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Changes may be coming to Disney World annual pass cards

Changes may be coming to Disney World annual pass cards
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Those little annual passholder cards are displayed like badges of honor! However, changes may be on the way and you probably won’t like it.

Disney World annual passes

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While Disney World annual passes are impossible to get right now, those of us that DO have them can enjoy some pretty great benefits. From shopping and dining discounts to fun freebies, there are many perks of being an Annual Passholder.

One of the best perks of being an annual passholder is the discounts on food and merchandise. You can receive a 10% discount on table-service restaurants and 20% off at retail locations with your annual pass. This can quickly add up over the course of a week-long vacation to Disney World.

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In order to identify yourself as a passholder, Disney gives you a physical card when you activate your pass. Your pass will also show up in your My Disney Experience account under Tickets and Passes. You will need to provide proof in order to take advantage of discounts and other offers.

As Disney has made many changes to the annual pass program since the parks reopened in July 2020, this next possible change is not surprising in the least.

Possible change?

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We have already reported on the change that Disney is in the process of asking for proof on the My Disney Experience app instead of the physical card. This seems to be hit or miss still. Some Cast Members are requesting the digital proof while other Cast Members look at you confused when you pull out your phone.

After speaking with one Cast Member this last week, I (Monica) learned that Disney will eventually do away with all physical cards in the future. Since this source is not an official Disney announcement, we have to treat this as a possibility or a rumor. However, you may remember Disney stopped giving out the blue membership cards to DVC Members.

It makes total and complete sense that Disney would want to do this for Annual Passholders as well.

What does this mean for the future?

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If this does turn out to be true, you can say goodbye to those cute little cards. You will be forced to provide proof of your pass on MDE. I practiced this a few times this past week, and it either took forever to pull up or the app would force shut.

I imagine this will be very frustrating for Guests having to pull up their digital proof at every restaurant or shop. It could even create longer lines at these shopping locations. I would encourage you to use mobile checkout where possible because your annual pass discount will automatically be applied.

What do you think of this possible change? Do you prefer the physical card or are you ok with using your digital proof for everything? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below and on Facebook.

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  1. Like other commenters have said, it’s already like this in California and it’s annoying but it’s not bad. If it’s being done in California then it’s just a matter of time before Florida starts doing it.

  2. Unfortunately Disneyland in California has already done this and it really really really sucks! I really miss having my physical card. A perfect example, I lost my phone at Disneyland and had nothing to get in-and-out and of course lost and found is outside the gate and I had no way to get back into the park until I got my phone back. That’s just one example of many. Not to mention the Internet sucks 1/2 of the places is a Disneyland and you have to wait forever to get service and the cast members get really frustrated with you as well as the people in line behind you. For God’s sake Disney please bring back our physical cards. Good old Bob has pushed me to my final limit to where I’m just ready to quit being a passholder. it’s just not worth it any more.

  3. Connecting in the park is unreliable. I would love to leave my phone behind and just go have fun in the park! My vote is keep the card!

  4. We will just forgo the discount if they require us to use our phone and cut the tip to the CMs instead. This is ridiculous. Not everyone wants all their personal information on their phone.

  5. What about children? A 10-year old may not have a SmartPhone, but may need to show their own card. So, they must be physically present with the quatrain who holds their ticket on their device. What if the child goes with Grandma? Aunt Sarah? A friend?

  6. I think it’s crazy to have to pull out your phone when I go for parking lot easier to show the card. Some places it’s really funny well scan the card and other sites I show them the card and they say okay go on in that’s my biggest objection about using the phone that’s going to be a bitch to try to open your phone up pull out the app etc or when you’re dining it was a lot easier just to show the card.

  7. My husband will not load any apps on his phone. His phone has been hacked multiple times. Technology is not without its problems. Disney needs to learn to live in the real world. He is entitled to his discount, and he pays for the majority of our Disney purchases. He will only use his pass card or his magic band.

  8. I think it’s stupid ! We should have a physical card for this and the one to get into the park. It’s not big deal to carry them and it makes simpler for everyone. Trying deal with so many different in our life , and proving who you are. Some accept one thing, while another wants something else totally different. Not a smart move. You just don’t feel like your on vacation with all this stuff. It’s not carefree and fun. Give us back what we know and works best for us.

What do you think?

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