the ship and its amenities. They serve as practice runs for the Cast Members who work aboard the ship.

They are to help test out what works and what does not work as up to this point there has been no training onboard with actual guests. However, this does not take away the sadness that many people are expressing on social media of being told that their test sailing will not occur.

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Credit: Marisol

The christening of the Disney Wish is scheduled for Wednesday, June 29th. It is uncertain if there is another test cruise scheduled before the media cruise scheduled to leave port the same day as the christening. The next test cruise after the christening is scheduled for July 10, 2022. The first official paid voyage is scheduled for July 14, 2022. This gives Disney less than a month to sort out what problems they are encountering.

Some have mentioned that the cancellations of the test cruise are due to CDC approvals, Coast Guard certification and/or supply and demand delays due to shipping. Whatever the delays are we are hoping that the Disney Wish will sail the open seas with no complications and a ship full of happy guests!

Do you think the two canceled test cruises will affect the Maiden Voyage? Let us know in the comments on Facebook and in our Facebook group.

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  1. Hello,

    I’ve lived a huge chunk of my life in poverty and I was offered the opportunity of a life time to board this boat this Friday.

    It kills me that you believe this boat didn’t cost anyone anything because we didn’t pay total full price. I needed this moment so badly – life was getting crippling and I this gave me so much hope. I paid the boat fees (you still pay for the test boat) and I booked an extremely expensive plane ride (btw it was the only option available) that the airlines just told me cannot be reimbursed.

    Today I did a week’s load of work in advance at the office just so this opportunity didn’t cause my coworkers and myself to fall behind. I thought all of this stress would be worth it because of this incredible experience I would have but instead I’m just shattered. I know I’ll never be able to afford such a luxury at full price and I felt like the luckiest person in the world to have this privilege. Words cannot describe this feeling.

    The boat cancelations have come at a great cost for some of us.

    • Sarah, thank you for sharing your story and I apologize if what I wrote was rude and hurtful. That was never my intention at all. It is disheartening for all that were affected for the canceled cruise and as you noted it was not completely free and not to mention the cost of travel. Again, my sincere apologies.

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