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Could new restrictions be in place when Stacking Lightning Lane Selections with Genie+?

Could new restrictions be in place when Stacking Lightning Lane Selections with Genie+?
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Disney Genie+ is undergoing a big change today. Could we be seeing new restrictions when trying to stack Lightning Lane attractions? Check out what this may mean for your next trip to Walt Disney World.

Disney Genie+

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The Disney Genie+ is a one-day fee add-on where you can access even more attractions with shorter wait times for $15.98 (including tax) per day per Guest. See which attractions are included in this Lightning Lane access HERE.

Have you wondered if the new Disney Genie+ option is worth the price at Walt Disney World? Check out this review of a day in the Magic Kingdom using Disney Genie+ and also a review of using Disney Genie+ for families HERE.

New Disney Genie+ Restrictions

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If you are planning to use Disney Genie+ during your upcoming trip to Walt Disney World, you need to know about the new changes to this system. Recently we shared that starting today, not only can guests no longer purchase Genie+ ahead of time, but Disney may also be limiting sales of Genie+.

This came along with a few other restrictions.  You can check out how these restrictions may affect your next trip to Walt Disney World HERE. Today, Disney also shared the once secretive “120 Rule.” Previously, guests could use this rule to add additional Lightning Lane attractions but Disney had never shared this tip. If you are going to use Disney Genie+, you need to read about this helpful rule HERE.

Attraction Stacking Restriction

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Now another restriction may affect guests. A fellow Kenny the Pirate Crew Member shared today, June 8th, that he spoke to a Cast Member yesterday concerning the ability to stack attractions using Disney Genie+.

This would mean that after guests added two attractions using Disney Genie+ they must use one of these attractions before selecting another Lightning Lane selection. Even after the elapsed “120 Rule”, guests would be unable to add another Lightning Lane attraction until the other two selections had been used.

A new restriction may limit the ability to stack Lightning Lane selections. After guests added two attractions using Disney Genie+ they must use one of these attractions before selecting another Lightning Lane selection.

The Cast Member shared that this new restriction would be in addition to the other restrictions that we shared earlier today. At this time, this has not been confirmed by Disney. If this restriction is in place, this would greatly limit the effectiveness of Disney Genie+ for guests.

What do you think of this possible restriction? Have you stacked attractions during past visits while using Disney Genie+? Would this affect your plan to purchase Disney Genie+? Share your thoughts with us on our Facebook Page.

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  1. Exactly CRT – you said it perfectly “managing the crowds”. Disney is pushing guests to the attractions with shorter waits – not the attractions the customer wants to go to. No they will never bring back a system of choice by the consumer. They are treating the people like mice. Its no longer a vacation. If you look from above – the people will look like mice in a maze – controlled by the computers. Scary!

  2. Disney is using Genie+ to push guests to the attractions with the shorter waits. It’s all about managing the crowds. That is why Disney will not allow guests to reserve their rides in advance. The FastPass system was broken, and many guests complained about it. It will never be back in its former form.

  3. CRT that is fine if Disney wants you to pay $16 or more for 2 or 3 rides. But Why not allow us to reserve the rides months in advance? This would be a convenience to guests and make money at the same time. Fast Pass worked that way. In my opinion – Disney just wants to charge a lot and control all guests. Not a vacation! I am not cattle!

  4. Yes, Disney intends the $15 charge charge to allow guests to access the Lightning Lanes for only 2-3 key attractions. (I am not counting attractions that normally do not have long waits.) This is the only way Disney can keep the majority of guests who purchase Genie+ happy. A CM mentioned to me many years ago that the FastPass system was originally designed to let guests skip the lines at up-to 3 key attractions. The FastPass system was broken in DW for a long time. The reality is that there are way too many guests for the number of attractions in the parks. The vast majority of guests are going to have to wait in line a good portion of their visit. Disney will continue to tweak Genie+ until it works as they intended it to in the first place. My hope is that they tweak it in such a way that the wait times for the stand-by lines become more reasonable. A 2-3+ wait for an attraction is ridiculous. After all, everyone is paying an outrageous amount of money to visit the Disney parks.

  5. CRT – you are ageeing with Disney that paying the $16 is only for 2 to 3 rides. Learning how to stack is cheating in Disney’s eyes. So if you wanted to use Genie + for 4 or 5 rides you are SOL!

  6. I give up. Disney only wants money – its a sad new world. The idea of making money and pleasing the customer is no longer.

  7. Disney never intended for guests to be able to stack 3, 4 or 5 attractions with Genie+. I actually like this rule because it will give all guests who purchase Genie+ a fairer chance to use the Lightning Lane to access those attractions that are most important to them. Some attractions, such as Slinky Dog, will still likely always sell out early, but now guests will at least need to choose whether a 5:00 p.m. return time for this attraction is worth forgoing accessing another popular attraction using the Lightning Lane.

  8. Make. It. Staaaaahhhppp.

    There is literal steam coming from my ears. So many people complaining about how hard it is to travel there….this would make it even worse.

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