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Disney’s Disability Service and Guardians of the Galaxy attraction

Disney's Disability Service and Guardians of the Galaxy attraction
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Guests utilizing Disney’s Disability Access Service (DAS) will need to know how to ride the new Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind.

Disability Access Service (DAS)

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Disney recently updated the Disability Access Service (DAS for short). While there are certainly some major improvements, there are also some serious frustrations. Many Guests are delighted to be able to pre-choose two attractions per day. However, the process to do that can be very burdensome.

Joe outlines some of those frustrations HERE, and Kate discusses whether you should register ahead of time or wait until your trip HERE.

Riding Guardians of the Galaxy with a DAS

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When Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind opens on May 27, Guests utilizing DAS will not be able to obtain a return on the app like other attractions.

Instead, they will need to join the virtual queue like all other Guests. We recently shared virtual queue information as well as our best tips and tricks to ensure you get to ride!

Additionally, DAS Guests can also purchase an Individual Lightning Lane Selection. You will get to “choose” your return time, and Disney will give you a return time based on availability and your preferences.

Ok, so you have your ILLS or your boarding group

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Awesome! You successfully joined the queue or purchased an ILLS for Guardians! What next? Once your return time is called, you will then head to the Lightning Lane entrance and you will enter the attraction through that queue line.

Reminder: Virtual queue attractions do not offer regular DAS service. You still have to get your boarding group and/or purchase and ILLS in order to ride.

Depending on how full the Lightning Lane queue is, you may still have to wait several minutes. Cosmic Rewind will be incredibly popular, so you should still anticipate a bit of waiting.

Do you think it is fair DAS Guests still have to join the virtual queue? Let us know in the comments below and on Facebook.

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