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Everything you Need to Know About all the Remy Merchandise in its New Location

Everything you Need to Know About all the Remy Merchandise in its New Location

Looking for Remy merchandise? Or want to know what’s offered now for your next trip? Take a look at all the pictures and details here.

Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure

Credit: Susan

Imagineers created this attraction in such a way to give Guests a “rat’s eye view” of Gusteau’s kitchen. You will find yourself dodging feet and falling produce as you duck under rolling carts. 

As you enter the refrigerated area you will find a rat’s paradise of a 25 foot hanging fish and 1 ton ham. If you look closely you may even find a couple of Remy’s pals enjoying a quick snack inside the refrigerator. You can enjoy a great Ride and Learn video of this great new attraction HERE.

Opening Day Merchandise

Credit: Monica

Instead of putting merchandise in the France Pavilion for opening weekend, Disney sold exclusive opening day merchandise as well as other items in the World Showplace. This area is open seasonally for festivals and events and is located between the United Kingdom and Canada pavilions. However, this location is closed now.

Merchandise Available Now

Credit: Susan

Everything in this line revolves around our favorite Parisian rat, Remy. Check out the various clothing items you can buy to show this tiny chef.


Credit: Susan

White t-shirt with blue stripes – This short sleeve t-shirt has a white background with vertical blue stripes. In addition, the sleeves, collar, and front pocket are a matching blue. Look for Remy “coming out” of the pocket waving to all his fans.

Zip-up hooded jacket – This jacket is a solid cornflower blue that coordinates perfectly with the t-shirt described above. You’ll find pockets for your hands in the front, a picture of Remy, and “Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure” in a darker blue. On the left pocket a tiny gray Remy peeks out.

Credit: Susan

Children’s clothing – You’ll find children’s sundresses that resemble the French countryside as well as fun t-shirts with Remy and/or Emilie on them.


Credit: Susan

Coin purse – To carry your make-up, money, and cards, get this rat shaped miniature purse. It comes with a wrist strap, making it easier to keep track of.

Headband ears – These Chef Remy ears have been a hit since the attraction opened. What a fun way to show your love for Remy!

Chef’s hat – Perhaps the most popular item in this merchandise line is the Chef’s hat. Guests have been going crazy over it and for good reason. Not only does it light up to show a Remy shadow underneath the hat, but Remy himself actually pops out of it!

Credit: Susan

Pin and keychain – Nestled between the children’s shirts, you’ll find a keychain and pin featuring Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure.

Cheese necklace – Do you love wearing light up items at Disney? If so, this may be the necklace for you! Similar to the Christmas light necklace, this one contains a string of cheese. When you push a button, all of the tiny cheese pieces light up.


Credit: Susan

Kids of all ages will enjoy the unique Remy toys found here. Check out details on each one below.

Cheese plush – This cheese plush is so soft! It includes a small plush Remy and Emilie also.

Credit: Susan

Little chef set – This playset contains a chefs hat, Remy, and plastic vegetables to create your imaginative “dishes.”

Remy plush – These small plush Remys make a perfect souvenir to remember your visit at EPCOT. He comes standing up ready to help cook, sporting his chef’s hat.

Credit: Susan

Remy and Emile pull toys – These pull toys resemble the attraction’s ride vehicles with a lap bar and double row seating. To watch it go across the floor, just push it backward and watch it zip forward. Kids of all ages are sure to love this toy.

Remy and Emile figures – If you’d like to display one or both of these friendly rats, you’ll find plastic figurines here to help you do just that.


Credit: Susan

Coffee mug – Looking for a more upscale mug? Check out the Chef de Cuisine white and blue coffee mug. The blue Paris skyline pops against the white mug background. The outer park of the handle is designed to look like a spoon.

Remy mug – These ceramic mugs remind me of the pull toy design above. Remy’s expression is so sweet! He’s even carrying a stirring spool with his tail.

Travel cup – Look for red, white and blue France theming in this Chef de Cuisine travel must.

Kitchen Items

Credit: Susan

Many of these items are in the Chef de Cuisine collection.

Please note that Remy isn’t included in the Chef de Cuisine line.

Towel – Rather than featuring the Paris skyline, these cotton towels sport a fork and knife all-over design with the words Chef De Cuisine at the bottom.

Potholders/mitt – To match your blue and white kitchen, check out the fabric square oven mitt and matching potholder. Each of these is machine washable.

Egg cup – Also in the Chef de Cuisine collection, guests can purchase boiled egg cups. These make it easier to eat them neatly.

Chef’s coat – Do you have dreams of being a chef? Or just want to dress the part while you’re cooking? If so, you’ll want to grab this Chef Remy double breasted chef’s coat.

Credit: Susan

Kitchen timer – To keep track of your cooking, be sure to get the Remy kitchen timer. To set the timer, just twist the bottom and wait for it to go off.

Merchandise Location

Credit: Susan

To find everything Remy, take a walk to the France Pavilion. The France Pavilion is my favorite with its amazing shops and restaurants. Formerly selling adorable French-themed Disney gear, now L’Esprit de la Provence is exclusively filled with Remy merchandise. You’ll find this shop to your left when you exit the Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie quick service restaurant.

You’ll find everything Remy at France’s L’Esprit de la Provence store.

Which product is your favorite from this Remy collection? Please join the conversation in the comments below or on Facebook page.

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