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Disney’s New 50th Anniversary Bear Will Give You Sticker Shock

Disney's New 50th Anniversary Bear Will Give You Sticker Shock
Credit: Disney

Walt Disney World’s special 50th Anniversary Teddy Bear has popped up on shopDisney. However, this little plush is shockingly expensive.

Walt Disney World’s 50th Anniversary

Credit: Disney

Walt Disney World is in the middle of its 50th Anniversary Celebration. In addition to special decorations and foods, Disney has rolled out multiple lines of celebration merchandise to help people commemorate their trips during the festivities.

From pins to mugs to magnets to toys and apparel, there is something fun from the 50th celebration for everyone. However, some of it comes at a pretty steep price point!

Credit: Shop Disney

For example, Disney released some shockingly expensive ears! You can read about them right here.

A Beary Expensive Bear!

Credit: shopDisney

Moreover, with the launch of the 50th Anniversary came a collaboration between Disney and Stieff. Stieff is a classic toymaker, best known for its heirloom-quality plush. From the collaboration came a simple teddy bear.

The special teddy bear collaboration features the usual Stieff details along with a medallion commemorating the 50th Anniversary of Walt Disney World. This little bear also features a very steep price tag.

Credit: shopDisney

He will cost buyers $350! Is it just me or does that sound like a lot of money for a teddy bear, even a collectible one?

Where to Find Him

Credit: Susan

This Stieff bear was initially available in the Germany Pavilion in Epcot’s World Showcase. However, it has been seen in other gift shops as well. Even if you don’t go after the bear, Germany is definitely worth visiting. For Susan’s guide to the pavilion, click here.

As I mentioned, right now, it is available on shopDisney as well. I don’t feel like it will sell out anytime soon. Do you?

Would you spend $350 on a plush teddy bear? For that matter, is there any piece of merch you would spend $350 on? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, or you can join the conversation with the Kenny the Pirate Crew on our group on Facebook.


  1. There is nothing out of the ordinary for that tpe of bear to be that expensive. Steiff teddy bears are imported from Germany, most of the expensive ones are limited production. You can walk into that same gift shop in the Germany pavilion and find several different Steiff animals around the same price. And yes, there are collectors of these high quality, well made stuffed toys who will pay the price. Many years ago I was with my mother-in-law when she paid about that price at the WDW Teddy Bear and Doll convention, so this really is nothing new.

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